League of Legends 10.7 Patch Notes Breakdown

League of Legends 10.7 Patch Notes Breakdown

In this breakdown, our three experts analyze the most impactful changes for the 10.7 League of Legends patch update. We’ll discuss the buffs, nerfs, and adjustments regarding champions, items, and Summoner’s Rift itself to understand the patch’s effect on the meta for all roles.

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We recommend following along with the official 10.7 patch notes since we won’t be listing all the specific stat changes, but rather, focusing on the impact of the changes and the champions updated place in the current meta.

Buffs, nerfs, and adjustments

patch notes 10.7

Akali (buffed)

patch 10.7 Akali

  • Akali’s ultimate is on a shorter cooldown which will be a welcomed change to her early and mid game.
  • It’s a nice improvement to Akali so it will have an impact in all stages of play as she will be able to snowball more effectively.
  • Akali won’t be on our low ELO list but she’ll be a B-tier top laner and an A-tier mid laner on our high ELO list.

Corki (buffed)

Patch 10.7 Corki

  • Special Delivery burn duration is slightly longer. It’s not a much, but his burn damage is going to come in clutch when he roams and it’s going to reak havoc in team fights.
  • Although Corki’s hype plane is definitely getting ready for takeoff, we won’t be placing him on either of our tier lists just yet.

Galio (buffed)

galio 10.7

  • Galio is becoming more utility-based with his ultimate now providing an additional shield to allies inside his dropzone.
  • He will probably see play in the Support role and could be a decent mid laner if he has a team that can engage.
  • For now, we’ll only be recommending him as a B-tier mid laner in high ELO.

Garen (nerf)

Patch 10.7 Garen

  • Garen has to stop taking damage for longer to get his health back from his Passive.
  • The movement speed on his Q in the early game makes him less speedy but is a little better in the late game.
  • Garen will still be obnoxious but it’s not going to make that much of damage as the damage isn’t touched. He will, however, not be able to run you down as quickly as before.
  • As such, Garen will remain as an S-tier top laner and a B-tier mid laner for low ELO but he’ll be dropping to B-tier in high ELO.

Ivern (buffed)

Patch 10.7 Ivern

  • Ivern’s E will deal more damage across the board and we’ll get to see Daisy more often with the early cooldown reduction.
  • This will make his early game pressure a little bit better but he still struggles with the exact same problems and he will still get killed easily by more dominant Junglers.
  • Although Ivern is still a ways from being S-tier, he’ll be A-tier for low ELO and B-tier for high ELO.

Kai’Sa (buffed)

Patch 10.7 Kaisa

  • Kai’Sa’s mid and late game E was a concern for most players but Riot is reducing the cooldown of it allowing her to use it more frequently.
  • She will probably improve in rating at all levels of play as her E is one of, if not the most crucial ability for her in as the game goes on.
  • The void markswoman will be rising to A-tier in low ELO and S-tier in high ELO.

Nasus (buffed)

Patch 10.7 Nasus

  • Nasus struggles heavily against ranged matchups (hey who doesn’t) so Riot is giving him a range increase to make it easier for him to catch up to them.
  • The E armor reduction will also increase his kill pressure in the lane and in team fights.
  • He’ll be rising to S-tier in low ELO and finally making the cut as a B-tier champ in high ELO.

Nocturne (nerfed)

patch 10.7 nocturne

  • Mid Nocturne will now be much weaker against AP champions and Jungle Nocturne will lose some sustain.
  • The changes may not have seemed like much but he’ll be falling to B-tier as a Jungle/Mid for low ELO and to B-tier as a mid laner in high ELO.

Riven (buffed)

patch 10.7 riven

  • Riven’s level 1 health slightly increased by ~5 and her health regen has also increased.
  • I’m not confident in telling you that this will make her OP. Honestly, it’s good but not enough to make her much better so she’ll remain at B-tier on both of our lists.

Talon (nerf)

patch 10.7 talon

  • Riot was fed up with the Talon’s stats so they tried to reduce his level 2 power spike. Who is going to take over and get the most First Bloods in the future? My guess is Shaco.
  • His W now deals reduced damage on both the initial and return damage.
  • Talon’s trending downward but for now, he’ll remain at A-tier for low ELO and S-tier for high ELO.

Wukong (nerf)

patch 10.7 wukong

  • Wukong’s Passive now gives him slightly less bonus armor in the late game making him less tanky in team fights.
  • His E damage is also reduced as the game goes on, but he can now queue his W and R up during his dash allowing his combos to be more fluid.
  • Wukong will still be a good pick in the current meta and his laning will still be quite strong albeit not as obnoxious.
  • For low ELO, he’ll remain as an S-tier Top laner but he’s falling to A-tier as a Jungler and B-tier as a mid laner. In high ELO, he’ll also remain at S-tier for Top but he’s falling to B-tier for jungle.

Xin Zhao (buffed)

patch 10.7 xin zhao

  • With his healing in the late game being increased, Xin Zhao will be able to survive for a little longer in team fights.
  • The extra sustain can make a lot of difference in his ability to kill the enemy and an extra 34 health once, twice or maybe 3 times in a fight is pretty good.
  • Xin won’t be making that much bigger of a splash with this buff but he will be making the jump up to B-tier for low ELO.


Conditioning (nerf)

patch 10.7 conditioning

  • The activation time is increased by 2 minutes. This makes tanks and fighters less tanky during the laning phase.

Phase Rush (buffed)

patch 10.7 phase rush

  • Movement speed for melee champions has increased allowing them to chase enemies more effectively or escape danger. Don’t really know why they’d buff this as to why would a melee champion take this over anything else.

Thank you for reading, we hope you enjoyed this patch breakdown. How do you feel about this patch? Let us know in the comments. As always, if you have any questions, find us in our Discord!