Deathblade Overview


A Deathblade's Identity allows them to enter a powered-up state where they gain extra speed, damage, and reduced cooldowns before delivering a powerful strike with Blade Surge. Depending on the build you choose, you can maintain those buffs indefinitely or sacrifice that to go all-in on your Blade Surge. So if you’re looking for a class that looks badass while cutting through the battlefield, Deathblade is for you.

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Class mechanics

Deathblade's Identity is her Death Orb Meter. You generate Death Orb Meter by landing your abilities on enemies. There are three Death Orbs and once all of your Death Orbs are filled, you can enter Arts mode which gives many buffs like attack speed, movement speed, damage, and cooldown reduction until Arts mode runs out.

While in Arts mode, you can activate your Identity again in order to use Blade Surge. Blade Surge is a single hit that does a massive amount of damage but immediately ends your Arts mode and its buffs.

Class overview


Deathblade is a class that revolves around landing their skills so they can generate their Death Orbs as quickly as possible and enter Death Trance.

They are a high mobility class that utilizes charge skills to deal massive amounts of damage over time with their Remaining Energy build or massive burst with their Surge build.


In PVP, Deathblade is an aggressive melee class that uses its super armor, high damage, crowd control, and mobility to overwhelm their opponents.

It’s important to be decisive with your engages when your cooldowns are up as a Deathblade because of how hard it is to contest their abilities as well as continue her combos through multiple enemies because of her push immunity.

Once you engage as a Deathblade, you can continue your combo or easily disengage with one of your many mobility skills.

It’s important to keep an eye on your cooldowns before engaging because overcommitting without the proper defensive skills to back yourself up will get you caught.

Core abilities

SpincutterDark AxelSoul AbsorberEarth CleaverBlitz RushVoid StrikeFlash BlinkBlade Assault


Spin toward the target location and move 5 meters, inflicting up to 162.7 Damage. This skill can be used up to 2 times in a row.