League of Legends Free Champion Rotation (Patch 11.12)

League of Legends Free Champion Rotation (Patch 11.12)

LoL Free Champion Rotation

Looking for the current free champion rotation for League of Legends? You’ve come to the right place!

This page will be continually updated with all 15 free champions that are available right now.

Unlike normal patches that are updated every two weeks, the free champion rotation changes once a week (usually every Tuesday).

Note that this set of the free champion rotation is only available once you hit summoner level 11.

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League Free Rotation (June 15, 2021 – June 22, 2021)

LoL free rotation (6-16)

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Azir is a scaling control mage with one of the most unique ability sets in the game. He can be difficult to pilot but can have a ton of impact on the game with his playmaking ability.


Fiora, aptly named “The Grand Duelist”, is one of the best champions for 1v1 play. She can apply a ton of pressure splitpushing sidelines, especially into favorable matchups. Try her out if you like to work alone.


Jinx is a crowd favorite for the League community and an incredibly consistent choice for teamfighting comps. When she gets going she can really snowball out of control.


Kai’Sa is a rare marksman + assassin hybrid due to her potent mobility and outplay options. She especially thrives in dive compositions.


When it comes to engages, Leona is among the best. She has a ton of reach and lockdown potential but doesn’t have the same peeling ability that her peers may have.


Lissandra is a battle mage that offers an incredible amount of CC and engage potential. However, keep in mind that in exchange, she has very short ranged abilities.


Neeko is a tricky mage that is best used in poke and teamfighting comps. If you like bigbrain champions, she is also appealing due to her trickster mechanics.


Olaf is one of the best early game Junglers due to his early aggression. You can look to make action happen early and snowball a match through early ganks and skirmishes.


Always a staple of the mid lane, Orianna offers a great amount of versatility and can fit into nearly any team comp. She’s especially good in duos if you pair her with a delivery champ like Nocturne.


Try out Pantheon if you like early aggression and global mobility. He has a ton of tools to make plays and dominating the early game.


Rumble can be played in multiple roles and offers one of the most unique kits in League with his own overheat mechanic.


If you like outsmarting your opponents and making them feel dumb, Shaco is your choice. He’s the premier trickster on Summoner’s Rift.


Skarner is a very simple but effective Jungle champion. His ultimate provides a ton of threat against immobile carries and will force them to pay the QSS tax.


If you don’t care about damage and want to dominate through pure utility and playmaking, it’s hard to beat Thresh. He can engage, peel, save teammates, and lock down enemies.


Wukong is a potent duelist and teamfighter that has additional outplay/trickster mechanics. He’s comfortable split pushing but can also pop off in wombo combo comps.

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