League of Legends 9.14 Patch Notes Breakdown

League of Legends 9.14 Patch Notes Breakdown

In this breakdown, our three experts analyze the most impactful changes for the 9.14 League of Legends patch update. We’ll discuss the buffs, nerfs, and adjustments regarding champions, items, and Summoner’s Rift itself to understand the patch’s effect on the meta for all roles.

We recommend following along with the 9.14 patch notes since we won’t be listing all the specific stat changes. Head to our 9.14 tier list if you’re looking for champions to climb with this patch!

League Patch 9.14’s impact on the roles

State of Top Lane: Hewitt – “prohibit”

  • A lot of champions that are good in top lane are receiving significant changes this patch making for a very volatile patch. We’re seeing a revert on one of the previous big Jayce nerfs. Jayce needs to hit a damage threshold where he can be a bully so this is important to bringing back into viability.
  • Also, a lot of players will be happy to see changes aimed at Tahm Kench that we suspect will make him much harder to harass out of lane but much easier to escape from him or just straight up beat him in an all-in fight. We suspect that 9.14 spells the benching of top lane Kench, at least he had a good run.
  • Akali is another recent staple in top lane that has felt a little lack luster after her frequent nerfs. However, a lot of her changes for 9.14 are easier to take advantage versus other melee champions that are frequently found in top lane.
  • There are many more changes so we’ll have to pay a close attention to how the patch pans out. We definitely advise to stick to champions that have few bad matchups at the start of the patch to prepare for players trying new things.

State of Jungle: “Flaress”

  • Look to find synergies with one to two lanes and repeatedly gank them into submission. Same as last patch, look to take advantage of dives and put the enemy behind in less than 5 minutes.
  • Abuse the fact that jungle camps scale past level 7 and soak lane XP and kill XP from ganking.
  • Doing so will propel you ahead of the opposing jungler and you can look to take that XP lead to beat your opponents in the 2v2 and invades.

State of Mid: Adam – “Moriarty”

  • Mid lane right now is dominated by push and roam style skirmishers, like Rumble and Talon. With their recent buffs, Sylas and Akali they might rejoin them.
  • Speaking of new champions to hit the meta, Quiyana has been dominating competitive play, scrims, and high-end solo queue with a similar style of play to Talon where she looks to roam and skirmish while having a crazy 100 to zero combo that’s fairly undodgeable.
  • Mid lane will look to stay the same with these type of high kill pressure high early game impact champions for now as they have far too much agency on the early game and ability to snowball side lanes or the jungle matchups.

State of Bot Carry: Hewitt – “prohibit”

  • Marksmen aren’t changing but the changes to supports may affect which Marksmen are strong. With changes coming to one of the premier supports right now, Lux, this opens up avenues for other champions.
  • Lux was winning handily versus champions like Morgana, Yuumi, and Rakan. With her out of the picture, Xayah + Rakan may show up as even more dominant.
  • Blitzcrank also received changes that may help counteract the rising enchanter meta. It says something when a champion that is supposed to thrive against enchanters isn’t one of the best champions right now so hopefuly this will help him out and other Marksmen that can be played aggressively like Draven and Tristana pair nicely with him.
  • Keep an eye out for what supports are being picked on 9.14 and adjust your Marksmen pick for what you feel synergizes with your duos the most.

State of Support: “PicklePants”

  • The meta is still based around utility supports that can buff up their team by providing healing, shielding and protection.
  • With Lux out of the mix, champions that couldn’t be picked into her are more stronger now they do not have to worry about Lux one shotting them while they overextend or shielding all their damage.
  • With the new Pyke changes coming through, we expect to see him more frequently and will most likely become a pick/ban just like Yuumi.

Buffs, nerfs, and adjustments

Blitzcrank (buffed)

9.14 Blitzcrank

  • This is a pretty cool buff as Blitzcrank will now have a more defined niche with his new shield removal mechanic.
  • He’s been struggling lately so hopefully this makes him be able to do his job as an anti-enchanter.
  • He’ll be moving up to A-tier on our normal list and remaining at B for high ELO, let us know what you think of his new mechanic.

