Valorant Agent Tier List (5.03) by Mobalytics

Valorant Agent Tier List (5.03) by Mobalytics

The Best Valorant Agents for Patch 5.03

Welcome to our Valorant agent tier list for climbing ranked! We created this list with the help of our high ELO experts (Immortal 3+) who play in NA, EU, and OCE.

This is a general list that is meant to be helpful whether you’re playing solo or with a squad, but it does lean more towards coordinated teamplay rather than trying to carry lone-wolf style.

Valorant Agent Tier List (Patch 5.03)

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S-tier Agents

To learn more about our methodology and other explanations (like agent difficulties), click here.

Note that at the beginning of the patch, we will give predictive placings based on the buffs/nerfs. Check back midway through the patch for an update (if it’s still the same, it means we predicted correctly!).

Valorant Predictive Tier List for Climbing Ranked

valorant agent tier list patch 5.03

Patch 5.03 Valorant Agent Tier List

Tier Agents
S-tier Chamber, Fade, Kay/O, Raze
A-tier Breach, Jett, Neon, Omen, Phoenix, Skye, Sova, Viper
B-tier Astra, Brimstone, Cypher, Killjoy, Reyna, Sage, Yoru

Agent Explanations

Here are the explanations why we’ve placed each agent in their tiers. If you have any questions please ask in the comments below and our experts will reply as soon as they can.

If you have trouble facing a particular agent, check out our article on How to Play Against Every Valorant agent.

S-tier Agents


chamber agent profile

[Learn more about Chamber]

Chamber is now the first agent who can match Jett’s playstyle of securing a pick and dashing away. Jett has been meta for so long due to her proficiency on the Operator: even if she misses her shot, she can dash away to safety.

This evasive playstyle which kept her meta for such a long time was not matched by any agent up until now. Chamber will now be arguably just as good on the Operator as her. The way he can instantly vanish after activating his Rendezvous is going to make him an agent to be feared.

His Headhunter and Tour de Force are designed to one-shot enemies and excel at longer ranges. It is predicted that Chamber will be meta on large maps like Breeze, Fracture, and Icebox.

The fact that he can purchase one bullet of a gun that has similar functionality to a Guardian for only 100 credits is quite broken. It means he will always have a relatively strong weapon at his disposal and will rarely have to save.


fade agent square

Fade had a very good start so far and quickly found her place in the ranked meta.

[Learn more about Fade]

She is a very strong Initiator that offers both deadly CC that can be hard to deal with and lots of valuable intel for her team.

So far she is a very strong pick in Ranked games and seems to be fairly popular. We expect Fade to become a very strong agent in professional play as well.


Kayo agent profile pic

KAY/O has been introduced to VALORANT with the intent of shifting the meta for ACT 3. For a single agent to even attempt such a task they must be imbued with a significant amount of power.

[Learn more about Kay/O]

Let’s put his ultimate aside, even without it his kit is exceptionally strong from round to round. His flashes allow him to be a self-sufficient fragger. His FRAG/MENT is able to clear choke-points and pressurize the map.

Last and most importantly, his signature ability ZERO/POINT is a massive information gatherer for the team.

Not to mention its suppressive potential means he can make outlandish plays like disarm Raze and Jett mid ult.


raze agent card

If this was a “Frustrating to Play Against” tier list, Raze would certainly be a top pick.

She excels in chaotic situations so she can have trouble against patient and coordinated play.

However, this also makes her incredibly strong in solo queue where communication can be inconsistent.

[Learn more about Raze]

Her explosives are particularly useful against Sage/Cypher’s abilities since she can destroy their abilities from afar.

Her boombot is strong not only for its damage but also for its ability to pick up information and push in close quarters combat like Haven garage.

She’s a fine pick on most maps but she’s particularly good on Bind since you can send her Boombot and grenades through the teleporters to defend multiple areas, such as helping to defend hookah while being near A Short.

A-tier Agents


breach agent card

The updates that have come with ACT 3 have moulded Breach into a very dynamic Initiator.

Like Skye, he is more self-sufficient now that he can re-equip his gun faster after using his utility.

[Learn more about Breach]

Furthermore, the buff to width of his signature ability means it is much harder for enemies to sidestep his concussion. This ability is much more powerful and difficult to avoid on narrow chokepoints like Split B entrance, Haven C long, Icebox B long.

Lastly, the width buff on his Ultimate allows for close corners to be included and cleared. The ultimate now covers the entirety of sites like A on Ascent and B Heaven on Split. Breach players can now commit onto site more confidently rather than worrying about having to concuss or flash as a combo.


