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Zenless Zone Zero Fighting Styles Explained

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Zenless Zone Zero Fighting Styles Guide

In Zenless Zone Zero, every character has a Fighting Style that corresponds to their playstyle and kit. This is a classification system similar to things like Attributes or Rarity.

There are five different Fighting Styles, and each one fulfills a different role within a team. An Agent’s Fighting Style also determines what W-Engines (weapons) they can equip.

If you’re coming from other games, Fighting Styles are essentially a “class” system. Here’s a quick list of the 5 Fighting Styles:

Zenless Zone Zero Fighting Styles

  • Attack
  • Stun
  • Anomaly
  • Support
  • Defense

If you want a more comprehensive guide on the combat, be sure to check out our full Zenless Zone Zero Combat Guide.

Let’s do a quick dive into each Fighting Style and what they exceed at in combat.


Zenless Zone Zero Attack Fighting Style

“Skilled at dealing massive damage directly though attacks, defeating enemies, and bringing combat to a swift end.”

As the name suggests, Attack character’s are designed to deal as much damage as possible. Every Agent will be unique, and some might deal more damage with their Basic/EX Special/Ultimate etc.

In general, Attack characters will want to build Crit Stats to further empower the damage they deal.

Zenless Zone Zero Attack Agents:

Ellen Portrait S


Nekomata Portrait S


Soldier 11 Portrait S

Soldier 11

Zhu Yuan Portrait S

Zhu Yuan

Anton Portrait S


Billy Portrait S


Corin Portrait S



Zenless Zone Zero Stun Fighting Style

“Skilled at accumulating Daze quickly to Stun enemies, creating opportunities for the squad to deal damage.”

Stun characters specialize in a combat mechanic known as Daze. Daze builds up and stuns enemies, leaving them vulnerable, taking more damage, and activate Chain Attacks which deal massive damage.

Stun characters are an important team aspect to multiply the damage of your team.

Zenless Zone Zero Stun Agents:

Anby Portrait S


Koleda Portrait S


Lycaon Portrait S



Zenless Zone Zero Anomaly Fighting Style

“Skilled at accumulating Anomaly Buildup to trigger Attribute Anomalies, weakening enemies and dealing damage.”

Anomaly Agents specialize in the “Attribute Anomaly” mechanic. This is a special mechanic unique to each Attribute, dealing a variety of effects once you deal enough Attribute damage. (Burn for Fire, Shock for Electric, etc)

This playstyle provides an alternative to traditional Crit scaling Attack Agents by investing into Anomaly stats instead.

Zenless Zone Zero Anomaly Agents:

Grace Portrait S



Zenless Zone Zero Support Fighting Style

“Skilled at providing buffs to allies and improving the squad’s combat efficiency.”

Support Agents are as expected, supportive. These Agents have kits designed to empower their teammates, provide unique utility effects such as grouping, buff, etc.

Zenless Zone Zero Support Agents:

Nicole Portrait S


Rina Portrait S


Soukaku Portait S



Zenless Zone Zero Defense Fighting Style

“Skilled at unleashing counterattacks when being attacked, with strong survivability.”

Defense is the last Fighting Style, and focuses on characters who can tank damage. These characters are powerful at tackling difficult content where surviving is an issue.

The Defense Style can also provide a comfy playstyle, not having to worry as much about dodging or parrying.

Zenless Zone Zero Defense Agents:

Ben Portrait S


Closing Words

This wraps up our quick guide on Fighting Styles in Zenless Zone Zero. This classification closely resembles the “Path” system in Honkai Star Rail. In many other games, Classes fulfill a similar role.

These Fighting Styles will become a large consideration when building a team. You will want to balance your team with different Fighting Styles that compliment each other.

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