Scrapper Overview


The Scrapper is a beginner friendly melee class that relies on heavy gauntlets to throw even heavier punches. She is known for her excellent stagger, counter, destruction, and damage.

On top of that, the class has a unique double dash and several movement abilities, giving it high mobility and the ability to reposition easily. Although not as tanky as a Gunlancer or Destroyer, it's more durable than other melees while outclassing them in speed.

If you want to play an easy to learn class that is fast, hits hard, and gives you a strong sense of satisfaction when you land your blows, you can't go wrong getting up close and personal with the Scrapper.

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Class mechanics

Unlike other classes, her abilities don’t cost mana but are made of two different resources which are Stamina and Shock . Using Stamina abilities will generate Shock Energy, and using Shock abilities will generate Stamina Energy, which is why sometimes you want to focus on maintaining the right balance between the two.

Also unlike other classes, the Scrapper also doesn't have an Identity skill that they can press. This makes their gameplay a super simple build resources and spend resource cycle.

Class overview

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Excellent mobility and high base HP
  • Great counter, stagger, and Destruction
  • High damage output


  • Short attack range
  • Reliant on back attacks
  • Limited party utility and self protection

Class playstyle

Scrappers have a lot of mobility and can get in a lot of damage in a short window of time while dodging boss attacks. Your ultimate goal is to always make perfect use of your resource meter, whether you prefer to throw a lot of punches with no downtime in the build, or you’d rather stick with the classic style of play and go for the build.


Scrappers are all about using resources wisely and timing your moves correctly. Depending on your skill choice, this can be very forgiving so don’t be intimidated.

For AoE, you’ll group up as many mobs as you can before dashing into the center and make use of your best (and coolest) AoE skill in .

For single target raids or any boss fights, the hard hitting Shock abilities like come with great stagger damage as well, You will spend most of your time trying to get behind bosses as a Scrapper.


As a melee without ranged skills, Scrappers always want to close the distance between them and their opponents in PvP combat. That doesn’t mean you should jump right into action but moreso use your high mobility to either grant yourself backline access to pressure enemy damage dealers or to help peel for your teammates.

The built in Super Armor gives the Scrapper enough push immunity as protection from any form of CC while using her abilities for the right engage. Catching people when they are vulnerable and hitting them with your heavy-hitting skill shots is what makes Scrappers fearsome in PVP.

Core abilities

Charging BlowDragon AdventBattering FistsRoundup SweepDeath RattleChain Destruction FistMysterious Art: Blast of RuinationUndefeated Dragon King

Charging Blow

Charge quickly to inflict 50 Damage 3 times, then land a downward attack with your gauntlet, inflicting 64 Damage.