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When Does LoL’s Swarm Go Live?

When Will League of Legends Swarm Game Mode Go Live?

Swarm is Riot Games’ Summer Event. It is a PvE Vampire Slayers/Bullet Heaven game mode where you, alone or with friends, team up to defeat endless hordes of creatures to become victorious.

In this game mode, there are many different objectives, weapons, Augments, and much more to unlock and use to help you defeat the hordes of enemies. This game mode is quite similar to some other LoL events Riot has made in the past, how this one is a one-up compared to some of the other ones they’ve made.

In this Mobalytics article, we will provide you with some vital information regarding the new PvE game mode and when it comes out. There is a lot to digest with the new game mode, so we’re working on content and articles to help you get started with Swarm, which you can find on the Mobalytics Blog.

What is LoL Swarm’s launch date?

Swarm will be released on Patch 14.14, which is on Wednesday 17th July.

We’ve created a breakdown of Swarm—Operation Anima Squad, which you should read so you know what to expect when it hits the live servers. As a little teaser, there are 9 playable champions in Swarm; you can play alone or in a party of 4; you will face off on different maps and come up against some big bosses as well.

However, that is not the only big thing that is coming out on Patch 14.14. Aurora will be released on this patch as well, and she will be the latest champion on Summoners Rift. We’ve been creating some articles for her already, including Aurora’s Ability Breakdown.

Battle Bunny Aurora Splash Crop

In Conclusion

Here at Mobalytics, we are excited to see how the community reacts to the new game mode. Let us know what you think about it! Personally, I am really excited to play it, and I can’t wait to grind it out!

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