Renekton (buffed)

9.14 Renekton

  • Renekton is another champ that’s receiving a shield removal mechanic.
  • Although it’s less common in top lane, it’s still something that does makes him slightly more appealing in more situations at champ select.
  • Renekton will still remain at A-tier on both of our lists.

Katarina (buffed)

9.14 Katarina

  • Katarina was already doing pretty damn well in the current meta so it’s sort of strange to see her getting some love.
  • She’ll still be A-tier on our normal list and S-tier in high-ELO.

Kled (buffed)

9.14 Kled

  • Kled’s pull will now have a healing reduction effect, which will help him against the Mundos and Maokais of top lane.
  • Since it’s so situational, Kled won’t be changing in terms of his place in the meta, he’ll remain at A-tier on both lists.

Fizz (buffed)

9.14 Fizz

  • This is an interesting buff as Fizz’s passive while expand from only reducing basic attacks damage to reducing all sources of damage.
  • Riot made this change to improve his match ups against champs with on-hit and DoT effects.
  • We’ll see how this goes for the assassin fish but we’re keeping him where he’s been: A-tier for our normal list and B-tier in high ELO.

Leona (adjusted)

9.14 Leona

  • Leona’s W is receiving pre-mitigation damage reduction in exchange for losing flat armor and magic resist and her Solar Flare is losing its empowered basic attacks.
  • These changes won’t really make an impact on Leona’s place in the meta, she’s remaining at B-tier on both of our lists.

Karma (buffed)

9.14 Karma

  • After Karma’s recent wave of nerfs, it’s nice to see her be back on the buff radar for Riot.
  • However, since it’s just some true sight tacked onto her W, it’s still pretty meaningless in terms of her overall power level (pretty much just helps with Pyke and a few roamingassassins).
  • She continues to fall and will be at B-tier on both of our lists.

LeBlanc (buffed)

9.14 LeBlanc

  • Similar to Karma, LeBlanc hasn’t been at the top of the meta and this tiny buff isn’t going to make much of an impact.
  • She may have a slightly easier time against the Talons of the world, but not enough to matter.
  • She’ll remain only at B-tier for high ELO.

Morgana (buffed)

9.14 Morgana

  • Out of the three true sight buffs given this patch, Morgana’s is slightly better than LeBlanc’s and Karma’s because hers is AoE and doesn’t have to aim.
  • However, it’s all relative, because Morgana will remain at B-tier for normal ELO and has actually fallen to B for high ELO because she just isn’t cutting it against the best supports.

Ahri (adjusted, leaning towards buff)

9.14 Ahri

  • In a nuthshell, Ahri is trading damage for improved crowd control.
  • This is actually quite useful since there are so many dash abilities in the game.
  • It’s a favorable change but she’ll remaining her status. S-tier for our normal list and A-tier for our high ELO list.

Cassiopeia (adjusted, leaning towards buffed)

9.14 Cassiopeia

  • Finally, some buffs that will actually make an impact. The biggest thing to look at is the buffering system which will allow Cass to cast faster more consistently.
  • Being a mage that relies on spamming abilities quickly, this is pretty significant.
  • She’ll be jumping up to B-tier for our normal list and to A-tier on our high ELO list.

Poppy (adjusted, leaning towards buffed)

9.14 Poppy

  • Nice, these buffs will further solidify Poppy as an anti-dash/movement champion.
  • Although she’s losing .5 seconds on her W’s duration, the extra 5% in movement speed should be well worth it.
  • She’ll be jumping up to B-tier for our normal list and remaining at A-tier for high ELO.

Aatrox (nerfed)

9.14 Aatrox

  • Ouch, with the removal of his revive, Aatrox is losing a lot of his identity and it’ll be interesting to see what Riot does with him.
  • Aatrox mains have been rebelling by calling him “Boris” since he’s become something that’s far from what his previous design was.
  • There really isn’t a reason to play this champ right now, he’s absent for both of our lists and probably will be for a while, to be honest.

Akali (buffed)

9.14 Akali

  • Although her Shroud took a slight hit, these Akali changes will definitely be favorable for her, especially at the highest levels of play.
  • You’ll still want to stay clear of her at lower ELOs, but we predict she’ll be S-tier for high ELO.

