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Lost Ark Terminology, Phrases, and Slang (Continually Updated)

Welcome to our terminology guide with terms, phrases, and slang.

This will be constantly updated so check back often

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Adventurer’s Tome

  • The Adventurer’s Tome allows you to earn rewards by doing activities such as collecting Mokoko Seeds, viewing Vistas, and exploring new areas
  • Rewards include Potions, Cards, and Phoenix Plumes


  • A mechanic that allows you to travel to saved points on the map.
  • All players can have up to one Bifrost saved but you can unlock more with Crystalline Aura (subscription) or Ignea Tokens (unlocked by getting 100% completion in an area).

Battle Item

  • Consumables that are used for combat purposes, such as Bombs, and Potions.

Cards / Card Catalogue

  • As you adventure throughout Lost Ark, you’ll accumulate cards in various ways, such as from quests or buying them from Wandering merchants.
  • By using certain combinations of cards, you can give your character buffs and bonuses such as defensive protections and increased damage output


  • One of the four virtues used in NPC interactions and the Rapport system along with Kindness, Wisdom, and Courage.

Chaos Dungeons

  • 4-player PvE end game content that provides rewards like Disorder Crystals and Perception Shards.
  • Limited to two runs per day
  • Consists of fighting three stages of hordes until a timer runs out

Combat XP

  • Your experience and level of the current character you’re playing as


  • One of the four virtues used in NPC interactions and the Rapport system along with Charisma, Kindness, and Wisdom.


  • A combat stat that determines how often you inflict critical attacks


  • Blue crystals can be obtained in-game but are very rare. You can trade for it with gold at an auction house
  • Royal crystals can only be obtained with real money and are primarily used to get cosmetics

Crystalline Aura

  • Crystalline Aura offers a wide range of benefits that are activated by Lost Ark’s paid optional subscription model
  • Benefits include free Trifort travel, two Bifrost slots, and reduced Stronghold cooldowns


  • The stat for Fighters and Snipers that represents damage dealt

Disorder Crystals

  • A currency rewarded from completing Chaos Dungeons.
  • They can be used at certain vendors to trade for things like Harmony Shards, Engraving Books, and Jewelry.


  • A combat stat that increases the amount of damage you deal to targets that are disabled or impaired with effects like Stagger or Push.


  • A defensive combat stat that represents how much additional damage a character can take by increasing your physical and magical defenses.
  • Also affects the effectiveness of heals and shields


  • A system that is unlocked at the end of the main storyline that allows you to augment your character’s damage, utility, and playstyle.
  • Engravings earned from tomes are roster wide, and every class has 2 class-specific engravings that can radically alter its playstyle.


  • A combat stat that increase the duration your of status effects against enemies and reduces the duration of effects cast by enemies upon you


  • Currency that is shared between your characters that is usually used at the Auction House
  • Gold can be converted to Blue Crystals and is earned through quests, raids, and other means

Guardian Raids

  • Very similar to the game Monster Hunter’s core mechanics, this end game consists of 4 players having to find and kill a boss within a time limit
  • Includes restrictions on revives and Consumables
  • Limited to two runs a day
  • Rewards include gear, cards, and recipes


  • A 30 player collective that offers its own perks like a chat, research tasks, and Guild Shop.
  • See our upcoming Guild guide for more details


  • The stat for Mages that represents damage dealt


  • One of the four virtues used in NPC interactions and the Rapport system along with Charisma, Courage, and Wisdom.


  • Vendors that appear in town and other places throughout the map that offer a wide variety of purchasable items
  • Some merchants only appear for a limited time, such as the ones that visit your Stronghold or others that randomly spawn in a zone

Mokoko seed

  • Collectibles that you’ll find hidden throughout cities, dungeons, and other map areas that contribute to unlockable rewards
    • The funnest part of Lost Ark they say!

Pet / Pet Functions

  • Pets are cosmetic/collectibles that offer a wide range of benefits such as deploying them on Stronghold missions, providing buffs to your character, and picking up loot.
  • If you’re a subscriber, they have additional benefits like giving you remote access to the Action House/mail, providing additional storage slots , and repairing your gear in dungeons!

Perception Shards

  • A type of resource obtained by progressing through Lost Ark’s Chaos Dungeons and Chaos Gates.
  • They can be certain vendors to trade for things like Jewelry, Stone Fragments, and Engraving Books.

Phoenix Plume

  • A rare consumable item that allows you to instantly resurrect your character where you died


  • A roster-bound currency that’s used to buy weapons/armor at the Auction House
  • You can obtain it from the in-game shop using Royal Crystals


  • After finishing the main quest, a Power Pass is unlocked that allows you to automatically level another character on your roster to level 50.
  • A second Power Pass will be sent to your mail after using the first
  • Keep in mind that each account is limited to a max of two, so use Power Passes wisely


  • A reputation system that allows you to unlock special rewards from specific NPCs by giving them gifts and completing side quests

Roster / Roster XP

  • Roster refers to your collection of characters on an individual server.
  • Roster XP refers to your overall Roster level which is contributed to by your individual character levels for that roster.

Sheet Music

  • Sheet Music songs provide unlockable abilities that players can cast regardless of their class.
  • Abilities usually offer utility related to traveling faster and teleporting between locations
  • Songs are obtained by questing and generally progressing through the game


  • The most common and easiest currency to obtain in Lost Ark.
  • You receive it for doing quests and unlocking daily rewards/new player rewards
  • Silver is used to purchasing items from vendors, fast travel, using Stronghold functions, and many other things


  • The stat for Warriors and Martial Artists that represents damage dealt


  • Your character’s home base that you are given while proceeding through the main quest.
  • It has many functions such as crafting items, sending crews on missions, and researching developments.


  • This combat stat represents your movement speed, attack speed, and cooldown reduction

Trade Skill

  • Trade Skills are gathering/collection side jobs that allow you to acquire materials and resources.
    • They include
      • Excavating
      • Hunting
      • Fishing
      • Foraging
      • Logging
      • Mining


  • Refers to the three-tiered skill tree that unlocks buffs and other augments for your abilities.
  • Skill points are unlocked as you level up your character
  • As you add skill points to an ability, the cost will increase as you unlock higher tiers
    • Tripod tier 1 = 4 skill points
    • Tripod tier 2 = 20 skill points
    • Tripod tier 3 = 48 skill points


  • The combat stat that increases your character’s max health


  • Vistas are interactive areas that allow you to soak in a view of a location.
  • Viewing a vista contributes to competing your Adventurer’s Tome


  • One of the four virtues used in NPC interactions and the Rapport system…
  • Charisma, Kindness, Wisdom, Courage

Work Energy

  • Your character’s resource that determines how many trade skill tasks they can do before they are fatigued
  • Work Energy replenishes at a rate of 30 per every 10 minutes – 33 if you have Crystalline Aura.
  • It takes 2 full days to recover Work Energy after it’s fully depleted

World Tree Leaves

  • Collectibles that are obtained by advancing your Trade Skills.
  • Acquiring them unlocks rewards such as Trade Skill Potions and Transformations.

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