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Zenless Zone Zero Lycaon Guide – Skills, Builds, Teams, & More

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Zenless Zone Zero Von Lycaon Overview

Welcome to our Zenless Zone Zero Lycaon guide, where we cover everything you need to know about his skills, builds, teams, and more.

Lycaon is an S-Rank Agent from the Victoria Housekeeping Company Faction, with the Ice Attribute and Stun Fighting Style. He is a “Standard” S-Rank Agent, meaning you can obtain him from the Stable Channel or Exclusive Channel Banners. For more info, check out our Gacha System Guide.

In the current Zenless Zone Zero meta, Stun Agents are extremely important to team building. The later stages often require fighting a boss, and stunning enemies with the Daze mechanic provides a giant boost to your team’s damage output.

In Version 1.0, we only have three Stun Agents, and Lycaon stands out as the best of the three. His kit inflicts a lot of Daze, and his core Passive/Additional Ability further buff up your team’s damage, making him the best Stun Agent at the moment.


Lycaon Portrait S


Zenless Zone Zero Victoria Housekeeping Logo

Victoria Housekeeping

S Rank Zenless Zone Zero

S Rank


Zenless Zone Zero Stun Fighting Style


Zenless Zone Zero Lycaon Skills

Basic Attack Zenless Zone Zero Basic Attack Button

Basic Attack: Moon Hunter

Press Basic Attack to activate. Unleashes up to 5 strikes in front, dealing Physical DMG. Hold down Basic Attack to charge up, increasing the power of the attack and dealing Ice DMG.

Dodge Zenless Zone Zero Dodge Button

Dodge: Suitable Positioning

Press Dodge to dodge. A rapid dodge. Character is invulnerable while using this skill.

Dash Attack: Keep it Clean

Press Basic Attack during a dodge to activate. Slide forwards, launching a series of strikes in front, dealing Physical DMG.

Dodge Counter: Etiquette Manual

Press Basic Attack during a Perfect Dodge to activate. Strikes enemies in front, dealing Ice DMG. Character is invulnerable while using this skill.

Assist Assist

Quick Assist: Wolf Pack

When the on-field character is launched, press Assist to activate. Strikes enemies in front, dealing Ice DMG. Character is invulnerable while using this skill.

Defensive Assist: Disrupted Hunt

When the character on field is about to be attacked, press Assist to activate. Parries the enemy’s attack, dealing massive Daze. Character is invulnerable while using this skill.

Assist Follow-Up: Vengeful Counterattack

Press Special Attack after a Defensive Assist to activate. Creates an icicle in front, which strikes all enemies within range, dealing Ice DMG. Character is invulnerable while using this skill.

Special Attack Zenless Zone Zero Special Attack Button

Special Attack: Time to Hunt

Press Special Attack to activate. Unleashes a series of strikes in front, dealing Ice DMG. Hold down Special Attack to charge up, increasing its power. Anti-Interrupt level is increased while using this skill.

EX Special Attack: Thrill of the Hunt

With enough energy, press Special Attack to activate. Unleashes a series of powerful strikes in front, dealing massive Ice DMG. Hold down Special Attack to charge up, consuming Energy and enhancing the power of the attack. Character is invulnerable while using this skill.

Chain Attack Zenless Zone Zero Ultimate Button

Chain Attack: As You Wish

When a Chain Attack is triggered, select the character to activate. Unleashes a series of powerful strikes at enemies in a small area in front of him, dealing massive Ice DMG. Character is invulnerable while using this skill.

Ultimate: Mission Complete

When Decibel Rating is at Maximum, press Ultimate to activate. Unleashes multiple powerful strikes at enemies in a large area, dealing massive Ice DMG. Character is invulnerable while using this skill.

Core Skill Zenless Zone Zero Core Passive

Core Passive: Metallic Paws

When Lycaon charges his Basic Attack to completion, the attack deals 40% increased Daze. When EX Special Attack or Assist Follow-Up hits an enemy, the target’s Ice DMG RES decreases by 25% for 30s.

Additional Ability: Elegant Predator

When any other character in your squad shares the same Attribute or Faction:
When Lycaon hits a Stunned enemy, the target’s Stun DMG Multiplier increases by 35%.