Alistar (buffed)

9.14 Alistar

  • Gaining mana and mana growth is never a bad thing but for Alistar, who has pretty long cooldowns and looks for opportunity windows instead of spamming his abilities, it’s not that impactful.
  • The cow will remain at B-tier on both of our lists, this meta just isn’t for him.

Aurelion Sol (buffed)

9.14 Aurelion Sol

  • People have been asking for a while where Sol has been on our lists, we kept him off because although he performed well, his playrate was usually limited to dedicated one-tricks.
  • With these buffs, we believe that he’ll be in a good enough spot to recommend him as a B-tier mid laner in high ELO.

Bard (adjusted, leaning towards buffed)

9.14 Bard

  • Bard is already a solid pick in the current skirmish meta and the changes to his E will give him more playmaking and snowballing ability.
  • The extra health will allow him to survive more all-ins in the early game. The decreases health regen isn’t that big of a deal since you have sustain from W (as long as you’re collecting meeps properly)
  • We’re hesitant to bump him up just yet in low ELO since his buffs require you to understand roam timings but we’re confident in our judgement that he’ll be jumping to A-tier in high ELO.

Diana (nerfed)

9.14 Diana

  • Diana’s had some time in the spotlight and it looks like that’s coming to an end.
  • With these bug fixes and straight nerfs to her Q and W, she’ll be falling pretty hard.
  • She’s falling from S to B in low ELO and falling completely out of high ELO.

Galio (adjusted, leaning towards buffed for mid, nerfed for support)

9.14 Galio

  • Galio is a mid laner again with more damage on passive and Q, as well as increased mana growth.
  • W’s self slow was decreased but it’s pointless now that he can’t Flash while it’s channeling. On top of that it’s also interruptible by crowd control.
  • We’re predicting he’ll be a B-tier mid laner for both lists but do NOT play him as a support since he can no longer Flash + taunt.

Jhin (buffed)

9.14 Jhin

  • Jhin will be able to use his W more often and will be rewarded with longer root durations.
  • Although these are nice changes, we already thought pretty highly of Jhin but he’s not good enough to be S-tier in this current meta.
  • He’ll remain A-tier for both of our lists.

Lux (adjusted, leaning towards nerf for support)

9.14 Lux

  • The TLDR is that Lux will still be very good as a mid laner and will be worse as a support.
  • Similar to Galio, it seems Riot really wants Lux to just be one role at mid. She can still be played support but her shield will be worse and her binding will be less spammable. Her ult has changed as well to gear it more towards heavy AP rather than utility.
  • She’ll remain at S-tier for our normal list and B-tier for our high ELO list for mid but she’ll be falling from S to B on both of our lists for support.

Malphite (buffed)

9.14 Malphite

  • Malphite received a mini rework. TLDR, the major aspects of it are that he will increase in size based on his armor allowing him to be a better meat shield in teamfights.
  • His Q is now more fluid to use and has a higher slow percentage but less duration, while his new W is just an auto reset combined with a Titanic Hydra passive.
  • These buffs in a meta that has immobile ADCs and a lot of bruisers will have Malphite making his way to A-tier for both of our lists.

Mordekaiser (nerfed)

9.14 Mordekaiser

  • Mordekaiser is receiving some nerfs that will hurt his top lane more than his mid but he was already so strong and overkilling people that it shouldn’t make that big of a difference.
  • He’ll remain as an S-tier for top and mid at normal ELO and will stay at A-tier for top and will actually jump to A-tier for mid lane in high ELO.

Nidalee (buffed)

9.14 Nidalee

  • As Riot mentioned, this will help out Nidalee’s clear which is always nice for her playstyle.
  • She’ll be jumping up to S-tier for high ELO but we still don’t feel comfortable recommending her for low ELO.

Pyke (adjusted, leaning towards buffed)

9.14 Pyke

  • These changes to Pyke will allow him to gain more gold from his ultimate. His stun will now also affect minions.
  • The change to his ult is going to help him snowball in the early game and get to his lethality items quick IF he lands the kill. Keep in mind that it does less damage if his targets survive.
  • Pyke is rising to A-tier for our normal list and will stay at A-tier for high ELO.

