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5 Best Champions To Pair With Aurora

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Top 5 Champions That Synergise With Aurora

In League of Legends, picking champions that synergize well with other champions on your team is extremely important. This is especially true for champions who play in the solo lane, such as the top or mid lane. If you offer something to your Jungler or other champions in your team, you can generally perform better overall. This is why it is so important to understand who Aurora works well with whenever you pick a champion. In this Mobalytics article, we will discuss some champions with whom we recommend that you pick Aurora.

This list will outline some champions who are played in different lanes, Junglers, and champions who will work well with her overall. They might not be statistically the best, but they do have things in their kit that can make Aurora an even stronger champion. For more Aurora content, head over to the Mobalytics Blog, where we have guides on how to play as Aurora in Season 14, how to counter Aurora in Season 14, and much more.

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1. Jarvan IV

Jarvan Splash

The first champion we are recommending is Jarvan IV. He is a very good Jungler, and he’s underrated by many. He can start ganking from level 2 onwards and is notoriously strong throughout all game stages.

He has good objective control, and Aurora can rotate and help him if needed. Jarvin’s skirmishing power is also very good, so he can gank and fight with or without her quite often. Aurora also has good poke; she can get the enemy low, which will entice him to gank her.

Outside of his early game, Jarvin is really good at locking champions down with his E>Q combo and his Ultimate. By keeping the enemy locked down for an extended period of time, she will be able to dish out damage with her Q, E, and also her Ultimate.

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2. Leona

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Leona has good roaming potential and can roam and help Aurora get kills in her lane. Leona can roam throughout all stages of the laning phase, and the two can almost always guaranteed to get kills post-six.

Aurora can be pretty squishy, and it can be challenging for her to get kills when she is pushing alone. However, as Leona is tanky and can soak up a lot of damage thanks to her W, Aurora can poke the enemy down, push them under their tower, and then Leona can dive them. The two of them can pick up  easy kills this way.

Leona is also really good in team fights as well. She can keep the enemy locked down as she has many CC tools. Leona is also a tremendous team-fighting champion in general, and they can work well together in team fights. Having champions who can go deep with her is really important.

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3. Wukong

Wukong Splash

Wukong’s Ultimate is good in team fights, as it is an AOE tool just like hers. The two of them can be strong in team fights as long as they layer their abilities appropriately and attack multiple enemy champions simultaneously.

If Wukong is played in the Jungle role, he can gank her post-6 with his Ultimate. All she needs to do is harass and bully the enemy laner down and get them low. If she keeps the minion wave closer to her side of the map, he could easily gank her. If he is played in the Top Lane but can’t get any kills, she could entice him to roam and help her instead of him sitting with it off cooldown.

Just like some other champions on our list so far, Wukong also has good skirmishing power and objective control, and she can rotate and help him if he needs any help taking objectives.

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4. Skarner

Skarner Splash Crop (Reworked Skarner)

Skarner is our fourth recommendation due to his strength in the current meta and his Ultimate. Thanks to his Ultimate, he can lock down multiple enemy champions at once. Aurora can then follow up with her Ultimate and deal a lot of damage as well.

In team fights, he will soak up a lot of damage for her and her allies. This is crucial as she is pretty squishy even when she builds items that bolster her defenses. Keeping her alive for longer and using his abilities to get picks or peel and protect her is really important.

Skarner has reasonable objective control and will be looking to take those Void Grubs, Dragons, and Rift Heralds. A good Skarner will also be looking to invade frequently, and as she has good pushing power with her E and Q, she can quickly push and then assist him.

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5. Trundle

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Even the best and most fed champions in the game cannot always one-shot a champion. However, when paired with a champion like Trundle, she can be so much better in team fights as he can steal the enemy’s stats, making it easier for her to get kills.

Trundle can soak up a lot of damage and make even the tankiest enemy champions turn to butter by removing their magic resistance (and other stats). This will make it easier for her and her allies to get kills. Trundle can also soak up a lot of incoming damage that could otherwise have been directed towards her.

The main thing about Aurora is that she goes deep into the enemy team composition during team fights. Having champions who can go in with her is vital. Trundle and Aurora can go in together, which is important as she doesn’t want to be the only champion in a team fight to go in alone as she will be the enemy’s primary target.

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In Conclusion

At the end of the day, many champions have things in their kits that can synergize well with Aurora. You need to play to your strengths and limit your weaknesses, and one way that can be achieved is by picking champions who can perform well with her.

What champions do you think work well with her, and what champions have you found success with? Let us know in the comments section below this article.

As always, head to the Mobalytics Blog for more articles to help you climb in League of Legends.