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All Zenless Zone Zero Characters

In this article, we’ll go over and list every character in Zenless Zone Zero and how to obtain them. You’ll obtain a majority of them through the Gacha system, but you can obtain some through events as well.

To see how characters fare in game, you can refer to our ZZZ Tier List to see the best agents.

In ZZZ, characters are called Agents, with each having an Attribute and Fighting Style. Here’s a quick rundown:


  • Fire
  • Electric
  • Ice
  • Physical
  • Ether

Fighting Styles

  • Attack
  • Stun
  • Anomaly
  • Support
  • Defense

Characters are broken down into 2 rarities: A Rank and S Rank. As the name suggests, S Rank are more difficult to obtain from the gacha system.

Wise & Belle

Wise & Belle are the main characters/the character you play as in the story. You can pick to play as either Wise or Belle, and the other will accompany you as a side character.

Note that in gameplay/fights, you can’t play as Wise/Belle, you will play as the Agents you recruit.

Zenless Zone Zero MC Wise & Belle

Free Characters

These will be the three characters given to you when you start the game. You can pull additional copies of them in banners.

Anby (A-Rank)

Agent_Anby_Demara[See Anby guide]

Billy (A-Rank)

Agent_Billy_Kid[See Billy Kid guide]

Nicole (A-Rank)

Agent_Nicole_Demara Archives

[See Nicole guide]

Stable Channel Characters (Standard)

These will be the standard characters available upon release. New A Rank characters will be added to the standard pool, but limited S Rank characters will not.

Corin (A-Rank)


[See Corin guide]

Anton (A-Rank)


[See Anton guide]

Ben (A-Rank)


[See Ben guide]

Soukaku (A-Rank)


[See Soukaku guide]

Lucy (A-Rank)

Zenless Zone Zero Lucy Agent Record

[See Lucy guide]

Piper (A-Rank)

Piper Agent Record

[See Piper guide]

Nekomiya (S-Rank)

Agent_Nekomiya_Mana Archives[See Nekomata guide]

Koleda (S-Rank)


Soldier 11 (S-Rank)

Agent_Soldier_11 Archives

[See Soldier 11 guide]

Lycaon (S-Rank)


[See Lycaon guide]

Grace (S-Rank)


[See Grace guide]

Rina (S-Rank)


[See Rina guide]

Limited Characters

These three characters have been announced, and likely will be limited characters from the Gacha system. This means you’ll only be able to obtain them when their banner is active. Once it passes, you’ll need to wait for a rerun which can take months to happen.

Note: If an A Rank character releases on a Limited Banner, they will join the Standard Banner afterward. Only S Rank Agents will be time limited to their banners.

Ellen (S-Rank)


[See Ellen guide]

Miyabi (TBD)


[See Miyabi guide]

Zhu Yuan (S-Rank)

Zhu Yuan Raffle

[See Zhu Yuan guide]

Qingyi (TBD)

[See Qingyi guide]

Seth (TBD)

Zenless Zone Zero Seth Basic Feature

[See Seth guide]

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