Gunslinger Overview


Gunslinger is a stylish and flashy class that plays at an adrenaline pumping fast pace. If you like to press a lot of buttons and feel like a badass while doing it then Gunslinger is for you.

They are defined by their versatile damage dealing capabilities that sport flexible range and extremely high mobility at the cost of some of the worst health and defense in the game.

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Class mechanics

Unlike most classes, Gunslingers don't have an Identity meter that they need to fill up. Instead, Gunslingers can switch between 3 weapons:

  • Handguns
    • Has mobility, utility. and decent damage at mid range.
  • Shotgun
    • Highest damage but short range skills.
  • Rifle
    • High damage and long range but long animations.

You can equip 8 handgun skills but shotgun and rifle can only equip 4 skills each. This means Gunslinger has a total of 16 skills that they need to keep track of.

Class overview

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • High Mobility
  • Valuable Class Synergy
  • Consistent Damage
  • Ranged


  • Long Animations
  • Low Defense


Gunslinger uses their handgun skills to debuff the enemy then swap to their shotgun or rifle to cast a few skills and then repeat the process. Timing and position are critical to Gunslingers because their damage skills lock them in place for a decent amount of time.


Gunslingers are fragile in PVP but have a ton of mobility, super armor, and great damaging combos. It’s a very punishing class to start learning but is incredibly rewarding once you put in the work.

You’ll use your engage tools aggressively to catch people with stagger before you combo into your hard disables or use your long range skills to catch enemies and assist teammates.

You need to be most careful as a Gunslinger when you don’t have your roll. You die quickly so without an escape you’re very vulnerable.

Core abilities

Quick StepSpiral TrackerEquilibriumDexterous ShotPeacekeeperBullet RainHigh-Caliber HE BulletEye of Twilight

Quick Step

Slide 6 meters forward and fire the weapon to inflict 155 Damage.