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Zenless Zone Zero Seth Guide – Skills, Builds, Teams, & More

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Zenless Zone Zero Seth Reveal & Overview

Welcome to our Zenless Zone Zero Seth guide. We’ll cover everything you need to know about his skills, builds, teams, and more.

Seth Lowell has been revealed from Hoyoverse to be an upcoming character release, but we don’t know the full details of his kit. From the release trailer, we know that he will be a part of the CISRT Faction. Outside of that, we have no confirmation on his Attribute or Specialty. (But that won’t stop us from guessing)

Seth Portrait S


Zenless Zone Zero CISRT Logo



Seth is the third Agent to be revealed from the CISRT Faction. Zhu Yuan is releasing in Version 1.0, and Qingyi was revealed very recently as well.

If you watched the Pre-Release Special Program, you’ll have noticed Seth was part of the video. In it, he’s seen with a shield in his off-hand, with a sword/baton in his main hand.

Zenless Zone Zero Seth Pre-Release Special Program

With this tidbit of information, we can likely guess that Seth will be a Defense Specialty Agent. There currently is only one Defense Agent in the game (Ben), so expanding on this Specialty could be likely.

His Attribute is tougher to guess as it could be almost anything. With so little to go off of, we won’t be going too in-depth on build/team recommendations.

Seth Release Date

While not confirmed, Seth will very likely release during Version 1.1, which releases on August 15th. He may be part of the first half of the patch, or the second half.

He will be featured on a Limited banner, and his availability will depend on his rarity. If he’s S-Rank, he will only be obtainable on his Limited Banner. On the other hand, if he’s A-Rank, he will join the Standard Pool after his featured banner.

For a deeper dive on Seth, here’s a look at the official release media from Hoyoverse.

Zenless Zone Zero Seth Agent Record Reveal

Zenless Zone Zero Seth Skills

Check back later for more information on Seth’s skills. We’ll be sure to update as soon as we learn the official details.

ZZZ Seth Mindscape Cinema

Check back later for more information on Seth’s Mindscape Cinema. We’ll be sure to update as soon as we learn the official details.

ZZZ Seth Build Guide Overview

Based on assumption of Defense.

We don’t have any official confirmation of Seth’s kit, but let’s assume for now that he is a Defense Agent. The Defense Specialty isn’t very fleshed out, and even if it is true, there’s lots of things Hoyo might add to his kit.

We can assume for now that he is a Defense scaler, but that may not necessarily be true. It could just be that his kit provides defensive utility, but you can still use other gear on him.

Zenless Zone Zero Seth Build Feature
W-Engine Drive Disc
  • Spring Embrace
  • Swing Jazz (4)
Main Stat Substats
  • (4) DEF%
  • (5) Attribute DMG%
  • (6) Energy Regen%
  • DEF%

Seth Best W-Engines


Spring Embrace

ATK: 46/594 | ATK: 10%/25%
Reduces DMG taken 7.5/8.5/9.5/10.5/12%. When attacked, the equipper’s Energy Generation Rate increased by 10/11.5/13/14.5/16% for 12s. When the equipper switches off-field, this buff will be transferred to the new on-field character with its duration refreshed. Passive effects of the same name do not stack.

Seth will likely have a signature weapon that releases on the W-Engine banner during his release. Until then, we don’t know what other options may suit him.

If he is Defense Specialty, Spring Embrace is a solid option. This W-Engine provides a supportive passive for the team, letting you generate Energy for other Agents on the team.

Unfortunately, this W-Engine is a paid Battle Pass exclusive. For other options, we need to see how his kit functions to give proper recommendations.

Seth Drive Disc

Disk Drive Swing Jazz S

Swing Jazz

(2): Energy Regen increases by 20%.
(4): Launching a Chain Attack or Ultimate increases all squad members’ DMG by 15% for 12s. Passive effects of the same name do not stack.

In the current state of ZZZ, it’s hard to fit a Defense Agent in your team. Teams already use up two slots on a Attack/Stun Agent, so adding Defense as your third instead of a Support Agent requires a meaningful reason.

Right now, the Defense Drive Disk set only provides personal survivability on the equipper. This isn’t very useful for the team, so we recommend simply using Swing Jazz.

Since a Defense Agent often takes the place of a Support, having the Swing Jazz set on Seth will be a natural inclusion. This helps scale the entire team’s damage, which is important when you’re omitting a Support Agent.

Seth Drive Disc Stats

When it comes to stats, we don’t know if Seth will scale with DEF or another stat like PEN or HP. Because of this, we have a general recommendation.

Attribute DMG will match Seth’s Attribute, and Energy Regen on Partition VI is always useful.

Main Stats

  • (4) DEF%
  • (5) Attribute DMG%
  • (6) Energy Regen


  • DEF%

Seth Skill Priority

Almost every Agent looks to level up their Core Skill first. This increases their base stats and upgrades their Core Passive. Once we learn more about Seth’s kit, we can give a proper Skill Priority recommendation.

Zenless Zone Zero Seth Teams

To further reiterate, this section of the guide will be speculative/predictive. If Seth isn’t Defense, the team composition will change drastically.

Furthermore, depending on what Attribute Seth is, teambuilding options open up a lot.


Zenless Zone Zero CISRT Zhu Yuan Qingyi Seth Team

Zhu Yuan, Qingyi, Seth

This team is our first suggestion, and will definitely work to some degree. Zhu Yuan is Attack, Qingyi is predicted to be Stun, and Seth is predicted to be Defense.

This makes up a traditional team, with Defense replacing Support. If things change or Qingyi/Seth have different Specialties, this team may not synergize as expected.

Even still, every Agent is part of CISRT, so we know for sure that every AA (Additional Ability) will be active.

The main question for this team is whether or not Qingyi/Seth are a major upgrade over Nicole/Anby. Zhu Yuan can pair with Nicole/Anby for a traditional Attack/Stun/Support setup.

Nicole will also activate the AAs of both Zhu Yuan and Anby. If Qingyi or Seth is S-Rank, we could potentially see this team being stronger, but it may not be an effective use of gacha currency if the F2P option (Anby/Nicole) is already good.

In Conclusion

Zenless Zone Zero Seth Agent Record Disk

This concludes our brief Zenless Zone Zero Seth Guide. Without confirmation on his kit, Attribute, or Specialty, there’s only so much we can theorycraft.

We can assume that Seth will be Defense, but his Attribute and actual kit will determine the majority of his value.

Defense characters are also in a weird spot for ZZZ, as dealing more damage is generally the wall players face in Shiyu Defense, rather than surviving.

In the current ZZZ meta, there isn’t much room for Defense Agents unless they provide something special. In the case of Ben, he pairs with Koleda for a unique interaction. If Seth doesn’t have a unique mechanic in his kit, he may not be very useful.

Things may change in the future as more content is added, but the current state of Defense Agents are underwhelming. If Seth’s kit rivals that of Support Agents like Nicole/Rina, things may be different, but the Defense Specialty is something to be wary about.

Thanks for Reading! For more resources, check out our other Zenless Zone Zero Guides.