Striker Overview


Striker is the male Martial Arts (counterpart to Wardancer) in Lost Ark that uses back attacks and careful positioning to execute the perfect damage.

It’s an incredibly mobile class even with no swiftness. His versatile skills will give you all the mobility you need to duck in and out of the fight.

Most of the Striker skills are single target skills and his main damage comes from using basic skills to charge his Esoteric orbs that unlocks the usage of 5 spenders you may choose from.

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Class mechanics

Strikers build up their Esoteric orbs by doing damage with normal skills and basic attacks.

While casting an Esoteric skill, it will consume Esoteric orbs, so use your skills wisely and make sure to position yourself correctly before casting, since most skills rely on Back Attack to deal optimal damage.

Class overview

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Powerful burst damage
  • Mobile class


  • Squishy
  • Back-Attack class

Class playstyle

It's a Specialization class with skills that consume Esoteric Orbs that are affected by spec states, which means you will deal more damage if you have higher spec points.


As a Striker, you will usually play carefully and take your time to position at the back of the boss before casting your main Esoteric damage skills.


In PvP, the Striker’s playstyle relies more on moving in and out. With the mobility skills of a Striker, you can constantly jump in and out of melee and avoid deadly attacks while landing your own through CC and knock up chains.

Core abilities

Esoteric Skill: Tiger EmergesEsoteric Skill: Lightning Tiger StrikeMoon Flash KickSweeping KickLightning WhisperUltimate Skill: Nova BlastUltimate Skill: True Heavenly Awakening

Esoteric Skill: Tiger Emerges

Gather Fire energy and advance 4 meters forward, inflicting 119, 119 Damage and performing a upward attack that inflicts 318 Damage 3 times.