Artillerist Overview


If you are looking for a class that can do lots of damage through huge burst or consistent damage spam, all while being safe, look no further. Artillerists are easy to pick up and play because of their lack of attack positional requirements, but they are difficult to master so you can find a lot of nuance that may appeal to you.

If Artillerist doesn't sound like your cup of tea, check out our guides for the other Gunners: Deadeye, Gunslinger, or Sharpshooter.

Class mechanics

Artillerists build up their Identity gauge to get their “Firepower Buff” which allows them to deal extra damage. With the help of the“Firepower Enhancement” engraving, the Firepower buff will have extra damage on normal skills.

Class overview

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Powerful due to high burst damage
  • Tanky with 2 immune shields (Turret mode & normal shield).
  • Easy combos


  • One of the slowest classes
  • Delayed damage (sometimes by 3-4 seconds)


You will spend most of your time as an Artillerist tanking mobs and waiting for your main damage to land. When it comes to bosses/guardians, Artillerist should be holding their delayed damage skills until the boss start performing a certain mechanics that lock them into place, allowing you to safely cast your skills.

This makes Artillerist a class that requires good knowledge of bosses mechanics to land all your skills.


In PvP, Artillerist is an easy choice to win against new/average-knowledge players. It’s a perfect backline class in arena and GvG fights. In solo 1v1 fights, Artillerists should wait for the perfect moment to stun their opponent and perform the "deadly combo" that will drain half the opponent’s HP in a few seconds.

The bane of any Artillerist is a good CC class, sticking to you and chasing you, especially Sorcs. By using your shield wisely and coordinating with your team, you can play keep away and continue to be effective with your instacasts.

For those of you who are curious, the Artillerist deadly combo is the following : Gatling gun > space > swing > Homing Barrage > Air Raid > Howitzer > Napalm Shot.

Starting from swing skill, this combo takes 5 seconds to land everything. Swing stun lasts only 3 seconds, while Howitzer & Napalm help keep the target knocked up for extra 2 seconds to land Homing Barrage and Air Raid.

Core abilities

Multiple Rocket LauncherFlamethrowerAir RaidSummon TurretHoming BarrageMissile BarrageHeavy Turret

Multiple Rocket Launcher

Fire 5 missiles in random directions to inflict up to 706.6 Damage.