Berserker Overview


Berserkers are one of the most beginner-friendly classes in Lost Ark but that doesn’t mean they aren’t able to show skill with end game builds later. Although they don’t have access to party buffs like some other classes, one of the biggest draws is how durable they are as melee damage dealers. In general, you’ll have access to good stagger abilities and AoE that can crush whole groups of enemies, plus two distinct play styles with your class engravings.

If you’re looking to play a high-damage melee class that is durable, then the Berserker is the class for you.

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Class mechanics

Berserker is all about transforming to Berserk mode. Basically, you have an Identity bar to fill up and press Z to transform or use Mayhem. Transformation allows players to have access to one extra skill and to deal more damage.

Class overview

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Powerful burst damage
  • Decent mobility
  • Easy combos
  • Easy to play


  • Hard to master
  • Max damage needs back-attack positioning

Class playstyle

There are two ways to play this class:

  1. Mayhem: Transform into Berserk mode all the time.
  2. Berserker Technique: Build up your Berserk gauge to have the ultimate transform for a while, then fade before going back to normal.


Berserkers can deal excellent burst or sustained damage depending on which build you decide to play.

Like other classes, you will build up a Berserk gauge that will allow you to go into Burst Mode. This raises your movement speed, attack speed, and crit chance which makes you much more powerful. When the mode ends, you’ll have an Exhaustion debuff for 30 seconds where you cannot generate Fury, much like the Shadowhunter does.

If you want to play around your Burst Mode, concentrate on building up Fury as quickly as possible and having a huge payout when you do with all the bonus stats and damage you gain.

If you want to live life on the edge, you can decide to use your Mayhem engraving and enter and exit Burst Mode whenever you like. The price is having to play with a maximum health penalty (-75% of total HP) making that durable Berserker feel a little less safe.


In PvP, Berserkers are still tanky damage dealers but they are known to have long cooldowns and mana issues.

You do have good mobility and damage so your playstyle revolves more around catching enemies with extremely heavy-hitting damage.

Most combos, you’ll play follow the same pattern: engaging with a dash and a stun, followed by insane damage while they’re caught out

While you are more durable, you have to be more deliberate since if you don’t have the cooldowns or mana to follow up, you’ll land yourself in a lot of trouble.

Core abilities

Finish StrikeTempest SlashHell BladeStrike WaveRed DustSword StormBerserk FuryChain of Vengeance

Finish Strike

Thrust your greatsword down, inflicting 654 Damage.