Glaivier Overview


Glaivier is a stance swapping class with an Identity gauge. Their Flurry stance has some damage, utility, and their party synergy so it’s well-rounded.

Their Focus stance contains their hardest hitting damage skills. If you switch stances, you consume your identity gauge to gain a buff that is stronger the more gauge you have when you swap.

Both of Glaivier’s class engravings are viable. Her Pinnacle class engraving makes the buffs she gets from swapping stances even stronger while her Control Class Engraving disables the Focus stance entirely and gives her Flurry skills a damage increase.

Overall, Glaivier has a lot of flexibility in the way you can play her which is great for players who want to feel unique and express themselves creatively.

So if you’re looking for a class that has style and rewards mechanical skill then Glaivier is for you. If not, you might be interested in the other Martial Artists: Scrapper, Soulfist, Striker, or Wardancer.

Class mechanics

Glaivier’s identity is similar to Gunslinger and Deadeye. She can switch between her Flurry (blue) and Focus (red) stance. Her Flurry stance contains the bulk of her skills and focuses on consistent damage as well as some utility with her mobility, counter, and party synergy skills.

On the other hand, her Focus stance contains her hardest hitting skills as well as her parry mechanic that allows her to be invulnerable for a short period of time. Her parry allows her to express skill by completely dodging and avoiding otherwise lethal attacks.

What makes her identity different from Gunslinger and Deadeye is that she also has a meter that fills up passively and through successful attacks. When she swaps stances, she spends her meter to gain a buff that gets stronger the more you spend on it. Switching from Flurry to Focus she gains:

  • Crit Damage
  • Movement Speed
  • Bonus Damage

Switching from Focus to Slurry she gains:

  • Crit Rate
  • Attack Speed
  • Damage

Class overview

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Very high damage
  • Mobile class
  • Best class in equalized content


Class playstyle

Glaivier’s play pattern in PvE revolves around staying in one stance long enough to fill up your meter then switching over to your next stance.

Ideally, you want to maintain the buffs from stance swapping as much as possible. This rewards players heavily for being accurate and not missing their Glaivier skills.


Glaivier is an aggressive melee class in PvP whose strengths lie in her high damage, mobility, and push immunity. Her combos are quick and have big AoEs as well as her ability to close the distance. This combination allows her to catch players off guard and score kills easily.

Similar to Deathblade, this is a perfect class for players that prefer being the first ones to make a move and style on people while doing it.

Core abilities

Half Moon SlashRaging Dragon SlashWheel of BladesShackling Blue DragonDragonscale DefenseRed Dragon's HornYeon-Style Spear Technique: Spear MeteorYeon-Style Spear Technique: Storming Red Dragon

Half Moon Slash

Drag your spear across the ground while moving forward, inflicting 114 Damage 2 times, followed by a diagonal upward slash that inflicts 196 and 229 Damage. Hit foes are launched in the air.