Soulfist Overview


The basic playstyle of the Soulfist is to release all your damage during your Hype mode windows. You also want to position yourself in a somewhat safer space between ranged and melee classes to always ensure the right range for your skills. Being in this sort of middle ground allows you to have a very flexible playstyle.

The most important thing you need to worry about though, is your Awakening as it’s the main source of DPS that has a reeeally slow casting animation, so you kind of need to predict your target’s position before letting it loose.

Using your other skills will consume energy that depending on your class engraving, you either want to keep under 30% meter all the time or need to be careful to not use it up completely because if you use too many skills at the same time and the energy meter runs out, you’ll get punished with not being able to use any abilities until it fills up again.

However, as long as you keep an eye on the bar, it should be easily manageable as you can fill it back up immediately by entering the next Hype-stage.

So if you are looking for a flashy, fast-paced class with decent AoE, good party buffs and most importantly the strongest single target damage in the game, then the Soulfist is for you.

Class mechanics

Soulfist, just like other Martial Artists, is a burst oriented class. Your aim is to buff yourself up to your final Hype mode level 3 and then release your high damage all at once during that phase. That requires some pre-planning as you HAVE to make sure to land all your skills.

In the best case scenario, you start by using 1 or 2 movement or sub / secondary DPS skills at Hype level 1 and then jump into the next Hype mode at level 2.

Stay at this Hype mode until it almost runs out and enter your final Hype level 3. There you want to immediately activate Energy Release as an opener to buff yourself and your teammates with 25% damage reduction and 40% increased damage.

As the window of Hype level 3 doesn’t last very long, you really want to make sure your Awakening is the first active skill you want to use. It’s the hardest hitting and therefore, the most important skill in your kit that takes a looong time to cast.

Always make sure you enter this rotation when you know your target’s mechanics as you won’t be moving when casting, or else you may end up throwing that gigantic dense ball of energy into nothingness.

Class overview

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Mobile class
  • High burst damage
  • Party synergy class


  • Squishy
  • Hard to play


Soulfists have two pretty distinct playstyles and can focus more on a faster and straightforward playstyle with their Energy Overflow build that needs you to constantly use skills so that you make the most out of your damage enhancement when you keep your energy meter low.

You can also focus on your Robust Spirit build that needs you to position more frequently and time your skills better as you’ll often find yourself running around in Hype stage 0, but ultimately lets you deal the highest numbers.

Due to their good buff-kit and somewhat high mobility, you’ll spend most of your time running around, waiting for your cooldowns and Hype meter to reload while grouping up mobs to make sure you use your few burst skills on the biggest mob-group possible.

As a back attacker, you also want to use your mobility to get behind a single target like a Boss and release your harder hitting skills like Merciless Pummel from behind. Since you also want to invest in your Awakening, you’ll make sure to always have enough Awakening stones in your inventory, as you’ll always make use of it the second it runs off of cooldown to defeat single target monsters like bosses or guardians etc.


For PvP, the mid-range nature of the Soulfist wants you to stay mid-ranged. One reason for that is that you’ll have just enough space to poke your enemies with ranged skills like Force Orb, while always being in range for a team or follow up engage, to properly make use of your melee skills as well.

Another reason for you to stay in mid-range is that this way you’ll always apply the synergy buffs to your team as your buff range is limited and having you staying right in the center, between back and frontline is the best spot for that obviously.

Since your damage will all be done in your Hype level burst windows, you want to focus on that by making sure that you activate Hype level 3 if you see a perfect opportunity and you decide to fully engage.

These can be situations as if the enemy team is clustered in one place or an enemy target already used the stand up dash, making it impossible for them to escape from your full out burst combos.

Core abilities

Heavenly SquashFlash StepShadowbreakerForce OrbMerciless PummelEnergy ReleaseDecimation RayWorld Decimation

Heavenly Squash

Drop a massive palm at the target location, inflicting 492 Damage. Damage +30% to foes down on the ground or in the air.