League of Legends 10.16 Patch Notes Breakdown

League of Legends 10.16 Patch Notes Breakdown

In this patch breakdown, we’ll analyze the most impactful changes for the 10.16 League of Legends patch update. We’ll discuss the buffs, nerfs, and adjustments regarding champions, items, and Summoner’s Rift itself to understand the patch’s effect on the meta for all roles.

We recommend following along with the official 10.16 patch notes since we won’t be listing all the specific stat changes, but rather, focusing on the impact of the changes and the champions updated place in the current meta.

Buffs, nerfs, and adjustments

10.16 patch overview


Here’s a basic TLDR of Yone’s abilities. Keep an eye out for more content about her from us in the near future.

  • His Passive doubles his total critical strike from all sources.

yone p

  • His Q is similar to Yasuo’s but except that on the third stack, he doesn’t unleash a tornado. Instead, he dashes towards a location and knocks up all enemies he comes into contact with.

yone q

  • His W grants him a shield.

yone w

  • His E is a dash that can be reactivated. He creates a clone that stays near his original cast location, and while he’s in spirit form, he gains extra movement speed and marks champs he deals damage to. If he recasts it (or when it runs out) he will detonate all marks and dash back to his clone.

yone e

  • His Ultimate is a big dash that repositions all the enemies he comes into contact with.

yone r


10.16 akali

  • Akali’s Q base damage has increased slightly, and the damage on her E has been swapped from physical to magical.
  • The Q buff is nice and the E change is also nice as Akali builds AP items.


10.16 ashe

  • Ashe’s Q bonus attack speed has been reduced in the later stages of the game.
  • This will reduce her damage output in the long run as she will not auto-attack as much. This change will not impact her early game.


10.16 bard

  • Bard’s base health has been slightly reduced. This will make him more vulnerable during the laning phase and he should be easier to kill.
  • His W max heal (when it’s fully stacked) has lost 15 health at all ranks. This will reduce his ability to save his allies and reduce their overall sustain throughout the game.


10.16 eve

  • Evelynn’s Q cooldown has been reduced, however hitting a monster no longer refunds 50% of the cooldown.
  • This is an overall buff for Evelynn- especially when she is ganking or looking to fight someone.


10.16 fiora

  • Fiora’s Q cooldown has been decreased at all ranks. This will make her a higher threat during the laning phase and make her more mobile throughout all stages of the game.
  • The enemy hit cooldown reduction has been changed from 60% to 50% instead. So whenever she uses her Q and it hits an enemy, it will be refunded 50% of the cooldown. However, this is a buff now her Q is on a shorter cooldown overall.


10.16 hecarim

  • Hecarim’s bonus movement speed on his E has now been increased over time. This is a good change as it will make him a little bit faster overall.
  • This change also gives him more damage when he procs his Passive too!


10.16 jax

  • Jax’s E cooldown has decreased throughout the early stages of the game.
  • This is a nice change and will help him throughout the later stages of the mid-game as he maxes E secondary.
  • But, the base reduction will also help him in lane.


10.16 jhin

  • Jhin’s final shot (4th shot) critical damage has been increased against structures.
  • He will now be able to take towers fast than he could before!


10.16 jinx

  • Jinx’s bonus damage is now uncapped.
  • This means she no longer has a KAPPA on her Super Mega Death Rockets damage! Sweet.


10.16 karma

  • Karma’s Q now has a flat cost of 65 mana. This is going to gut her early game damage output. The cooldown has also increased.
  • This is a horrible adjustment for Karma now and she’ll probably need to go for triple faerie charm on her first back to make up for it.


10.16 karthus

  • Karthus’s Q damage ratio has been slightly decreased.
  • Karthus was way too strong this patch, so it’s nice to see Riot making adjustments to his Q damage.


10.16 khazix

  • Kha’zix’s isolation damage has been decreased.
  • In order for him to get this bonus damage in the first place, he had to target enemies that were alone. This will make it overall harder for him to assassinate a target and clear his jungle.


10.16 lucian

  • Lucian’s Q damage has increased. This will make his Q more impactful overall as, let’s face it, it was rather weak.
  • They have also increased the number of shots his Ultimate shoots which is a good change for him.
  • Lucian’s kill pressure throughout the early game has increased and so has his level 6 all-in.

Miss Fortune

10.16 miss fortune

  • Miss Fortune’s basic attack damage has been increased.
  • Overall a nice buff for Miss Fortune, even though it’s not much on paper, it could definitely have an impact on her overall pressure in lane.


10.16 morgana

  • Morgana’s Q cooldown has decreased.
  • This will increase her kill and pick pressure throughout the game and is an overall nice buff.


10.16 nautilus

  • The shield on Nautilus’s has been decreased.
  • Finally, Riot has nerfed this champion’s sustain!
  • This will make him less tanky throughout all stages of play.


10.16 neeko

  • Neeko’s Q damage has increased and so has the follow-up damage.
  • This is a good chance for Neeko as her early poke was rather weak. This will make her a more worthy opponent in the mid lane.


10.16 nocturne

  • Nocturne’s passive cooldown has increased. This will slightly reduce his ability to deal damage in team fights and slightly reduce his jungle clearing speed.
  • But, they have adjusted his cooldown refund from 3 seconds down to 2. This is to make up for the added cooldown on its base stats.


10.16 rakan

  • Rakan’s bonus movement speed on his Ultimate has increased. This is a nice change but it doesn’t make up for his early game weakness and low defensive stats.
  • He will, however, be a little faster when casting his Ultimate.


10.16 sett

  • Sett’s W base damage is decreased in the later ranks, and the same change has hit his E.
  • This will make him deal less damage in trades. Not a nice change for Sett players, but a welcomed change to players playing against him.


10.16 skarner

  • Skarner’s Q total damage ratio has increased. This will allow him to deal extra damage with his Q.
  • The cost of his Q has also been decreased.
  • All-in-all, a very nice buff to Skarner.


10.16 syndra

  • Syndra’s Q damage decreased in the later ranks.
  • She was an early game bully and while she still is, her Q damage once she has an item behind her will be less obnoxious. A good change for those who hate laning against Syndra.


10.16 tristana

  • Tristana’s E now deals increased damage per 3% of her critical strike chance.
  • Tristana builds crit items anyway, so this is a huge buff to her E and will increase her kill pressure by a lot.


10.16 veigar

  • Veigar is rather weak in his current state and suffers heavily against AP poke Mages. Riot have buffed his magic resistance by a tiny amount.


10.16 volibear

  • Volibear’s Q bonus movement speed has decreased overall.
  • This will reduce his all-in potential when he’s played in the top lane which will help immobile champions escape his engage.
  • It also impacts him in the jungle as it will make ganking slightly harder for him as he will be slower.


10.16 yasuo

  • Yasuo’s magic resistance has increased which will help him against AP champions like Syndra/Taliyah and many more.
  • His Ultimate will also deal extra damage at level 16. This is a good change for him and will definitely have an impact in late game team fights.


10.16 ziggy zigs

  • Last but not least, Zigg’s Passive damage is now flat. This is a nice change to Ziggs and will increase his damage output during the laning phase. There will now be more emphasis on using his empowered auto on an enemy champion.
  • His empowered auto-attack will also deal more damage to structures: allowing him to take them quicker.


Nimbus Cloak

10.16 nimbus

  • Nimbus Cloak’s Reduction in movement speed overall. It might be worth going back to Manaflow Band instead especially on champions like Karma, Lulu, or Janna.

Thank you for reading, we hope you enjoyed this patch breakdown. How do you feel about this patch? Let us know in the comments. As always, if you have any questions, find us in our Discord!

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