Sharpshooter Overview


This class can be challenging but is very rewarding the better you are at the game and the more mechanical skill you have as a player.

So if you’re looking for a class that rewards you for good mechanical skill and movement as well as having one of the coolest weapon glows in the game then Sharpshooter is for you.

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Class mechanics

Sharpshooters are a bow class that builds up their Identity meter to utilize animal companions to provide various buffs.

Class overview

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Versatile class that can deal burst or constant damage
  • Mobile
  • No positioning needed
  • Invisibility


  • Squishy
  • Lacks utility

Class playstyle

Sharpshooter skills are a variety of arrow attacks with Snipe being their core damage skill that the class revolves around landing. Snipe is a holding skill that can be aimed and needs to be released at the right time to get the damage and this is where the bulk of your damage comes from.


Sharpshooter has to use their close range abilities to build their Identity meter then use their Identity for large buffs so they can use their full rotation.

Sharpshooter builds are flexible as either class engraving are good builds and you can even use them both together. Their engravings revolve around working together with animals to buff themselves, fight, or debuff the enemy.


In PvP, Sharpshooters are a ranged class that uses stealth and their superior range to set up big damage plays before sliding back out to safety.

Due to their stealth, they can threaten backlines in a way that no other class can. This gives them the option of playing as a backline assassin or sit back and safely follow up their frontline with their big damage and follow up CC.

Sharpshooters are a fun and sneaky class in PvP for players that have good awareness, positioning, and mechanics.

Core abilities

Atomic ArrowMoving SlashBlade StormClaymore MineSalvoSnipeFenrir's MessengerGolden Eye

Atomic Arrow

Aim your bow and shoot an explosive arrow that inflicts 35 Damage on hit, then explodes after 2s, knocking foes down for264 Damage.