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Zenless Zone Zero Grace Guide – Skills, Builds, Teams, and More

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Zenless Zone Zero Grace Howard Overview

Welcome to our Zenless Zone Zero character guide, where we cover everything you need to know about Grace.

Grace Howard is an S Rank Agent from the Belobog Heavy Industries Faction with the Electric Attribute and Anomaly Fighting Style. She is also one of the free characters you obtain early on in the game. You can obtain more copies of Grace on any character banner through the Gacha System.

Grace is the only Anomaly Fighting Style Agent in the game currently. This makes her extremely unique within the ZZZ tier list, as Anomaly deals damage through Attribute Anomaly rather than traditional Crit/ATK scaling.

If you enjoy playing teams with unique gear requirements, Grace is perfect for you.

Grace Portrait S


Zenless Zone Zero Belobog Heavy Industries Logo

Heavy Industries

S Rank Zenless Zone Zero

S Rank

Zenless Zone Zero Electric


Zenless Zone Zero Anomaly Fighting Style


Grace Skills/Abilities

Basic Attack Zenless Zone Zero Basic Attack Button

Basic Attack:  High-Pressure Spike

Press Basic Attack to activate. Unleashes up to 4 attacks, dealing Physical DMG. While launching Basic Attacks, move the joystick to attack while moving. This allows Grace to reposition herself and deals Physical DMG.

While Grace is launching Basic Attacks, her Basic Attack combo will not be interrupted by her Special Attacks, EX Special Attacks, Dodge, Dash Attacks, or Dodge Counter.

Dodge Zenless Zone Zero Dodge Button

Dodge: Safety Regulation

Press Dodge to activate. A rapid dodge. Character is invulnerable while using this skill.

Dash Attack: Quick Inspection

Press Basic Attack during a dodge to activate. Slide forward while shooting, dealing Physical DMG.

Dodge Counter: Violation Penalty

Press Basic Attack during a Perfect Dodge to activate. Throws a grenade at enemies, dealing Electric DMG. Character is invulnerable while using this skill.

Special Attack Zenless Zone Zero Special Attack Button

Special Attack: Obstruction Removal

Press Special Attack to activate. Throws a grenade to the front, dealing Electric DMG. Upon use, move the joystick to change directions. Anti-Interrupt level is increased while using this skill.

EX Special Attack: Supercharged Obstruction Removal

Press Special Attack to activate when there is enough Energy. Leap in the air and throw two grenades to the front, dealing massive Electric DMG. Upon use, move the joystick to change directions. Character is invulnerable while using this skill.

Chain Attack Zenless Zone Zero Ultimate Button

Chain Attack: Collaborative Construction

When a Chain Attack is triggered, select the character to activate. Throws three grenades into the air then strafes to detonate them, dealing massive Electric DMG. Character is invulnerable while using this skill.

Ultimate: Demolition Blast – Beware

When Decibel Rating is at Maximum, press Chain Attack to activate. Throws a custom grenade which explodes in the air and splits into four smaller grenades, dealing massive Electric DMG. Character is invulnerable while using this skill.

Core Skill Zenless Zone Zero Core Passive

Core Passive: Pre-Driven Needle

When Grace’s Basic Attack or Dash Attack hits an enemy and deals Physical DMG, she gains 1 stack of Zap (up to 8 stacks). Upon reaching the maximum stacks, using a Special Attack or EX Special Attack will consume all stacks of Zap, increasing the accumulated Electric Anomaly Buildup by 65%.

Additional Ability: Tech Support Dept.

When another character in your squad shares the same Attribute or Faction:
Upon hitting an enemy with an EX Special Attack, the Shock DMG the enemy suffers increases by 25%. This effect can stack up to 2 times, and each enemy can trigger it once per 1s. Resets when the Shock effect ends.

Reactive Assist: Incident Management

When the on-field character is launched in the air, press Perfect Assist to activate. Throws a grenade at the enemy, dealing Electric DMG. Character is invulnerable while using this skill.

Evasive Assist: Rapid Risk Response

When the character on field is about to be attacked, press Perfect Assist to activate. Dodges the enemy’s attack and activates the Vital View. Character is invulnerable while using this skill.

Assist Follow-Up: Counter Volt Needle

Press Special Attack after an Evasive Assist to activate. Unleashes a spinning hail of bullets against enemies in front and throws a grenade, dealing Electric DMG. Character is invulnerable while using this skill.

