Rell·Support Guide

Break the MoldP
Shattering StrikeQ
Ferromancy: Crash DownW
Full TiltE
Magnet StormR
Win rate51.5%
Pick rate5.1%
Ban rate2.3%
Matches84 647-
Rell Support has a 51.5% win rate and 5.1% pick rate in Emerald + and is currently ranked S tier. Below, you will find a very detailed guide for Rell Support, where we explain strengths and weaknesses of the champion, powerspikes, and game plans for each stage of the game. Step up your game with our Rell Support guide!
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Rell Strengths & Weaknesses

Rell can destroy shields thanks to her Shattering StrikeQ. This makes it a great tool against champions with a lot of shielding.

Rell’s Ultimate Magnet StormR is a great team fighting tool as it can allow her to CC multiple enemies at once. Try to use it on as many champions as possible: preferably when they’re grouped closely together.

You can look for sneaky engages with your Full TiltE. Put it on the frontline, let them engage and then Full TiltE and CC the enemy team!


You will be unable to engage at all if the enemy has knock-ups or interrupts in the lane. To work around this, either look to roam or use your Ferromancy: Crash DownW from an unwarded bush to engage.

Rell is very immobile when she is dismounted. This makes her incredibly vulnerable when she is dismounted Ferromancy: Crash DownW.

If you’re behind, it’s going to be impossible for you to get a good Ultimate Magnet StormR or Ferromancy: Crash DownW off as you’ll be too squishy and die as soon as you go in.

Game plan
Early game
0 - 15 min
Rell is Average

Rell has an incredibly strong level 2, make sure you hit level 2 first and look for an aggressive play.

Staying healthy is key when playing Rell. If you get poked down, you’ll never be able to engage. When you’re waiting on your cooldowns, play safe and out of auto-attack range.

Use Rell’s strong roaming ability to move around the map and help your allies. Good times to roam are straight from base or when your ADC will be safe and will not die.

Mid game
15 - 25 min
Rell is Average

Group and stay with your team. Go to ward when you know where the enemy is so you do not get picked off and killed before an objective spawns.

Look for picks with your Ultimate Magnet StormR. Rell can quickly force objectives or team fights with ease if she can catch someone who walks too far forward.

Peel and protect your allies as much as possible in mid-game team fights. If you let them die, it’s going to be difficult for your team to win the fight. After engaging, retreat and peel for your ADC.

Late game
25+ min
Rell is Average

Stay grouped with your team. Do not leave your ADC’s side otherwise the enemy will capitalise on the fact that you’re not there to protect your ADC.

Peel for your carries in team fights. After using your Magnet StormR, fall back and protect your allies and focus the nearest champion.

Look for picks with your Ultimate Magnet StormR. If you can catch someone out when the enemy is unorganised, you’ll be able to force a team fight or an objective afterwards.

Power Spikes
Early game0 - 15 min

Each level is a power spike for Rell because it gives her all-in potential, CC, and sustain, respectively, if she goes for the regular Ferromancy: Crash DownW, Full TiltE, Shattering StrikeQ point route. Her all-in potential is increased massively once she hits level 3.

Level 6 a significant power spike, and she can be highly effective during clumped fights. It will be helpful during fights near the objective pits as well, as it can completely CC multiple enemies, allowing her team to kill them all.

Boots are a major power spike as she can now roam around easily and can stick to enemies with ease. It will also allow her to get to Jungle skirmishes faster than anyone else.

Mid game15 - 25 min

Rell's level 11 is a decent powerspike due to her being able to put 2 points in her Ultimate Magnet StormR. She will be able to use the ability to pull off successful all-ins frequently now.

Her pick potential will be really high during this phase of the game. This is especially true if Rell works with her Jungler to set up death brushes in the enemy jungle.

Rell's team fight presence will be felt across the board due to her Ferromancy: Crash DownW and Ultimate Magnet StormR. She can quickly get a multi-man stun off using her all-in combo.

Late game25+ min

At level 16, Rell will have maxed out her Ultimate Magnet StormR. This allows her to use the ability more frequently, making it harder for the enemy team to roam near unwarded areas.

She is exceptionally tanky during the late game, and her play-making potential is immense. All she needs to do is make sure that she doesn't go in without any follow-up damage.

Her pick potential skyrockets during this phase of the game, especially during fights near choke points. Her Ultimate Magnet StormR's short cooldown will help her secure multiple picks frequently.

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