Lost Ark Tier List

While every Lost Ark class is viable, depending on the meta and the in-game activity you're going for, such as Legion Raids or Abyssal Dungeons, some classes might be stronger than others.

For PvE activities, the best classes in Lost Ark as of now are Paladin, Artillerist, Artist, Arcanist, Bard, Sorceress, Summoner, and Deathblade, while the strongest PvP classes now are Paladin, Gunslinger, Deathblade and Shadownhunter. These classes shine in the current meta and you can't miss by playing them.
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Martial Artist

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Our tier list is curated by the following experts:


Classes are placed in each tier based on a number of factors:

Class Difficulty

Think skill floor and skill ceiling. How hard is the class to be effective with and how hard is it to master?

Class Versatility

How much can the class do? Is it easily replaceable? Is it always useful or sometimes? Do other classes do the same role and bring more?

Overall Power Level

If it actually is the case that the class is just so much stronger than others, this will be noted. Current Lost Ark is pretty well balanced from our understanding, but it could be the case that future patches may change depending on the content that needs to be tackled.

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