Lycaon Mindscape

M1 Full Moon Momentum:When Lycaon’s EX Special Attack hits an enemy, the attack’s Daze increases by 12%. Can trigger once every 8s. When he charges his EX Special Attack to completion, this buff will increase by an additional 10%.
M2 Energy Feedback:When Stunning an enemy or triggering a squad member’s Chain Attack, Lycaon gains 5 Energy. Can trigger once every 1s.
M3 Attendant Training: Basic Attack, Dodge, Special Attack, and Chain Attack Lv. +2
M4 Graceful Demeanor:If Lycaon is attacked while using a Basic Attack or Special Attack, he will immediately gain a Shield effect equal to 7.5% of his max HP, lasting for 15s. During the Shield’s duration, his Anti-Interrupt level is increased. This effect can trigger once every 15s.
M5 Alpha Nature: Basic Attack, Dodge, Special Attack, and Chain Attack Lv. +2
M6 Ruthless Hunter: When a charged attack hits an enemy, the target suffers 10% increased DMG from Lycaon, stacking up to 5 times and lasting 12s. Only one stack can be gained per skill use, and repeated triggers reset the duration.

Zenless Zone Zero Lycaon Build Guide Overview

Zenless Zone Zero Lycaon Build Feature
W-Engine Drive Disc
  • The Restrained
  • Hellfire Gears
  • Precious Fossilized Core
  • Shockstar Disco (4)
    Swing Jazz (2)/
    Polar Metal (2)/
    Hormone Punk (2)
Main Stat Substats
  • (4) Crit Rate%/Crit DMG%
  • (5) Ice DMG%
  • (6) Impact%
  • ATK %
  • Crit Rate % or Crit DMG
  • PEN

Overall, Lycaon should focus on building as much Impact as possible. This will let him specialize in his Stun role. After stunning the enemy, you want to swap to your DPS/Attack Agent, deal big damage, and repeat the cycle.

As such, we recommend a build that lets him fulfill his role as best as possible.

Lycaon Best W-Engines


The Restrained

ATK: 53/684 | Impact: 7.2%/18%
When an attack hits an enemy, DMG and Daze from Basic Attacks increase by 6/7.5/9/10.5/12% for 8s, stacking up to 5 times. This effect can trigger at most once during each skill. The duration of each stack is calculated separately.

Hellfire Gears

ATK: 53/684 | Impact: 7.2%/18%
When off-field, the equipper’s Energy Regen increases by 0.6/0.75/0.9/1.5/1.2 per second. When using an EX Special Attack, the equipper’s Impact is increased by 10/12.5/15/17.5/20% for 10s, stacking up to 2 times. The duration of each stack is calculated separately.

Precious Fossilized Core

ATK: 46/594 | Impact: 7.2%/18%
When the target’s HP is no lower than 50%, the equipper inflicts 10/11.5/13/14.5/16% more Daze. When the target’s HP is no lower than 75%, this bonus is further enhanced by 10/11.5/13/14.5/16%.

When it comes to W-Engines, you mainly want as much Impact as possible. Energy Regen is also a good stat since it allows Lycaon to EX Special faster/more often.

The Restrained is Lycaon’s “signature weapon,” but Hellfire Gears (Koleda), is also a perfectly good Stun W-Engine. The S-Rank W-Engines are definitely the best due to their high base ATK and slightly bigger Impact stat.

When it comes to A-Rank Engines, you can mostly just pick whatever you have. Six Shooter is the Battle Pass Stun W-Engine, but other A-Rank Engines are close in performance.

Since you get Demara Battery Mark II for free, you can also just use this until you get an S-Rank Engine.

Lycaon Best Drive Discs

Disk Drive Shockstar Disco S

Shockstar Disco

(2): Increases Impact by 6%.
(4): Basic Attacks, Dash Attacks, and Dodge Counters, inflict 20% more Daze upon the main target.
Disk Drive Polar Metal S

Polar Metal

(2): Increases Ice DMG by 10%.
(4): Increases the DMG of Basic Attack and Dash Attack by 20%. When any squad member inflicts Freeze or Shatter, this effect increases by an additional 20% for 12s.

Without a doubt, Shockstar Disco (4) will be the priority for Lycaon. This set provides more Impact and Daze, which is exactly what you want. The sooner you can stun the enemy, the sooner you can switch to your stronger DPS and burst the enemy.

When it comes to (2) piece sets, you can mostly use whatever you have. Polar Metal (10% Ice DMG) and Hormone Punk (10% ATK) both increase Lycaon’s personal damage a bit. It won’t be anything mind blowing, but a small optimization.

Swing Jazz (2), (20% Energy Regen), is also a nice option to give Lycaon some more Energy.

