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Zenless Zone Zero Best Teams & Team Building Guide

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Zenless Zone Zero Best Teams

Welcome to our article covering the best teams in Zenless Zone Zero. Teambuilding is a crucial aspect in gacha games as you need to manage your resources and make the best with what you have available.

If you don’t know which characters to invest resources into, you can check out our ZZZ Tier List.

It’s been a couple weeks since release, and the strongest teams have been mostly sorted out. Even still, with such a small roster, the strongest teams are generally just the ones with multiple S-Ranks.

For the most part, Ellen teams are simply a cut above the rest. This is simply due to her incredible damage as the only Limited Agent. Zhu Yuan’s release will likely add her to the top echelon as well.

To break down the teams, we’ll be looking at four main categories:

  • Mono Attribute Teams
  • Faction Based Teams
  • Disorder Teams
  • F2P Teams

ZZZ Mono Attribute Teams

Teambuilding in ZZZ heavily incentivizes pairing Agents with the same Faction or Attribute. This activates their Additional Ability, providing strong passives/buffs.

Mono Attribute teams also excel at applying one type of Attribute Anomaly. Effects like Burn (Fire), Shock (Electric), etc often synergize with Drive Disc effects, leading to increased damage.

Let’s look at potential teams for each Attribute.

Mono Fire Teams

Ben Portrait S


Koleda Portrait S


Zenless Zone Zero Lucy Portrait S


Soldier 11 Portrait S

Soldier 11

Looking at the roster of Fire Agents, we have a solid spread of Specialties. Koleda and Soldier 11 are S Rank Agents, and while having both can be very good, you can definitely make teams without both.

Realistically, any combination of 3 Fire Agents will work. Just keep in mind that Koleda works better with Ben, but it’s not a requirement.

Of these teams, the best lineups are:

  • Soldier 11, Koleda, Ben
  • Soldier 11, Koleda, Lucy
Zenless Zone Zero Mono Fire Team Zenless Zone Zero Mono Fire Lucy Team
Zenless Zone Zero Koleda Lucy Team Zenless Zone Zero Mono Fire No Stun Team

Recommended Bangboos: Rocketboo (S), Cryboo (A)

Mono Electric Teams

Anby Portrait S


Anton Portrait S


Grace Portrait S


Rina Portrait S


For Electric Agents, we have a similar situation of 4 Agents with varying roles. The main difference is that we only have an A Rank Attack Agent, Anton. This potentially means that your team’s damage will suffer compared to other Attribute teams that have an S Rank Attack Agent.

However, Grace is an Anomaly Agent, meaning you can look to build Electric teams with Anomaly Stats instead of Crit stats. These types of teams want Electric Agents that apply a lot of Electric DMG to build up Anomaly.

Just as with Fire, putting together any 3 Electric units should make a decent team. You’ll have a stronger team with both Grace and Rina, but obtaining both S Rank Agents isn’t easy.

Note: Mono Electric is one of the few teams right now that doesn’t necessarily need a Stun Agent. Anton deals more damage to Shocked enemies, so applying Shock with Grace functions similarly to Stunning with an Agent like Anby.

Best Team:

  • Anton, Grace, Rina
Grace Anby Rina Team Zenless Zone Zero Mono Electric Team
Anton Anby Rina Team Anton Anby Grace Team

Recommended Bangboos: Plugboo (S), Electroboo (A)

Mono Ice Teams

Ellen Portrait S


Lycaon Portrait S


Soukaku Portait S


When it comes to the Ice Attribute, we only have 3 Agents to work with. As such, there’s only one potential team of 3 Ice Agents. Even still, this team is one of the strongest in the game. Ellen is the first Limited Agent, and her damage simply outperforms other Attack Agents.

Lycaon is also an S Rank Agent, pairing with Ellen for a strong combo. Lastly, Soukaku is a featured A Rank on Ellen’s Banner, meaning you’ll likely get extra Mindscape levels on her.

If you start the game and pull Lycaon, going for Ellen will provide a lot of value for your account.

