The Smartest Highlights for LEAGUE OF LEGENDS

Never miss your best plays again with our brand new AI-powered clips

Learn about Smart Highlights


Smart Highlights are more than just highlights

Get Smart Highlights Right After Your Match Automatically

Tired of going through replays or forgetting to clip? Smart Highlights instantly generate after every game.

AI Analysis
Our AI Identifies Your Best and Worst Plays

The Mobalytics AI studies every second of your match to show your most impactful moments. They’re called Smart Highlights for a reason!

Dive into the details of each moment

Each highlight includes damage stats and even what items champions had at the time so you can understand them even better.

Highlight Manager
Explore your Clips with the Highlight Manager

Whether you want to relive a clutch play or laugh at a disaster, save clips in your highlight manager to watch any time.

Show off Smart Highlights With One Click

Sharing has never been easier. Link directly to your highlights and share them to different places with one click.

Frequently asked questions


How do I access Smart Highlights?

After every game, we generate the 5 most impactful plays for you with the Mobalytics Desktop App overlay. Head over to the Performance Overview tab in the top right of your Post Game to view them.


Are Smart Highlights free?

Our AI will show you the most impactful moment for free every game. Access to all 5 clips are available to our Plus members.


Will Smart Highlights affect my computer's performance?

Highlights shouldn't have too much of an impact on your in-game FPS. If you experience problems, try adjusting your hardware acceleration in the Settings.


What game modes are supported by Smart Highlights?

Ranked Solo/Duo, Ranked Flex, Normal Draft, and ARAM.


Can I share my highlights with friends?

Yes! Sharing is easy and only takes one click. Just click on the highlight you'd like to share and you'll see the button.


Does it work for Mac?

Unfortunately Smart Highlights are currently only available for Windows.