Grace Talents

A Recharge Chamber: When the 4th hit of Grace’s Basic Attack connects with an enemy, all squad members gain 0.25 Energy. Within the same move, this effect can grant a max of 2 Energy to the squad.
B Lightning Piercer: When Grace’s thrown grenade hits an enemy during a Basic Attack, Special Attack, or EX Special Attack, the target’s Electric RES is reduced by 8.5%, and Electric Anomaly Buildup RES is reduced by 8.5%, lasting for 8s.
C Chief Mechanic: Basic Attack, Dodge, Special Attack, and Chain Attack Lv. +2
D Burst Capacitor: When using her EX Special Attack, Grace gains 6 stacks of Charge (max 6 stacks). When her Basic Attack or Dash Attack hits an enemy, she expends 1 stack of Charge to increase her Energy Generation Rate for the current skill by 25%.
E “Frosty Cold Iron Witch”: Basic Attack, Dodge, Special Attack, and Chain Attack Lv. +2
F Detonation Trigger: Activating a Special Attack or EX Special Attack after consuming all stacks of Zap enhances the skill, making Grace throw an additional grenade and increasing each grenade’s DMG to 200% of its original value.

Zenless Zone Zero Grace Build Guide Overview

Zenless Zone Zero Grace Build Feature
W-Engine Drive Disc
  • Fusion Compiler
  • Weeping Gemini
  • Electro-Lip Gloss
  • Freedom Blues (4)
    Thunder Metal (2)
  • Thunder Metal (4)
    Freedom Blues (2)
Main Stat Substats
  • (4) Anomaly Proficiency
  • (5) PEN Ratio%/Electric DMG%
  • (6) Anomaly Mastery
  • Anomaly Mastery
  • PEN
  • ATK%

Since Grace is an Anomaly Agent, her builds are more straightforward for the most part. You simply want to stack as much Anomaly stats as you can.

There are some things to be tested still, like whether PEN or ATK% is more useful, etc, but for the most part, you can just focus on Anomaly and be fine.

Grace W-Engines

Fusion Compiler

ATK: 46/684 | PEN Ratio: 9.6%/24%
Increases Electric DMG by 20/25/30/35/40%. When using a Special Attack or an EX Special Attack, the equipper’s Anomaly Proficiency is increased by 25/31/37/43/50 for 8s, stacking up to 3 times. The duration of each stack is calculated separately.

Weeping Gemini

ATK: 40/594 | ATK%: 10%/25%
Whenever a squad member inflicts an Attribute Anomaly on an enemy, the equipper gains a buff that increases Anomaly Proficiency by 30/34/38/42/46, stacking up to 4 times. This effect expires when the target recovers from Stun or is defeated. The duration of each stack is calculated separately.

Electro-Lip Gloss

ATK: 40/594 | Anomaly Proficiency: 30/75
When there are enemies inflicted with Attribute Anomaly on the field, the equipper’s ATK increases by 10/11.5/13/14.5/16% and they deal an additional 15/17.5/20/22.5/25% more DMG to the target.

When it comes to W-Engines in ZZZ, every Agent has a signature weapon. You can definitely tell as one W-Engine will match the aesthetic and kit of every character.

For Grace, her signature W-Engine is Fusion Compiler. This gives her high Base ATK, a sizable Electric DMG boost, and extra Anomaly Proficiency. The stats and passive are just massive compared to other options. However, getting an S Rank W-Engine isn’t easy/cheap.

For A Rank Engines, we recommend the Weeping Gemini or Electro-Lip Gloss. Both Engines provide some extra Anomaly Proficiency either as a passive or as part of the base stats. Both are good options on Anomaly Agents. (albeit Grace is the only Anomaly Agent thus far)

Grace Drive Discs

Disk Drive Freedom Blues S

Freedom Blues

(2): Increases Anomaly Proficiency by 30.
(4): When an EX Special Attack hits an enemy, reduce the targets Anomaly Buildup RES to equippers attribute by 35% for 8s. This effect does not stack with others of the same attribute.
Disk Drive Thunder Metal S

Thunder Metal

(2): Increases Electric DMG by 10%.
(4): As long as an enemy in combat is Shocked, the equippers ATK is increased by 27%.

When it comes to Drive Discs for Grace, there are two sets to highlight: Freedom Blues and Thunder Metal.

Freedom Blues is likely the go to set as it buffs your Anomaly Proficiency (Anomaly damage) and provides an important passive at 4 pieces. By lowering the Anomaly Buildup RES of enemies, you’ll be able to trigger Attribute Anomaly more often.

Since this makes up most of Grace’s damage (especially if you build her with Anomaly stats), having this passive somewhere on your team is important.

Thunder Metal is also a solid set, as you can give Grace a strong ATK buff when enemies are Shocked (Electric Attribute Anomaly). However, ATK isn’t as important as Anomaly stats, so it doesn’t appear to be ideal.