Zenless Zone Zero Mono Ice Ellen Team

Ellen is the real powerhouse of this team. You can make do pairing her with other Stun/Supports, but the priority is to activate her AA. (Rina, Koleda, Anby)

Recommended Bangboos: Butler (S), Sharkboo (S), Penguinboo (A)

Mono Physical Teams

Billy Portrait S


Corin Portrait S


Nekomata Portrait S


Piper Portrait S


While the Physical roster also has 4 Agents, 3 of them share the same Fighting Style: Attack. This makes team building quite awkward. While you can definitely put 3 Physical Agents together to trigger Assault constantly, it feels more natural to do 2 Physical + 1 Flex Agent.

Nicole or Lucy are both solid 3rd options along with Physical Attack + Piper. Nekomata, Piper, Lucy is likely the strongest Physical team available right now.

Zenless Zone Zero Nekomata Disorder Team

As more Physical Agents come out, a pure Mono Physical team may shine, but at the moment, Nicole is your best bet for Nekomata.

Recommended Bangboos: Starterboo (S), Luckyboo (A), Amillion (S)

Mono Ether (Zhu Yuan) Teams

Nicole Portrait S

Zhu Yuan Portrait S
Zhu Yuan

Unfortunately, there are only two Ether Agents thus far. Furthermore, Zhu Yuan won’t be available until 7/24 as the second Limited Banner of Version 1.0.

While Zhu Yuan won’t have other CISRT teammtes until 1.1, her AA activates with ANY Support. This makes her teambuilding extremely flexible, although we consider Nicole one of her best Supports already, and she’s free.

With no third Ether Agent on the horizon, the Attribute will be carried by Zhu Yuan, along with any Support combination you can use.

Zenless Zone Zero Zhu Yuan Ether Team

This first team is available for free, and likely a very competitive team. While Anby’s Stun capacity is much less than Lycaon/Koleda, she can still do very well.

Zhu Yuan Koleda Lucy

While not a Mono Ether team, Zhu Yuan still will carry your team’s damage, and Koleda/Lucy will provide the Stun/Support needed to succeed.

Since Lucy is a Support and Koleda is Fire, all AAs will be active. You can use this breakdown to run Lycaon/Rina as well.

Recommended Bangboos: Resonaboo (S), Devilboo (A)

ZZZ Faction Teams

Overall, Faction based teams tend to be situational compared to Mono Attribute teams. The Mono Attribute teams tend to have kits that synergize with one another. For some Factions, you can build synergistic teams, but they aren’t always better than Mono Attribute.

For example, if we look at Victoria Housekeeping, you can run Ellen (Attack), Lycaon (Stun), and Rina (Support). This team is perfectly fine and strong, but Soukaku is a strong replacement for Rina, especially with higher Mindscape Cinema (dupes).

I won’t be covering every Faction based team, but rather point out some notable ones.

Cunning Hares

Nekomata Anby Nicole Team

Nekomata, Anby, Nicole

This team is notable because you already receive two of the Agents for free, making this team very accessible. If you pull Nekomata from the Standard Banner, you already have the makings for a solid team.

Nicole is a strong and flexible support, while Anby provides some utility through Daze/Stun. Nekomata is the main DPS of the team, but you can also run Billy and run the true Free Team.

Victoria Housekeeping

Zenless Zone Zero Ellen Lycaon Rina Team

Ellen, Lycaon, Rina

If you want to flex your S-Rank Agents, Victoria Housekeeping is the way to go. This team uses all S-Rank Agents and is very strong. Rina isn’t absolutely necessary for this team, since Soukaku is a strong Support for this team.

However, on the off chance you have Rina but only Soukaku M0 (no dupes), then this team is also a strong option. As you build a second team for Shiyu Defense, we recommend using Rina on your second team, but this team can absolutely destroy Story content.

Belobog Heavy Industries

Zenless Zone Zero Belobog Disorder Team

Koleda, Ben, Grace

The Belobog Faction also has decent spread with Agents. For the most part, you can combine any of the 4 and have a mostly functional team. Even Anton, Koleda, and Ben still combine for Attack, Stun, and Defense, which is a perfectly reasonable team setup.

For this highlighted team, we have Grace who can apply lots of Electric Anomaly, triggering Disorder. However, Koleda and Ben don’t have the best Fire application, so this type of Disorder team may not be ideal. Let’s expand on this concept below.

ZZZ Disorder Teams

Disorder is an Attribute Anomaly mechanic that triggers when you inflict two different types of Anomaly on the enemy. This will trigger Disorder, removing the first Anomaly, dealing damage, and inflicting Daze.

