Valorant Agent Tier List (6.08) by Mobalytics

Valorant Agent Tier List (6.08) by Mobalytics

The Best Valorant Agents for Patch 6.08

Welcome to our Valorant agent tier list for climbing ranked! We created this list with the help of our high ELO experts (Immortal 3+) who play in NA, EU, and OCE.

This is a general list that is meant to be helpful whether you’re playing solo or with a squad, but it does lean more towards coordinated teamplay rather than trying to carry lone-wolf style.

Valorant Agent Tier List (Patch 6.08)

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S-tier Agents

A-tier Agents

B-tier Agents

C-tier Agents

To learn more about our methodology and other explanations (like agent difficulties), click here.

Note that at the beginning of the patch, we will give predictive placings based on the buffs/nerfs. Check back midway through the patch for an update (if it’s still the same, it means we predicted correctly!).

Valorant Predictive Tier List for Climbing Ranked

Patch 6.08 Valorant Agent Tier List

Tier Agents
S-tier Viper, Jett, Reyna, Killjoy, Raze
A-tier Sova, Gekko, Omen, Skye, Brimstone
B-tier Astra, Cypher, Fade, Neon, Phoenix, Sage
C-tier Breach, Chamber, Harbor, Kay/0, Yoru

Agent Explanations

Here are the explanations why we’ve placed each agent in their tiers. If you have any questions please ask in the comments below and our experts will reply as soon as they can.

If you have trouble facing a particular agent, check out our article on How to Play Against Every Valorant agent.

S-tier Agents


Reyna Medium difficulty card

[Learn more about Reyna]

The smurf agent. Reyna is designed to be selfish and play for herself, making her the Ultimate Solo Queue Ranked agent. In less coordinated play swings off of a teammate’s contact is much slower or non-existent which allows Reyna to dismiss or heal.


Jett Medium difficulty card

[Learn more about Jett]

Jett is great on both offense and defense. She can make space on offense for the team and is still a good Operator and/or aggressive pusher on defense. Her Ultimate can also win eco rounds where enemies may take non-ideal fights during anti-ecos where a Blade Storm kill yields a teammate the enemy’s rifle.


Killjoy Easy difficulty card

[Learn more about Killjoy]

Killjoy is the strongest Sentinel and potentially even the most powerful agent in VALORANT at the moment. This was thanks to the recent tweaks and the huge Chamber nerfs. She’s pretty much a must pick on all maps except for Breeze and Bind.


raze agent card

[Learn more about Raze]

Raze is the only duelist who can get some information on her own, make space, and is the strongest defensively. She is an all around agent who can make many solo plays with her blast packs. Although heavily nerfed, she still shines with her huge AoE damage potential and high mobility.


viper agent card

[Learn more about Viper]

Viper is a must pick on some maps, and can take over a game if the team is able to get the spike planted. This is because she has greater post plant utility that teams who retake more slowly will suffer against, and she can farm ultimates for nearly guaranteed round wins.

A-tier Agents


sova agent card

[Learn more about Sova]

At lower ranks fewer people shoot his utility and it gets far more value, and at higher ranks with more coordination his utility supplements commonly played duelists well. Sova is also a great character for solo clutches and late round to make a big individual impact on the team.


gekko valorant profile image

[Learn more about Gekko]

Gekko has a strong and versatile kit that allows him to shine in both solo plays and coordinated teamplay. Although he was nerfed in the recent patch, he’s still a strong pick on most maps.


omen agent card

[Learn more about Omen]

Omen is the controller with the kit most suited for making individual plays. He can also play many angles that may not be cleared or flushed out with utility in a less coordinated environment.


skye agent card

[Learn more about Skye]

Skye was changed to play less selfishly. She also requires excessive communication and teamwork to get the most value of her kit.


brimstone agent card

[Learn more about Brimstone]

Brim is very easy to play and a great way to help the team with smokes while focusing on gunplay. Brimstone can also be a monster in post plant between his ultimate and molly as retakes are a little slower in a less coordinated game, making this utility stronger for denying defuses.

B-tier Agents


sage agent card

[Learn more about Sage]

Sage is a glorified duelist who can be used for stuffing 5 man rushes. Being the only character that can heal herself with no stipulations is great to have, and her wall allows for some hero plays.


