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How to Counter Aurora in LoL

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7 Tips to Counter Aurora in LoL

Aurora is going to be hitting the live servers extremely soon, and she is part of the Riot Games’ Summer event. Unfortunately, on this patch, Riot Games is releasing a ton of content, including Swarm, which has unfortunately overshadowed Aurora’s release. But she’s also a part of this game mode too.

She is a ranged-AP champion that can be played in both the top and middle lane. In this article, we will bring you some information to help you play against her and how to counter her.

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1. Understand Her Abilities

You first need to know what Aurora’s abilities are, and in this section, we will go through them one by one. My first impression of her kit is that some of the abilities have been recycled in some sense. For instance, her Q feels a lot like Xayah’s E, and some of her animations look like Hwei and Zoe. Nevertheless, let’s get into it.

The first way of countering any champion is to understand what each of their abilities actually do. If you don’t know what they do, there is no real way you’re going to be able to counter her. By reading this section, you understand the basics of her abilities.

Aurora’s Passive: Spirit Abjuration

By striking an enemy with attacks or abilities three times, she exorcises a lingering spirit that binds itself to her. This grants Aurora increased movement speed and bolsters her healing capabilities. With each additional spirit tethered to her (up to a maximum of two), the bonuses provided are amplified by 5%.

Aurora Passive

Aurora’s Q: Twofold Hex

Aurora deals damage and marks foes. Recasting Twofold Hex siphoned the captured spirits back to her and dealt damage to any enemies they touched on their return.

Aurora Q

Aurora’s W: Across the Veil

She hops in a direction that can also be used to get over small walls. Upon landing, she becomes invisible very briefly. This ability’s cooldown resets whenever Aurora secures a takedown.

Aurora W

Aurora’s E: The Weirding

She throws out a missile that slows and damages enemies in its path. After doing so, she is pushed back slightly. Like her W, it can also be used to get over walls.

Aurora E

Aurora’s Ultimate: Between Worlds

For her Ultimate, she sends out an orb that deals damage and slows enemies. This then creates a realm that empowers her and allows her to move from one side to the other side of the realm by walking outside of it. Enemies who are stuck inside the realm and who try to leave it are slowed, take damage, and are pushed toward the center.

Aurora Ultimate

As you can see, Aurora is pretty good. She has good wave clear and poke in the form of her E and Q, and her Ultimate can be quite deadly too. I will break down tips and tricks on how to counter her as this guide goes along.

2. Don’t Fight Her In the Jungle

As you can tell by her Ultimate, she is a solid team-fighting champion. She is also very good in team compositions such as AOE or Wombo Combo. If she gets picked with champions that synergize well with her, then I would avoid fighting her at all costs inside the jungle or around objectives. The reason for this is that her abilities are AOE and not single target. This means she can deal damage to multiple champions at once in a team fight. Your best bet is to avoid grouping too close together and fighting her around or in these types of places, which makes it impossible for her to deal damage to multiple champions at once.

She has multiple AOE abilities, including her Q, E, and Ultimate. Pair these abilities with any other AOE, CC tools, or knockups, and then she could quickly melt your team.

Instead of fighting as a team in these areas, try to lock her down before a major objective is spawning, split up slightly so she can’t hit everyone at the same time, or just look to split-push instead.

3. Abuse Her At Levels 1 and 2

As a ranged, AP melee champion, she is very weak at levels 1 and 2. If you pick somebody (potentially one of our recommendations later on in this article), you might be able to abuse her at levels 1 and 2 to gain a significant health advantage. Gaining an advantage can make it near impossible for her to play aggressively early, and this small lead could easily snowball into a much larger lead later on down the line.

You could Bait out her Q and then abuse the cooldown to get that early lead.

PROJECT Fiora Splash Crop

4. Don’t Let Her Abuse You

On the other hand, she is a ranged champion, so you will be at a disadvantage if you are a melee champion. Your goal is to not let her abuse or poke you for free. Otherwise, she can gain quite a large lead. If you are playing a squishy melee champion, you will never be able to play aggressively if you are low on health.

I would be prepared to sacrifice some CS for XP and avoid overextending when you are not going to last-hit minions. That means backing off slightly after killing some minions and staying out of her basic attack range.

Battle Bunny Aurora Splash Crop

5. Stand Outside of The Minion Wave

Aurora’s Q and E are both very good poke tools, and they are also very good when it comes to clearing waves. Focus on staying outside of the minion wave at all times so you prevent her from being able to push in the wave and poke you at the same time. This is especially important because once she has completed her first item, she will be looking to constantly push the minion wave.

Doing this will also help you with many of the other tips we have given so far.

6. Avoid Chasing Too Deeply

Aurora’s W ability allows her to get over walls, create distance, and make her invisible. Because of this, you really need to be careful about chasing her into her jungle, as she may be using this as a way of luring your team into a team fight, and as we have said, you don’t really want to fight her in the jungle.

Aurora W in game

My advice would be to, of course, chase her, but be prepared to back out if it’s getting a bit too deep because she may be running to her allies- which will result in you getting killed. Furthermore, it can be really difficult to see which way she is going in certain hotspots around the map, especially in areas where there are multiple exit routes- so that’s something else to keep in mind.

7. Aurora Champion Counter Picks for Season 14

To finish this article, we will now discuss some counter-picks. In this section, I’m going to do a mixture of champions that can be played in the top lane and the middle lane (as well as some champions good against her in team fights). Furthermore, many of these champions can also be flexed so that they can be played in either lane.

Please note that these may not be statistically the best champions, but they are good against her. To find out which champions are statistically the best, head over to Aurora’s Champion Page.


Fizz has a pretty strong all-in and can play aggressively from level 2 or 3 onwards. At level six, his kill pressure is pretty high, so he can kill her over and over again.

April Fools skin splash, Corki and Fizz


Fiora is one of the best early-game champions and can abuse squishy and immobile champions as well. At levels 1 and 2, Fiora can chase her down the lane and kill her.

PROJECT Fiora Splash Crop


Darius is similar to Fiora, as she can also chase her down the long lane. His Passive can be really strong, especially if he’s able to auto-attack the enemy a lot.

Darius Splash Crop


Zed is another champion with solid all-in potential. He can kill her at level 6, and even if he can’t kill her, he can just roam around the map and pick up kills that way.

Death Sworn Zed Splash Crop


While he isn’t played in the lane against her, Nautilus can be a good champion in team fights as he can lock her down with CC. Immobilizing her, it’s a great way of countering her, and it’ll make it difficult for her to make a huge impact in team fights.

AstroNautilus Splash

In Conclusion

And that about sums up our beginner’s counter-guide for Aurora. What do you think of this champion? Personally, she’s pretty good, and I’m looking forward to playing her on the live servers very soon.

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