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How to Play Aurora (Abilities, Builds, and Tips)

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A Beginner Guide to Playing Aurora

Aurora has been on the PBE for some time now, and it is almost time for her to be released to the live servers. Aurora will be hitting the live server in mid-July and is part of Riot Games’ summer event. During this event, Riot will release a brand new game mode called Swarm and release Aurora.

Aurora, the Witch Between Worlds, will be the 168 champion to be released to League of Legends, and she will be the second champion to be released in the 2024 Season. She is an AP solo laner, who will be played predominantly in the Mid and Top Lane.

In this Mobalytics guide, we provide a beginner’s guide on how to play Aurora in League of Legends. This guide is intended to give you the first steps to help you get started and is not an in-depth article.

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1. Understand Her Abilities

Aurora’s abilities are similar to some of the champions Riot has created before. I feel like they have recycled a lot of her content, but they have put their artistic flair on it as Riot usually does.

If you prefer to watch a video on Aurora’s abilities, we’ve made a video on our Instagram.

Aurora’s Passive is  Spirit Abjuration

Hitting an enemy with attacks or abilities three times exorcises a lingering spirit that binds to her. This grants Aurora increased movement speed. Each additional spirit tethered to her (up to a maximum of two), amplifies the bonuses.

Aurora Passive

Aurora’s Q is Twofold Hex

Aurora deals damage and marks anyone who is hit by it. Recasting her Q captures spirits back to her and deals damage to any enemies they touch on its return.

Aurora Q

Aurora’s W is Across the Veil

Aurora hops in a direction and then becomes invisible very briefly. This ability’s cooldown resets whenever Aurora secures a takedown. Her W can be used to get over small walls, but not large ones.

Aurora W

Aurora’s E is The Weirding

She throws a spell that slows and damages enemies that are hit. She is then recoiled backwards slightly. Her E can be used to get over small walls, just like her W.

Aurora E

Aurora’s Ultimate is Between Worlds

Send out an orb that deals damage and slows enemies. A realm is then created that empowers her and allows her to move from one side to the other of the realm. Enemies who are stuck inside the realm and who try to leave it are slowed, take damage, and are pushed toward the center.

Aurora Ultimate

2. Abuse Your Range

Regardless of what lane she is played in, she will be facing a lot of champions who have little to no range. As Aurora is a ranged champion and has ranged abilities, you must try to abuse this to get kills and advantages in the lane.

Try your best to harass the enemy with basic attacks as often as possible. A good time to do so is when they have walked up to last hit minions.

However, beware of trying to auto-attack too much, as the enemy minions will focus on you, and this will make the trade less favorable for you. When you auto attack the enemy, back off slightly so they cannot all in you. Champions with strong all-in are very good at abusing her.

Battle Bunny Aurora Splash Crop

3. Play Around Your Ultimate

Aurora’s Ultimate is quite strong in team fights, and it is equally strong in skirmishes. If Aurora can get lane priority, she can use her Ultimate to help her allies across the map. For instance, if she is paired with a strong scam machine jungler who loves to invade, she can invade with them and easily kill the enemy jungler.

Furthermore, with good lane priority and a strong Ultimate, she can help take objectives and make any fight 1v2 or 2v2 with her Jungler. If your Jungler isn’t the best, you can still rotate and use your Ultimate to help your allies and pick up kills that way.

To fully maximize Aurora’s kit, make sure you actively look for plays with your Ultimate whenever you can.

Aurora Ultimate In-Game

4. Ability Usage

I will try to keep this one extremely short and sweet. Your Q and E are both AOE abilities that deal damage to more than one enemy at a time. If you want to maximize your mana and poke potential, try to aim your abilities, so they push and poke the enemy at the same time.

Aurora Q In game

Use these abilities when the enemy is in the minion wave so you can start to push while also simultaneously dealing damage to the enemy champion.

5. Fight in The Jungle

A champion with AOE abilities and a strong Ultimate is really strong in team fights. However, to maximize your damage output, you should try to fight in areas of the map where the enemy is stacked on one another. These places make it easier for you to deal damage to multiple enemies at once.

The location where the enemy is usually stacked is around major objectives such as the Baron or Dragon, near towers and side objectives, as well as inside the jungle. If you can, try to fight in these parts of the map and avoid fighting in the open or when the enemy is split up as you will not deal damage to too many champions at once.

6. Don’t Waste Your W!

Your W will be your main defensive tool throughout all stages of the game. During the laning phase, you want to limit its use due to its long cooldown. When it is on cooldown, you are vulnerable. I would never use this aggressively unless you’re using it from Fog of War.

Aurora W in game

If the enemy is chasing you and you don’t plan on using it to jump over a wall, then try to use your W in parts of the map where you have multiple exit points. Due to its brief invisibility, you can juke the enemy and make them think you’ve gone one way while you escape through the other. Good places you can do this are in the jungle.

7. Your W and E Can Get You Over Walls

Both your E and your W can be used to get over walls, but you need to be super close to get over them. Or else, you will not jump over the wall and, in fact, just stand still. The image below shows you how to not get over walls with Aurora’s W.

It does take some practice, but you can use them to get over small walls; however, they are not able to help you get through large ones at all.

Aurora W Jump Fail

In Conclusion

That about sums up our very basic and beginners guide to playing Aurora in LoL. You should now be prepared to pick her for the first time! What do you think of Aurora? Personally, I feel that she is quite an interesting champion.

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