Phoenix easy difficulty card

[Learn more about Phoenix]

Phoenix’s buffs made him a stronger agent overall in all environments. His kit is rather selfish, and has a lot of aspects for individual plays


cypher agent card

[Learn more about Cypher]

With some small but effective buffs and the downfall of Chamber, Cypher became much more viable after holding the title as the worst agent in the game for quite some time. The tripwire buffs opened up much more creative options and new line ups players are still learning and discovering.


breach agent card

[Learn more about Breach]

He is a strong agent, but requires so much coordination to play effectively. He is an agent as the rank gets higher becomes better.


fade agent square

[Learn more about Fade]

Fade’s kit is very strong and pretty easy for teammates to play off of even with minimal communication and coordination. Seize is a very underrated part of her kit as it can completely stop a 5 man push and allow for teammate rotations.


Astra Mobalytics Valorant agent card

[Learn more about Astra]

Another agent that requires a lot of coordination with your team. She also is one of, if not the hardest to make individual plays with. An agent that definitely gets better at higher ranks.


neon agent profile pic

[Learn more about Neon]

As a duelist Neon requires a good amount of resources from teammates and cannot take much advantage of most maps except for Fracture and Pearl. Other duelists can play better on their own.

C-tier Agents


Yoru Agent page portal

[Learn more about Yoru]

Although he received multiple updates and buffs, Yoru is still struggling to find a place in the meta and keeps a low win rate across all ranks.  He worsens as players communicate better and can counter his kit.


Kayo agent profile pic

[Learn more about Kay/O]

KAY/O has a very strong kit overall, and can make individual plays with his right click flash, but it did get nerfed quite a bit. His utility that is stronger is based around setting up others, and doesn’t flourish as much in a solo queue environment.


chamber agent profile

[Learn more about Chamber]

Chamber went from strongest agent in the game to one of the weakest. With the huge nerfs he received, he’s currently the least viable Sentinel in the game and his firepower is not enough to replace duelists like Raze and Jett.


harbor agent card

[Learn more about Harbor]

Ever since his release, Harbor has been struggling to find his place in the meta. While all other controllers offer very obvious advantages on their strong maps, Harbor doesn’t seem to be able to replace them on any map, making him not viable.

Best Valorant Team Comps by Map

  • Ascent
    • Sova, Omen, Killjoy, Jett, KAY/O
  • Fracture
    • Fade, Killjoy, Brimstone, Raze, Breach
  • Haven
    • Fade, Killjoy, Omen, Raze, Breach
  • Icebox
    • Sova, Killjoy, Sage, Jett, Viper
  • Pearl
    • Fade, Killjoy, KAY/O, Jett, Astra
  • Pearl
    • Killjoy, Sage, Jett, Omen, Fade

These are some powerful team comps that we recommend for each of the Valorant maps.

Here are some additional options that you can interchange based on your agent pool.

Just make sure to build wisely, so if you’re replacing Omen, you may want a Brimstone and so forth.

For more details, check out our dedicated guide on our Team Comps by Map.

Format and Methodology

Tier Ratings

Overall, the criteria for S/A/B are as follows:

  • S-tier agents are optimal for the current meta. They can fit into any team comp and are expected to be in almost every team comp for almost every map.
  • A-tier agents are very good but aren’t as consistent as S-tier. They can fit into most team comps and perform well on most maps but there are some exceptions where other choices may be better.
  • B-tier agents are underpowered compared to their peers, are inconsistent due to feast/famine tendency, or depend on certain maps/team comps in order to succeed.
  • C-tier agents are considered weak picks, which lack any advantages over their predecessors. They are not considered the worst picks in the meta.

Agent Difficulties

These ratings are more suited for newer players (Iron, Bronze, and Silver) and relate to how much time and experience you need to be useful to your team compared to other agents.

Here are examples for each:

Brimstone (Easy)

Brimstone is an ideal agent for beginners with abilities that are very straightforward and easy to understand.

They can all be safely used from behind cover and are useful even when you’re playing from behind.

Cypher (Average)

Cypher’s abilities require you to have additional macro understanding compared to Brimstone.

You need to understand where to place your gadgets, how to balance between switching back and forth to your camera, and how to use your gadgets in combination with each other.

Defending can be more forgiving for a beginner, but on offense, you need to learn how to lurk and where flankers are likely to come from to make your Trapwires useful.

His ultimate is also harder to activate compared to Brimstone.

Sova (Hard)

To be an effective Sova player, you need to spend time in custom games to practice your ability lineups with your arrows.

If you don’t it can be incredibly easy to whiff your Shock Darts and your Recons may land in areas that provide no value.

Because of the amount of time commitment he requires and due to how easy it is to mess up his abilities, he is quite hard for beginners to pick up compared to other agents.

As always, we welcome all discussion and feedback so please leave any comments/questions below! Be sure to check out our Valorant site to find the best character ability lineups for every map.