Jett Medium difficulty card

Despite the recent nerfs to her Dash ability, we believe that Jett is still an A-Tier agent and one of the most powerful agents in the game.

[Learn more about Jett]


neon agent profile pic

[Learn more about Neon]

Neon is definitely one of the most fun agents to play in Valorant. She earns some serious style points by sprinting and sliding into battle fearlessly, but the overall strength and reliability of her kit must be questioned.

She is a high-risk, high reward agent; her abilities are best suited to an all-in type of playstyle. In other words, when sliding in and initiating duels she has no form of disengage like Reyna’s Dismiss, Jett’s dash, or even Chamber’s Rendezvous.

Neon excels in isolated 1v1s against agents who have a lack of mobility but overall, her abilities are somewhat lackluster when it comes to breaking down enemy defenses. Unfortunately, she is extremely vulnerable to enemy utility such as slows and other forms of delay like Nanoswarms and Tripwires.

Nevertheless, if she finds the opportunity to freely harness her speed she is hard to track and can be a major threat to enemies. Additionally, if she manages to coordinate her own abilities with those of her teammates it will allow her to play her role as entry fragger with more safety and confidence.

It is safe to say that team cooperation and synergy in ranked is not always on point so Neon may at times fall behind agents that are more self-sufficient like Jett or Reyna, especially in the case of solo queue.


omen agent card

Omen has cemented himself as a solid agent due to his ability to fit into nearly any team comp on any map.

[Learn more about Omen]

His Paranoia has become one of the best non-ultimate engages since there is no way to turn around to avoid its blind.

Lastly, the rechargeability of his smokes is especially useful in long-lasting rounds, especially after the enemy team most likely wasted their util.

Omen’s ability to pick up the spike with his Ultimate has become a very popular way to turn the tables in certain rounds and gave his Ultimate so more use, considering it was seen as the weakest Ultimate in the game.


Phoenix easy difficulty card

With Neon buffed, Phoenix is officially the weakest duelist in the current meta. He is extremely unpopular both in professional and ranked play and just doesn’t offer nearly as much as other duelists with his kit.

[Learn more about Phoenix]

He is the only duelist without any movement ability and doesn’t offer much to make up for having such a major weakness.


skye agent card

Skye is a very strong pick, especially on maps where she can use her utility to the fullest potential such as Bind and Breeze.

[Learn more about Skye]

Her flashes are valuable as they can travel very fluidly across the map and traverse various corners and obstacles. For example flashing over high walls on Icebox, or through and around U-Hall. Moreover, her flashes provide the team with info via her audio callout.

Her Ultimate is also very valuable, providing the team with information about the enemies whereabouts. When paired with her flash and pressure from teammates it may also provide easy kills.


sova agent card

Sova dropped from S to A Tier for the first time since the beginning of our Tier List. For close to 2 years, Sova was considered a very safe and consistent pick offering strong utility to his team which was changed with the recent patches, especially with nerfs to his Owl Drone.

When Valorant first launched, it was clear the Sova would be an agent that scaled with time. This has proven true as players have continually pushed the limits of his arrow lineups.

[Learn more about Sova]

He provides a ton of useful capabilities, such as his drone that can be used to scout/lead pushes onto his site and his recon dart that can reach/scout angles that even Cypher can’t.

He’s become a staple not just in ranked, but also in pro play due to his versatility. If you’re willing to put in the time to practice, definitely give Sova a shot as he has been a staple across the metas.


viper agent card

She is a must pick agent on 3 maps (Breeze, Icebox, Bind).

Viper has received a ton of buffs over time and has been getting more and more play in pro matches.

[Learn more about Viper]

Her postplant potential is very strong since she can prevent the enemy from defusing for a total of 13 seconds if her lineups are utilised correctly. This is more than enough to single-handedly win rounds on attack.

She also has a formidable defensive presence on sites like B on Breeze and splitting Icebox with her wall on A.

B-tier Agents


Astra Mobalytics Valorant agent card

[Learn more about Astra]

Astra’s utility and Ultimate are very strong. Her suck ability can completely delay enemy pushes and or make for coordinated attacks.

Her smokes are rechargeable and can even be faked out and saved for later, therefore she outclasses other Controllers like Brimstone who lack the ability to continuously re-smoke.

She will reward players who love to play Valorant like a chess game, understanding macro plays and being able to predict the flow of the game.