Ryze (buffed)

9.14 Ryze

  • Ryze is getting receiving buffs to his health regen and bugfixes to his Q and E.
  • The bugfixes will stop him from cancelling movement and he’s getting a nice buff that allows him to buffer his casts, similar to Cassioepeia.
  • Despite these changes, Ryze is still more trouble than he’s worth in solo queue, he’ll be remaining off of our lists for now.

Singed (nerfed)

9.14 Singed

  • Singed got a small QoL change that makes it easier to see when it’s toggled on the spell bar.
  • He’s receiving a nerf to his Q’s recast timer for who know’s why.
  • He should remain at A-tier for both of our lists.

Swain (adjusted, buffed for top lane, nerfed for mid lane)

9.14 Swain

  • The TLDR for these changes is that Riot is definitively making Swain a pure top laner.
  • There are a few reasons for this:
    • Now he won’t have the needed mana to power shove as a mid.
    • He has to consistently proc his passive which is hard to do in mid lane.
    • Shorter range = better top lane where there’s more melee champs.
    • Since he scales with HP, he’s tankier than before = good for top.
  • For top lane, Swain is jumping up to A on our normal list and to B for high ELO. For mid lane, he’s falling off completely.

Sylas (adjusted, nerfed for top, buffed for mid and jungle)

9.14 Sylas

  • Sylas his receiving more damage to minions with his passive, more damage for his Q from both his base and AP ratio.
  • Additionaly, his E is becoming a magic only shield with a CD reduction to 14 at all ranks, meaning that you can max it last now (which is better for his mid)
  • His ult got nerfed on all fronts – range, damage, CD…meaning that he won’t be as insane in late game teamfights.
  • He’s more of a mid and jungler now than a top laner.
  • Sylas will be a B-tier mid laner for low ELO and will be A-tier on our high ELO list for both mid and jungle.

Tahm Kench (buffed)

9.14 Tahm Kench

  • Tahm Kench is a contender for the champ hit hardest by nerfs.
  • It’s true that he wasn’t that enjoyable to play against but Riot really needs to decide what role this champ is designed for, they honestly cannot decide.
  • He’ll be completely off of our lists outside of just B-tier for support (but even then, just barely).

Urgot (buffed)

9.14 Urgot

  • This is barely a buff but being able to recast faster should feel nice for Urgot mains.
  • You can probably guess, but he’ll be maintaining his status as an S-tier top laner for low ELO and B-tier for high ELO.

Yuumi (adjusted, leaning towards nerf)

9.14 Yuumi

  • These nerfs directed to Yuumi’s early game target her passive shield and is removing the mana restoration aspect.
  • Her Q’s mana cost are being hit and losing some base damage in favor of buffs to her E.
  • This will make her more of a late game scaling enchanter than a lane bully who would also still outscale you.
  • Despite these changes, Yuumi will remain relatively the same in terms of viability. We’ll see though because nerfs to laning have proved to be troublesome in the past. She’ll stay at B-tier for low ELO and S-tier in high ELO.

Jayce (adjusted, leaning towards buffed)

9.14 Jayce

  • Jayce getting power shifted away from his early game to his mid/late game.
  • His base attack damage and speed are being nerfed in exchange for a better Q damage ratio.
  • He’ll actually be making the cut for low ELO this patch at B-tier for top and will remain at B-tier for high ELO.

Kennen (adjusted)

9.14 Kennen

  • Kennen is losing base attack damage and attack speed in exchange for better attack damage growth.
  • He’s also gaining some attack speed for his E.
  • In terms of power he’ll stay relatively the same, but he definitely won’t be as strong in the first three levels. Like Jayce, he’ll be better in mid-late game though.
  • He’ll remain at A-tier for our normal list and S-tier for high ELO.

Neeko (adjusted)

9.14 Neeko

  • Not to sound like a broken record, but Neeko is receiving a similar powershift as Jayce and Kennen. Same stuff, losing early game power in favor of mid-late.
  • Something that’s sort of cool is that Neeko will no longer lose her disguise when auto-attacking. Super situational but it does add a bit more of trickery potential.
  • She’s going to remain at A-tier for our normal list and A-tier on our high ELO list as a top laner.

Thank you for reading, we hope you enjoyed this patch breakdown. How do you feel about this patch? Let us know in the comments. As always, if you have any questions, find us in our Discord!