Reaper Overview


is a melee dps class that can choose between a sustained damage or a burst oriented playstyle depending on their choice of class engraving. They need to stay behind the boss for back attacks, and can either continuously deal damage, or turn invisible in preparation for a powerful attack.

It is very difficult to play, yet very rewarding to succeed.

If you like the playstyle, but prefer a tankier class and the choice for a more targeted burst, you might be interested in .

If you enjoy transformation assassin classes, you might be interested in


Class mechanics

has two identity bars - a green gauge, and a red gauge which can be filled one after the other.

Both of these bars can be filled by landing green or purple skills.

Persona Mode, can be activated once the green gauge is filled:

  • You become invisible and untargetable
    • Can be canceled by most actions except clicking to move.
  • A controllable clone is summoned that automatically attack the nearest foe
    • Can take aggro
  • You receive the following buffs in this mode
    • +30% movement speed
    • +25% damage increase on your next red skill
      • Stacks up to 5 times depending on stealth duration

Chaos Mode, automatically activates once red gauge is filled:

  • You receive the following buffs with a duration of 8 seconds unless refreshed.
    • +15% crit rate
    • +10% atk. and mov. speed
  • Buffs refreshed by casting any purple skill, or landing any green skill.
Class Engravings

automatically fills your red skill damage increase in Persona Mode.

increases the amount of red gauge filled and increases atk. power when in Chaos Mode.

Class overview

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • High mobility
  • Good counter
  • Doesn't use resources


  • Low defense
  • Positional damage
  • Hard to play


Depending on your choice of class engraving, you will either deal sustained damage or burst:
  • focuses on getting into Persona Mode, and using a red skill while stealthed for the extra damage buff.
  • revolves around maintaining Chaos Mode and using all your skills to deal constant damage.
Class Traits
is a very squishy class, with the second lowest defense coefficient after , that positions itself behind the boss to get the buffs from back attacks.

To aid this,

has some of the best mobility in the game, with skills such as and .


is a melee class in PvP that thrives in 1v1 and reaction-based situations where they become unpredictable.

It is a squishy class that generally positions itself in the backline to avoid getting hit, and tries to pick off the enemy - utilising their high mobility, invisibility and fast paced combos.

It has good stagger and push immunity so they can comfortably land their combos.

Core abilities

NightmareDistortionRage SpearDance of FuryLunar Eclipse: CadenzaSolar Eclipse: Requiem


Throw a dagger at the target location to inflict 364 Damage. Use the skill again and teleport behind the hit target if there is no obstacle between you and the foe. Move Speed +10% for 2s after teleportation.