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Aurora Abilities Revealed (League of Legend’s 167th Champion)

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New Champion’s Ability Guide: Aurora

Aurora is a new champion who will be coming to the Public Beta Environment very soon. She is solo lane mage, so will most likely be played in the Mid Lane, but she could also be played in the Top Lane. Aurora will be the second champion to be added to League of Legends in Season 14 and in 2024.

For those who do not know, Aurora is a friend of Ornn and a mid-range, solo lane champion. She is from the Frejlord, has a reset ability, and has the potential to be incredibly strong in long-ranged and wombo combo (team fighting) team compositions.

For more content on Aurora, head over to the Mobalytics Blog. You will find a lot of content coming soon for her, including how to play Aurora, how to counter Aurora, and who she is good with (Aurora synergy guide)!

Aurora Ability Names:

  • Passive: Spirit Abjuration
  • Q: Twofold Hex
  • W: Across the Veil
  • E: The Weirding
  • R: Between Worlds

Aurora Ability Reveal

If you’re into watching videos and seeing her abilities in action, then check out this video by Skin Spotlights.

Aurora Ability Breakdown

Aurora’s Passive is Spirit Abjuration

If she deals damage to an enemy 3 times, she will exorcise a spirit to her, which will give her additional movement speed and empower her healing. For every stack, the bonuses are increased by 5%.

Aurora’s Q is Twofold Hex

She throws out a spell that deals damage and marks the enemies with a spirit energy. If she recasts this ability, the curse is ended and the spirit is drawn back to her: dealing damage to enemies it passes through.

Aurora’s W is Across the Veil

She hops in a direction (including going over walls). Upon landing, she becomes invisible for a few seconds. Getting a takedown resets the cooldown.

Aurora’s E is The Weirding

For her E, she sends out a missile that slows and deals damage to enemies it comes into contact with. She is pushed back slightly when using this ability. It can also be used to get over walls.

Aurora’s Ultimate is Between Worlds

She sends out a pulse of energy that deals damage and slows enemies. This new realm makes her empowered and allows her to move from one side of the other side of the realm. Enemies who are in the realm and who try to leave it are slowed, take damage, and are pushed towards the center.

Aurora Splash Crop

My Thoughts on Aurora’s Kit

As a British person, complaining is in my blood. However, I really like the design of Aurora. Her kit is quite interesting, with many combinations/variations of other champions or abilities in the game. There isn’t anything entirely new about the abilities, but each of them is new and unique in their own little way.

Her Passive is pretty cool, but is nothing new. I think she’ll be able to stack it and make use of it quite easily in skirmishes with the enemy. But it is interesting that it emperors her healing, when none of her abilities explicitly increase her sustain.

When reading her Q ability, instinctively it felt like a Xayah Q. Both can be recast and deal damage to enemies that the ability has come into contact with. Her Q ability will be one of the main poke and wave clear abilities she uses.

I guess her W is going to be quite annoying to deal with as it makes her invisible. Do you remember the Dragon that would make people invisible inside the jungle? It is going to be quite annoying like that. It is nice to see that this can be used as a dash/ and escape tool, as well as it being able to get over walls and terrain.

For her E, it reminds me a bit of Graves Ult where it’s a “knock back”, although, Riot have stated it is a hop. This to can be used as a gap closer/ escape tool, and help her get over walls.

Graves Splash base

Her Ultimate feels pretty cool, and it reminds me off Akali’s W (where she can E back into it). However, I expect this to be a visual nightmare and will take some getting used to. I also expect her to be really annoying to fight in the mid and late game.

Because of her Ultimate, and the rest of her abilities, she is going to be really good in though team fighting team comps. Those comps that deal AOE damage and layer CC will work well with her, such as Amumu, Wukong, Jarvan and Maokai.

Victorious Jarvan IV Splash

All-in-all, I feel her kit is good and I am looking forward to trying her. I think you’re going to need to get your timings right if you want to make use of her Ultimate to its full effect.

In Conclusion

What do you think of Aurora? Do you think her kit is unique and cool like we do? Let us know in the comments below. Her champion design and model might not be as interesting or game breaking like Smolder (Riot’s first champ release in S14), but don’t let that disinterest you in playing her!

So that about sums up the Mobalytics’ review of Aurora’s abilities. Stay tuned and head over to the Mobalytics Blog. as we make new articles for Aurora- expect to see a article on how to play as Aurora, and how to counter Aurora too.