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Zenless Zone Zero Banners: Current, Future & History

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Zenless Zone Zero Banners

In Zenless Zone Zero, banners are gacha mechanics that allow you to pull for specific characters, weapons, or other in-game items. If you want a full breakdown of the gacha, you can read about it in our ZZZ Gacha System Guide.

It’s still quite early to talk about upcoming banners, but we’ll be sure to keep this article updated with all of the newest information. Feel free to click on any Agent image/name to jump to their full guide.

Lastly, if you’re unsure about who to pull for, you can refer to our ZZZ Agents Tier List for meta recommendations.

ZZZ Current Banners

Ellen Banner: Mellow Waveride (Version 1.0)

Zenless Zone Zero Ellen Banner

Available: 7/4/24

Ellen Portrait S


Anton Portrait S


Soukaku Portait S


Ellen W-Engine Banner: Deep Sea Visitor (Version 1.0)

Zenless Zone Zero Ellen Weapon Banner


Deep Sea Visitor


Bashful Demon


Drill Rig – Red Axis

ZZZ Future Banners

Zhu Yuan Banner: Unswerving Bullet (Version 1.0)

Zenless Zone Zero Zhu Yuan Banner

Available: 7/24/24

Zhu Yuan Portrait S

Zhu Yuan

Ben Portrait S


Nicole Portrait S


Zhu Yuan W-Engine Banner: Riot Suppressor Mark VI (Version 1.0)

Zenless Zone Zero Zhu Yuan W-Engine Banner


Riot Suppressor Mark VI


The Vault


Big Cylinder

ZZZ Standard Banner

Stable Channel

The Stable Channel (aka Standard Banner) is a permanent banner that always feature the same 6 S-Rank Agents. New accounts will also have discounted pulls for their first five 10-pulls, with a guaranteed S-Rank within those 50.

Zenless Zone Zero Stable Channel Standard Banner

S-Rank Selector

Once you pull 300 times on the Stable Channel, you will be able to select any of the 6 S-Rank Agents for free. You can only claim this once.

Zenless Zone Zero S Rank Selector 300

ZZZ Bangboo Banner

Zenless Zone Zero Bangboo Banner Official

When pulling on the Bangboo Banner, you will be able to select which S Rank Bangboo you want to pull for. You can also switch which Bangboo you’ve selected while keeping pity.

ZZZ Banner History

Since the game is only just releasing, there aren’t any old banners yet. As more banners continue to come out, we’ll be listing the old banners in this section.

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