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League of Legends’ New Champion: Aurora Champion Leaks

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LoL Aurora Champion Teaser Leaked on PBE

League of Legends has just released their 14.10 patch, and there were many different changes on it. From new skins to the removal of Runes, new item changes, and much, much more. However, on this patch, they also leaked some new teasers for their newest League of Legends champion, whose name is Aurora. Aurora may be the 168th champion in League of Legends, and the second champion in Season 14.

In this Mobalytics article, we will discuss everything there is to know about the newest champion, Aurora. You can stay up to date with the latest LoL news by heading over to the Mobalytics Blog.

Aurora Champion Teasers

On the PBE, Riot added two major sources identifying the new champion. The first being an Icon, and he second being an Emote. Each possible teacher had the same source code: Aurora. This has led players to believe that this is probably her name. Furthermore, the subreddit AuroraMains has been made, which is a tell-tale sign that this is indeed her name, as Riot tends to do this with other champions (like Smolder or Hwei).

Aurora Emote

If we look at the leaked pictures, we can see that the new character is going to be a girl and is wearing clothes linked to the cold, such as those worn when snowboarding or skiing.

Aurora Icon Image

With this in mind, Riot also released information about a “Vastayan solo-laning mid-range mage” earlier in the year, and that she would originate from the Freljord. Her outfit matches that of the cold, so it seems to be her! This mid-range mage is probably going to be played in either the Top or Mid-lane of League of Legends.

When Will Aurora Come Out?

Aurora will most likely be out on patch 14.14, however she will be on the PBE soon.

What are Aurora’s Abilities

  • Passive: Spirit Abjuration
  • Q: Twofold Hex
  • W: Across the Veil
  • E: The Weirding
  • R: Between Worlds

We’ve made a separate guide that breaks down Aurora’s abilities, including our thoughts and some additional information.

Aurora Splash Crop

The Freljord Event

On patch 14.11, Riot introduced a fun game mode to the LoL Client that provides users with a chance to understand more about her. The New Freljord Event offers players to understand more about Ornn and Aurora: breaking down some lore while also providing missions that grant icons and emotes. The emote you can earn is the one above. One of the 2 icons is the Aurora one we have previously listed. An additional Ornn icon is available as the other icon.

The Third Icon

This icon will not be achievable unless you know how to get it. So here’s the video on how to complete the mission to unlock another icon. For this icon, you must play a few different songs on the instrument in a certain order.

What Does Aurora Look Like?

Of course, Aurora will look slightly different in game and with her new splash art, but here is a taster of what she will look like, according to the teaser and the new event.

In Conclusion

That about sums up everything we know about Aurora at the moment. What do you think of her? Are you looking forward to playing her? Let us know below. As always, we’ve got more articles like this over on the Mobalytics Blog.