However, she is one of the hardest agents to pilot because of this. Therefore she tends to have a higher pick rate in High elo/pro play.


brimstone agent card

Although he has received some sweet buffs for his Ultimate and his Stim Beacon, which was always considered one of the worst abilities in the game, Brimstone still can’t seem to keep up with Controllers like Viper and Omen, who are currently offering much more flexibility with their kits.

He is considered a must pick on Bind and Fracture but lacks severely on all other maps.

[Learn more about Brimstone]


cypher agent card

Cypher is one of the weakest agents in VALORANT and especially with the release of Chamber, he has consistently been falling off both in Ranked and pro play.

[Learn more about Cypher]

His kit offers unique strengths such as being able to solo hold a site with his gadgets while influencing other parts of the map with his Spycam.

On both sides of the map, his trips can go a long way to shut down enemy flankers and lurkers, giving his team a lot of safety and confidence that they don’t have to worry about their back.


Killjoy Easy difficulty card

Killjoy is a very dynamic agent, being more viable than Cypher but still far off from Sentinels such as Chamber and Sage.

[Learn more about Killjoy]

Her Ultimate is seriously influential in the outcome of rounds when positioned right on maps like Haven A and Split B. It can mean a free retake or a free bomb plant at times.


Reyna Medium difficulty card

Reyna  is one of the most picked agents in ranked but doesn’t see much use in professional play due to her kit being very self-centered and not offering much in terms of teamplay.

[Learn more about Reyna]


sage agent card

Her wall and slow orbs are some of the best forms of utility you can use to slow opponents from rushing site. Her defensive presence is strong but may be easy to work around for coordinated teams.

[Learn more about Sage]

She is not as capable at gathering information as Cypher/Killjoy however her Ultimate is debatably one of the best in the game.

Her strongest maps are like Fracture and Icebox, which are also maps where she is being picked in pro play.


Yoru Agent page portal

Although his rework and the recent buffs have made Yoru much more viable, he still doesn’t seem to have found his right spot in the meta, both in Ranked and professional play.

[Learn more about Yoru]

Best Valorant Team Comps by Map

  • Ascent
    • Jett, Omen, KAY/O, Fade, Chamber
  • Bind
    • Raze, Brimstone, Viper, Skye, Chamber
  • Breeze
    • Jett, Viper, KAY/O, Sova, Chamber
  • Fracture
    • Neon, Omen, Breach, KAY/O, Chamber
  • Haven
    • Jett, Omen, Breach, Sova, Killjoy
  • Icebox
    • Sage, Viper, KAY/O, Sova, Chamber
  • Pearl
    • Jett, Viper, KAY/O, Fade, Chamber

These are some powerful team comps that we recommend for each of the Valorant maps.

Here are some additional options that you can interchange based on your agent pool.

Just make sure to build wisely, so if you’re replacing Omen, you’ll may want a Brimstone and so forth.

Format and Methodology

Tier Ratings

Overall, the criteria for S/A/B are as follows:

  • S-tier agents are optimal for the current meta. They can fit into any team comp and are expected to be in almost every team comp for almost every map.
  • A-tier agents are very good but aren’t as consistent as S-tier. They can fit into most team comps and perform well on most maps but there are some exceptions where other choices may be better.
  • B-tier agents are underpowered compared to their peers, are inconsistent due to feast/famine tendency, or depend on certain maps/team comps in order to succeed.

Agent Difficulties

These ratings are more suited for newer players (Iron, Bronze, and Silver) and relate to how much time and experience you need to be useful to your team compared to other agents.

Here are examples for each:

Brimstone (Easy)

Brimstone is an ideal agent for beginners with abilities that are very straightforward and easy to understand.

They can all be safely used from behind cover and are useful even when you’re playing from behind.

Cypher (Average)

Cypher’s abilities require you to have additional macro understanding compared to Brimstone.

You need to understand where to place your gadgets, how to balance between switching back and forth to your camera, and how to use your gadgets in combination with each other.

Defending can be more forgiving for a beginner, but on offense, you need to learn how to lurk and where flankers are likely to come from to make your Trapwires useful.

His ultimate is also harder to activate compared to Brimstone.

Sova (Hard)

To be an effective Sova player, you need to spend time in custom games to practice your ability lineups with your arrows.

If you don’t it can be incredibly easy to whiff your Shock Darts and your Recons may land in areas that provide no value.

Because of the amount of time commitment he requires and due to how easy it is to mess up his abilities, he is quite hard for beginners to pick up compared to other agents.

As always, we welcome all discussion and feedback so please leave any comments/questions below! Be sure to check out our Valorant site to find the best character ability lineups for every map.