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Lost Ark Classes Overview: Beginner Breakdown

Lost Ark Beginner’s Guide: Classes

In Lost Ark, players are able to choose from a wide variety of classes with the usual variety ranging from melee to ranged and tanky to supportive with everything in between.

If you have trouble choosing, don’t worry, the game is designed to welcome having a Roster of characters that share various currencies and items.

Over time, they are even welcoming new classes to the game for you to try that offer new playstyle possibilities.

Here’s a list of all advanced classes, organized by the main category. Let’s figure out which Lost Ark class is ideal for you!

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Lost Ark Class Flowchart


Berserker: Damage

The Berserker class is an awesome option if you want to play as a simple melee damage dealer with a big greatsword. He’s a little slow, but once he gets into a frenzy, he can deliver some of the most deadly hits in the game. By assaulting opponents, Berserkers’ attack damage grows with Strength, just like the other Warrior subclasses, but they sacrifice defense for offense. Berserkers are distinguished from the other two kinds of Warriors by their increased mobility and back strikes.

Paladin: Damage, Support

In Lost Ark, the Paladin is one of only two support-oriented classes. He makes up for his lack of attack power with attack boosts and healing abilities. Paladins use their ancient force in both offensive and defensive moves they can back their squad from behind with holy skills and boosts from the holy book, or they can wield a sword and bring punishing talents to bear on the frontline. To make it easy for you yellow skills are supportive and blue ones are attack speed.

Gunlancer: Tank, Damage

Look no further than the Gunlancer class if you’re seeking the closest approximation to a conventional tank. Despite his limited attack power and mobility, the Gunlancer has a big area-of-effect, the ability to shield himself and the team, and the ability to adversaries. He can also use a meat hook to entice his opponents closer to him (a nice solution for those mobility issues). All of this adds up to him being one of the greatest classes in Travelers of the Lost Ark.

Martial Artist

Striker & Wardancer: Damage

Except for their gender, both of them are very similar. Both classes are fast streetfighter-style fighters with light gauntlets. They also have the same special ability, the ‘Esoteric Meter,’ which allows them to unlock more powerful powers. If you’re still undecided, consider the following distinctions before making your final decision: While the Wardancer is extremely quick and has a few support buffs, the Striker has a bigger area-of-effect radius and deals somewhat more damage.

Scrapper: Tank, Damage

If you’re searching for a more durable and perhaps easier Martial Artist class, the Scrapper is a good option. The dual-energy system can be a little confusing at times (using either the Stamina or Shock abilities boosts the other meter), but this is more of a planning issue. The Scrapper is a great all-around melee class if you’ve sorted out a solid skill order. Just remember that when we say melee,’ we truly mean melee. Keep a tight eye on your foes.

Soulfist: Damage

If you’re not confident about the other Martial Artist classes’ limited range, choose Soulfist instead. If you don’t want to specialize, this one contains a little bit of everything. If you like obliterating things with colorful light beams, it’s also a good pick. But here’s the thing: because of its tremendously damaging ‘spirit bomb,’ this class is both loved and despised. Because the ability, takes a long time to charge, and if you hit (ideally as a critical hit), it’s the game’s one of the most damaging attacks.


Gunslinger & Deadeye: Damage

High damage and mobility are the hallmarks of the Gunslinger and Deadeye classes. Apart from gender, the only difference between the two is that the Deadeye deals somewhat more damage while the Gunslinger is more evasive. However, if you talk about these classes with other Ark: Survival Evolved players, you’ll definitely hear the term “glass cannon” a lot. In the correct hands, the Deadeye and Gunslinger are truly devastating. If you’re new to Lost Ark, it’s advised to avoid them unless you’re searching for a challenge.

Artillerist: Damage

The Artillerist class is ideal for those who enjoy big flamethrowers and rocket launchers. Yes, it’s slow compared to its gun-wielding peers, but wiping a group of adversaries off the map with a well-timed blast can be incredibly satisfying. On the other hand, missing is aggravating. Although the Artillerist isn’t a good choice for novice players because of this, keep its distinct playstyle in mind for your alternate characters.

Sharpshooter: Damage

A Silverhawk familiar can be summoned by the Sharpshooter to assist you in combat. If it isn’t enough to convince you, this Gunner type is also a good choice if you prefer the conventional ranger class. The Sharpshooter is a versatile character with excellent attack power and a large number of arrows. In all honesty, the bird isn’t the finest sidekick ever (it primarily causes damage over time), but the Gunner class in Lost Ark is amazingly enjoyable, if not the easiest.


Bard: Damage, Support

The Bard is a true master of support and is frequently regarded as one of the greatest classes in Lost Ark. She has the ability to heal, shield, buff, and weaken the adversary while also healing, shielding, and buffing the team. If you value aesthetics, have a look at Bard’s musical abilities as well. What’s not to enjoy about this? Her attack power isn’t great, but you’ll always be able to locate a companion if you need one.

Sorceress: Damage

If you think Bard’s abilities are impressive, wait till you see the Sorceress. Her meteor showers and lightning strikes are likely to appeal to visual effects fans. Apart from that, this is an extremely effective ranged damage dealer. However, it is not the ideal choice for beginner players, as the Sorceress is easily overpowered, especially because she only has one ability with a cooldown of fewer than ten seconds.


Shadowhunter: Damage

Shadows, slick fighter, and double blade weapons, with monstrous abilities and utilities, Shadowhunter is one of the classes and most favorable in the game, focus on both melee and ranged physical damage. overall, there are a few notable aspects that make it worth considering. The first is the base 12 percent damage bonus, which, along with the Berserker class, is the greatest in the game, providing good levels of basic output for each ability. The second is the power to transform into a demonic form, which boosts attack speed and overall health for a specific period of time

Deathblade: Damage

Let’s start with some (possibly) bad news: none of the current classes are typical assassin classes in my opinion in comparison to WoW’s rogue with invisibility and teleportation abilities. Instead, you get an edgy-looking sword fighter with a lot of mobility, a lot of attacks, and a decent range. The Deathblade is an excellent class for many types of players, including those who are new to the game. The defense is good enough to avoid the dreaded ‘glass canon’ label, but you must be willing to drop in and out of combat.

Closing Thoughts

Finally, we suggest that you try out as many classes as you can to find out your playstyle also your favorite, however, each of these classes has its unique set of features and gameplay styles, so make sure you pick the one that best suits you before entering the land of Arkesia.

Thank you for reading, let us know which class is your favorite and how you are liking the game so far in the comments below.

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