This mechanic is reminiscent of things like Elemental Mastery from Genshin or Break/DoT from HSR.

Instead of Crit, you focus on Anomaly stats and Attribute application, allowing Disorder to carry the team’s damage.

Currently, Disorder teams are very competitive, but a bit weaker than the upper echelon of Ellen teams.

As of right now, there are two Anomaly Agents in the game:

Grace Portrait S


Piper Portrait S


If you are looking to build a Disorder, team, having one or both of these Agents will lead to the best results. Since they are Anomaly, they will have higher base Anomaly stats and kits that synergize with Anomaly.

Piper Disorder Teams

Zenless Zone Zero Nekomata Sons of Calydon Team Zenless Zone Zero Piper Fire Team

Let’s first look at Piper Disorder teams. While Physical Anomaly (Assault) might not deal the most damage, it increases the Daze taken by the enemy. This allows you

Since Piper is from Sons of Calydon, pairing her with Lucy is natural. Lucy deals a lot of Fire DMG with her Boars, leading to good Fire application and Burn.

With this duo, we can then look to utilize either a Physical or Fire Attribute Agent for our third slot. Soldier 11 deals a lot of Fire DMG with her kit, so she is promising. As for Physical, Nekomata/Billy/Corin may perform somewhat similarly.

It’s unclear whether building the whole team with Anomaly stats is strong, or if building Nekomata/Soldier 11 with traditional Crit/ATK stats is better.

Grace Disorder Teams

Zenless Zone Zero Disorder Soldier 11 Ben Grace Team

Here are two examples of some Disorder teams with Grace. In terms of teammates, Ben (Fire/Defense) and Rina (Electric/Support) both are solid and allow you to expand into the Fire Attribute/Victoria Housekeeping Agents respectively.

As mentioned, Soldier 11 applies a decent amount of Fire, while Grace carries the Electric load. As for the second team, we have both Rina and Grace applying Electric DMG, with Piper as the final piece.

While you won’t be able to activate Piper’s Additional Ability, this team can trigger Disorder very easily with both Piper and Grace. You can also opt to replace Rina with Lucy and omit Grace’s AA instead.

ZZZ F2P Teams

Lastly, let’s cover “F2P” teams. It’s difficult to define what a F2P team looks like. Does it need to have only A Rank Agents? Or does it only have one S Rank Agent?

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter too much what defines it. What matters is that you’re able to build a strong team with what you have.

I hope that by at this point of the article I’ve given you plenty of ideas on how to team build. With all this information, you can definitely look to build teams based on your own account.

You may not be able to synergize perfectly and activate every Additional Ability, but try to fill in missing pieces with what you have.

Zenless Zone Zero Ben F2P Team

For example, this team has all the makings of a synergistic team. Anton is Attack, Anby is Stun, and Ben is Defense. Every Additional Ability is active, and you likely can do decently well with this type of team.

Will this team outperform other teams with S Rank Agents? Probably not. But it still functions.

Zenless Zone Zero Lycaon F2P Team

Here is another example team with only one S-Rank. If you pull Lycaon, but you’re not a fan of Ellen, this team can work as well. Corin replaces Ellen as your Attack Agent, and the team has all the markings of a strong team. (Attack  + Stun + Flex)

You can follow this general guideline for just about every S-Rank Agent to build a F2P team. (Grace is somewhat of a caveat to this)

Closing Words

This wraps up our initial article on the best teams in Zenless Zone Zero and how to team build.

For the most part, teams boil down to two categories. Attack + Stun or Disorder. Having a Stun Agent is crucial for scaling your team’s damage, and your Attack Agent will carry the damage. The last spot can be a flex Agent like Support/Anomaly/Defense.

If you have Grace, you’ll either look to build into more Anomaly with Piper, or Mono-Electric with Anton. These teams don’t require a Stun Agent, but they’re more niche compared to most teams. As more Anomaly support comes out, this type of team can shine even more.

This article assumed you have a basic understanding of the combat in ZZZ. If you need a refresher or you’re completely new, be sure to check out our ZZZ Combat Guide.

If you want to see our recommendations for Agents, be sure to check out our Zenless Zone Zero Tier List. 

Thanks for Reading! For more resources, be sure to check out our other Zenless Zone Zero Guides.