Destroyer Overview


Destroyers are well known for being able to do a ton of damage, weak point (Destruction), and a lot of stagger which are all crucial in Legion Raids. They have great defense through the use of which is a boss taunt coupled with a massive Damage Reduction, as well as regular access to shields which allow them to trade blows with the boss.

If you are looking for a class that can do lots of damage through huge bursts while being in the front of the boss and in the middle of the action, look no further. Destroyer seems easy to play, but in fact, requires a decent amount of practice to master and inflict maximum damage. This is because all of the main damage skills like are frontal charge attacks and require precise positioning and timing to be effective.

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Class mechanics

Destroyers create Gravity Cores by doing damage with their Concentration Skills (Blue) like . They then build up their Gravity Gauge by expending Gravity Cores to make their Gravity Release Skills (Purple) like more powerful.

When the Gravity Gauge is full, you can press Z to enter the Hypergravity Mode, better known as Bonkbonk Time or Smashing Mode, which grants the Destroyer a massive shield as well as immunity to CC. In this mode, you can’t use skills, only auto-attacks, but in exchange, you swing very fast, doing massive damage and stagger.

Class overview

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Individual attacks are powerful
  • Shields and damage reduction make him tanky
  • Highest stagger and destruction damage in the game
  • Has a taunt to support allies


  • Slow with limited mobility
  • Reliant on frontal attack positioning
  • Missing attacks severely punishes your damage

Class playstyle

You will be in the enemy's face often and rely on powerful long cooldown attacks to do your damage, but you will also need timing and an understanding of boss's patterns to do well.

Many of the Destroyer's hard-hitting Purple Skills like have an AoE component and can wipe out hordes in a single cast. They also function as the primary single target damage skills.

A common theme is that most major damage skills have charge times, although you can often spec to remove the charge time for a slightly weaker output. Most of the Destroyer's Purple Skills have Destruction (weak point) attached to them and are the source of the top tier stagger the class has.


You will spend most of your time as a Destroyer using Blue Skills to generate Gravity Cores and waiting for windows to cast your Purple Skills, depending on which playstyle and skills you choose. Landing your hardest-hitting attacks like and is incredibly satisfying.

You will also pay attention to your positioning to set yourself in the front of the boss to inflict maximum damage. You will taunt the boss with to interrupt their biggest moves, but don’t lose sight of the main reason you are in the group – to do tons of damage!


In PvP, Destroyers focus on using Blue Skills to generate Gravity Cores and CC their enemies. They then choose the right time to use the Purple Skills, usually while the enemy is CC'ed or on the ground, to inflict high damage. When facing multiple opponents engaging on you and your team, you can use the Z mode which gives a big shield and slows everyone around you down. This is a great opportunity for your teammates to cast their skills.

The bane of any Destroyer is good ranged, keeping a distance from you and casting their skills from afar, especially a well-played Sorceress. By using your Z mode wisely and coordinating with your team, you can play in the front lines and continue to be effective with your skills.

Core abilities

Endure PainFull SwingEarth EaterPerfect SwingSeismic HammerBig BangTerra Break

Endure Pain

Let out a roar, inflicting 485 Damage to foes within a 6 meter range. Upon using the skill, gain a buff that makes you immune to Pushes and incoming Damage --15.0% for 5.0s. On hit, obtain 3 Gravity Cores.