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Zenless Zone Zero Gacha System: Rates, Pity, Bangboos, & More

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Zenless Zone Zero Gacha System Guide

In this article, I’ll explain everything you need to know about the gacha system in Zenless Zone Zero. This includes the different banners, rates, pity, and more.

For those who don’t know, gacha refers to the monetization system where in-game currency (free or paid) is used for the chance to acquire characters, weapons, or any other virtual item. This is based on the “gachapon” which are little vending machines from Japan.

If you’ve played Genshin Impact or Honkai Star Rail, the system will be very familiar. The banners work the same way, they just have slightly different names for ZZZ.

Zenless Zone Zero Gacha Currency

When it comes to the currency system for the gacha, the breakdown is almost identical to Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail. Here’s a rundown of the currencies and their counterparts (left to right):

Zenless Zone Zero Gacha Currency

  • Polychrome – Gacha Currency (Primogems/Stellar Jades)
  • Monochrome – Paid Currency (Genesis Crystals/Oneiric Shards)
  • Master Tape – Standard Pull (Acquaint Fates/Star Rail Pass)
  • Encrypted Master Tape – Limited Pull (Intertwined Fates/Star Rail Special Pass)

As you play the game, you’ll earn Polychrome through various activities, achievements, events, and more. You can exchange 160 Polychromes for a Master Tape or Encrypted Master Tape to pull on banners.

It’s advised to only use Polychromes on Encrypted Master Tapes, as this will let you pull on Limited Character or Weapon Banners. Monochromes are essentially equivalent to Polychromes, except you only earn these through real money purchases.

Zenless Zone Zero Boopon

Boopon – Bangboo Banner Pull

The one gacha currency that has no Genshin/Honkai equivalent are Boopons. These are used to pull on the Bangboo banner. Bangboos are a unique addition to Zenless Zone Zero, and you can read more about them in our Bangboo Guide. 

Unlike the other banners/currencies, you can’t exchange Polychromes for Boopons. Boopons are only earned through in game activities, so you don’t need to worry about saving currency for them.

Zenless Zone Zero Gacha Rates

The gacha rates for ZZZ are mostly similar to Genshin and HSR, but with one small change. The base rate for 4-star characters/weapons have increased. Outside of that, the system is largely the same.

  • S-Rank/★★★★★: 0.6%
  • A-Rank/★★★★: 7.2%
  • B-Rank/★★★: 92.2%

ZZZ Pity

The Pity system for ZZZ is mostly the same as Genshin. You’re guaranteed a 5-star (S Rank) within 90 pulls, and a 4-star (A Rank) every 10 pulls minimum.

When factoring this in, the combined rates for S/A Rank characters increase, but the base rate is still the numbers shown above.

Soft Pity is also a factor for S Ranks. After 75 pulls with no S Rank, your odds to get one will keep increasing until it’s 100% at the 90th pull. Realistically, it will never take the full 90 pulls, unless you are extremely unlucky. Most of the time, you will get it within 75-85 pulls.

Zenless Zone Zero Banners

In the latest CBT for ZZZ, there were 4 types of banners. We can expect these banners to be the same on release, but changes may happen.

Limited Banner (Exclusive Channel)

Zenless Zone Zero Exclusive Channel

The main attraction is always the Limited Character banner. These banners will likely last 3 weeks, and feature a limited time S Rank Agent. Once the banner ends, you won’t be able to obtain said Agent until a rerun, which can take many months to happen.

Certain A Rank characters will also receive a rate up, so going for duplicates on this banner is also something to consider. Generally, the A Rank characters will synergize well with the featured S Rank, but that isn’t always the case.

When pulling a 5-star, you’ll have a 50/50 to obtain the featured limited character, or a standard pool character. If you “lose the 50/50” your next 5-star will be guaranteed to be the featured character.

This pity transfers to the next limited banner.

Standard Banner (Stable Channel)

Zenless Zone Zero Stable Channel

The Stable Channel is the Standard Banner, which is always active and has a set number of S Rank Agents. A Rank Agents are also part of the pool, and new A Ranks become added to the pool the patch after their release.

Here is a list of the 6 S Ranks in the standard pool:

  • Grace: Ether/Anomaly
  • Rina: Electric/Support
  • Koleda: Fire/Stun
  • Nekomata: Physical/Attack
  • Soldier 11: Fire/Attack
  • Lycaon: Ice/Stun

You’ll also notice that there is no Beginner or Novice Banner in ZZZ. This is where new players get discounted pulls from the Standard Pool to start the game.

Instead, there is a new player system in the Stable Channel. Your first 50 pulls will be discounted by 20%, and you will have a guaranteed S Rank within 50 pulls.

This is a nice change as players often stopped pulling on the Novice Banner if they hit their 5-star early. Now that they’re all in one banner, you don’t need to worry about anything and can just pull.

Weapon Banner (W-Engine Channel)

Zenless Zone Zero W-Engine Channel

As expected, there will be a weapon banner as well. The pity is the same as with characters, with 90 pulls guaranteeing a 5-star. Currently, we don’t know the details on whether the featured W-Engine is guaranteed or if there is a pool or 50/50.

Bangboo Banner (Bangboo Channel)

Zenless Zone Zero Bangboo Channel

The last banner will be a Bangboo banner. From the beta, we see that certain S Rank Bangboos are featured, but we don’t know how often they will release new Bangboos.

It could be like weapons where they release one every patch, with a base pool of Bangboos. We also don’t know what the pity system will be like, whether there will be a 50/50, etc.

What we do know is that you can’t spend Polychromes to pull on this banner. You will need Boopons which you earn in game through things like Hollow Zero  rewards, the Battle Pass, etc.

S-Rank Selector

Zenless Zone Zero Standard Selector 300

Just like in Honkai Star Rail, the Standard Banner will have a selector at 300 pulls. Once you pull 300 times on the this banner, you’ll be able to select any of the standard S Rank Agents for free.

Keep in mind that 300 pulls is a lot. You generally don’t spend any Polychromes on this banner, and pull with Master Tapes you get as rewards for playing the game.

If you’re F2P, expect this Selector to take anywhere from 9 to 12 months to complete. This is assuming you’re playing consistently to get your Master Tape rewards from the game.

For the Whales

One last tip for the whales out there. This game has a dupe system called Talents. (Constellations in Genshin Impact/Eidolons in Honkai Star Rail)

Getting 7 copies of one character will max out their Talents. When going for the 7th copy of an S Rank character, be sure to do single pulls instead of 10 pulls.

While the chances are low, it is possible that you get 2 copies in 10 pulls. If you get an 8th copy, you won’t get much to do with it.

In the end, if you’re a whale, maybe this doesn’t matter to you anyway.

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