Lycaon Drive Disc Stats

Lycaon’s stat priority is fairly straightforward and follows the typical damage-output setup, albeit with a minor change with the introduction of Impact.

Main Stats

  1. (4) Crit Rate%/Crit DMG%
  2. (5) Ice DMG%
  3. (6) Impact%

For Main Stats, the big priority is the Impact Stat on Partition VI. Once again, this improves his role as a Stunner for the team. The other two Partitions focus on personal damage, which are nice bonuses, but not a priority.

Getting better Drive Discs for your DPS/Attack Agent will be more important than getting Crit/Ice DMG for Lycaon. Once you have enough resources, you can look to optimize Lycaon’s Discs.

Even if Lycaon is not your main DPS, he still will spend a good amount of time on-field to stun the enemy. Increasing his personal damage will increase this damage window, so it’s something you want to get around to eventually.


  1. ATK%
  2. Crit Rate%/Crit DMG%
  3. PEN

When it comes to Substats, it’s all personal damage. There is no Impact or Anomaly Mastery as a Substat, so in general, Substats are not a priority.

It’s the same situation as the Main Stats. Once you’ve built your DPS to a good point, you can look to further optimize Lycaon’s Main Stats and Substats.

If you just want Lycaon to be as strong as possible, then Crit stats will be better than ATK%. At lower levels of investment, we simply recommend ATK% as Crit scales better the more you have of it.

Lycaon Skill Priority

Core Passive (Talents) > Basic Attack > EX Special >> Ultimate = Assist > Dodge

In general, leveling up an Agent’s Core Passive is the most important. This upgrades the Core Passive ability and gives them more base stats. For Lycaon, he’ll gain more Impact as you level his Talents.

After that, his Basic and EX Special are the most important for building Daze.

Ultimate will level up his Chain Attack, which provides a nice damage bonus, while his Assist levels will increase his multipliers on Assist Moves.

Lastly, we have Dodge as the lowest priority since the multipliers on it are quite low for both damage and Daze.

Zenless Zone Zero Best Lycaon Teams

Mono Ice Team

Zenless Zone Zero Mono Ice Ellen Team

Ellen, Lycaon, Soukaku

Without a doubt, Lycaon’s strongest teammate is Ellen. Ellen is the strongest DPS currently in the game, and they both pair together by Attribute (Ice) and Faction (Victoria Housekeeping).

The third slot is used for a Support, and Soukaku is an easy option to include since you obtain her for free (Shiyu Defense). You will likely also get more copies of Soukaku while pulling for Ellen.

This team simply has it all. The best Attack Agent, the best Stun Agent, and one of the best Support Agents.

Victoria Housekeeping Team

Zenless Zone Zero Ellen Lycaon Rina Team

Ellen, Lycaon, Rina

Another alternative is to replace Soukaku for Rina. This is also a very strong team, as Rina is a very powerful and universal Support, providing PEN Ratio for her teammates.

This is one of the only teams currently in the game with all S-Rank Agents that activates all Additional Abilities. The one drawback to this team is that you may not proc Freeze/Shatter as often (Ice Anomaly).

Because of this, you may consider not running Polar Metal (4) on Ellen. If you have Soukaku with high Mindscape (dupes) we recommend her over Rina.

Rina can also be saved for a second team once you start tackling higher stages in Shiyu Defense, which will require two teams.

Lycaon Corin F2P Team

Zenless Zone Zero Lycaon F2P Team

Corin, Lycaon, Soukaku

Lastly, we have a F2P team with Lycaon. This team uses Corin and Soukaku, who are both free Agents you get from playing the game. While Corin won’t outperform Ellen, she’s still a solid Attack Agent.

The team simply needs to follow the general breakdown of Attack/Stun/Support to do well. This team activates all Additional Abilities, making it a solid F2P team option.

In Conclusion

Zenless Zone Zero Lycaon Thumbnail

This wraps up our Zenless Zone Zero Lycaon build guide. As of right now, Lycaon is one of the best Agents in the game. Stun Agents are very important for teambuilding, and Lycaon excels at inflicting Daze.

Furthermore, he pairs with the strongest DPS in the current game, Ellen. For those that pulled Lycaon from the Stable Channel, we highly recommend pulling for Ellen.

Even if you don’t get Ellen, Corin is a perfectly viable option and is free. Because of all of these things, Lycaon is one of the best Agents in the game right now in terms of both flexibility and strength.

Thanks for Reading! For more resources, check out our other Zenless Zone Zero Guides.