Note: Let’s assume you have another Agent on your team that can hold Freedom Blues (4). In this case, it’s perfectly fine to have Grace run a 2/2/2 setup with things like Anomaly Proficiency, Electric DMG, and ATK%/Energy Regen%.

Grace Drive Disc Stats

Main Stats

  • (4) Anomaly Proficiency
  • (5) PEN Ratio%/Electric DMG%
  • (6) Anomaly Mastery

When it comes to Main Stats, Partition IV and VI are the most important. Partition V mainly has personal damage Main Stats like PEN Ratio or Electric DMG%, which are a great bonus, but not the highest priority.

Partition IV and VI provide the Anomaly stats, which are your main target for Grace. This will increase the Anomaly buildup (Mastery) and Anomaly damage (Proficiency).

Both of these stats are important to get the most out of Grace.


  • Anomaly Mastery
  • PEN
  • ATK%

When it comes to Substats, things are mostly the same. Anomaly Mastery is your biggest priority. After that, we have PEN and ATK% as nice ways to increase a bit of your regular damage.

When it comes to Crit stats, we don’t recommend caring too much. Crit really shines when you invest more into the stat, and with Grace we look to scale through Anomaly instead of Crit.

Grace Skill Priority

Once the game releases, we’ll update this section. In general, leveling up an Agent’s Core Passive is the most effective, as this levels up their Core Passive, Additional Ability, and Assist Moves.

Grace Teams

As with all characters, Grace pairs best with other Agents that are either the same Attribute or Faction. This activates her Additional Ability, which provides strong passive buffs.

In the future, as more Anomaly units release, there is potential for more Disorder (multiple types of Attribute Anomaly) teams, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Mono Electric Team

Zenless Zone Zero Mono Electric Team

Anton, Grace, Rina

This first team uses all Electric Agents to maximize the Shock you can inflict. You have Anton as a regular Crit scaling Attack Agent, Grace for high Anomaly damage, and Rina for overall Support and Electric damage.

This team also activates the Additional Ability for all Agents since they share the Electric Attribute. While it’s fairly certain that Grace + Rina make for a strong pair, it’s unsure what the last team slot should be.

Anton is an easy inclusion for his Electric Attribute, but this splits the team in two ways: Anomaly and regular Crit scaling.

Replacement (Anby): You can also replace Anton for Anby, a Stun Agent. This will let you build up more Daze on enemies rather than trying to utilize Anton’s personal damage.

If you don’t have Rina, you can also look to replace her for Anby. This will turn your Mono Electric team into a more traditional team with a Stun and Attack Agent. Instead of a final Support slot, you’ll have Grace to provide additional damage with Anomaly.

Anomaly Disorder Team

Zenless Zone Zero Anomaly Disorder Team

Grace, Rina, Nicole

Next up, we have a team featuring Grace (Electric/Anomaly), Rina (Electric/Support), and Nicole. Nicole is a strong inclusion because of her ability to use the Chaotic Metal (4) Drive Disc set. This debuffs the enemy, making them take more damage when she triggers Corruption. (Ether Attribute Anomaly)

Since Anomaly damage doesn’t scale off Crit or Attack, having Nicole on the team amplifies the Anomaly damage of the team. This team also lets you trigger Disorder, which procs when two different Attribute Anomalies trigger on an enemy.

This type of team potentially has more synergy than the one above, but more testing needs to be done to see what performs better.

Belobog Disorder Team

Zenless Zone Zero Belobog Disorder Team

Koleda, Ben, Grace

Lastly, let’s talk about another potential team using all Belobog Agents. Instead of using Electric Agents, we have Koleda and Ben as a Fire duo with Grace as the “Support.”

Koleda can provide solid damage when paired with Ben while also inflicting good Daze. Ben will be useful to tank enemy attacks and can also run a supportive Drive Disc set.

Lastly, Grace is there to provide some extra Anomaly damage with Shock. Koleda and Ben will Burn with Fire, and the Shock will then trigger Disorder.

This is more of a hypothetical team, and there’s likely other teams that make better use of these Agents. However, depending on your account, you can definitely mix things up to try interesting combinations.

Closing Words

Zenless Zone Zero Grace Thumbnail

This wraps up our guide for Grace in Zenless Zone Zero. Being the only Anomaly character, Grace provides a unique playstyle and team options compared to other Agents in the game.

When it comes to meta, it’s unclear whether Grace will be part of top DPS teams. However, her unique Fighting Style and Anomaly focus makes her an enticing Agent to play.

As more Anomaly Agents come out, the potential for Anomaly based teams increases even further. Because of this, Grace has solid future potential as well. It would take a specific Electric Anomaly Agent that’s simply better than Grace for her to be powercrept, which doesn’t seem likely.