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Zenless Zone Zero Qingyi Guide – Skills, Builds, Teams, & More

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Zenless Zone Zero Qingyi Reveal & Overview

Welcome to our Zenless Zone Zero Qingyi guide. We’ll cover everything you need to know about her skills, builds, teams, and more.

Qingyi has been revealed from Hoyo to be an upcoming character release, but we don’t know the full details of her kit. From the Main Story, it’s suggested that Qingyi will be Electric Attribute, and we know she’s from the CISRT Faction.

Outside of that, we don’t know her Rarity or her Specialty just yet. (But we can still make predictions)

As more characters come out, changes to our ZZZ Tier List will definitely come. As the roster expands, more team combinations become possible, making way for more powerful teams to enter the meta.

Qingyi Portrait S


Zenless Zone Zero CISRT Logo


zzz electric



Qingyi marks the second Agent to be part of CISRT, and she will likely synergize with Zhu Yuan quite well. Considering we already have Anton (Attack) and Grace (Anomaly), it’s likely that Qingyi will either be Stun or Support. Defense is a possibility, but the recently revealed Seth seems more likely to be Defense.

If Qingyi does turn out to be Electric Stun, it would be unfortunate since she might just powercreep Anby on many teams (rip Anby mains). On the other hand, if she’s Support, she has very tough competition with Grace.

ZZZ Qingyi Release Date

While not confirmed, it’s extremely likely that Qingyi will release in Version 1.1 on August 15th. She will be featured on a Limited Banner either as an S-Rank or A-Rank.

If she’s S-Rank, she can only be obtained during her limited banner, lasting 3 weeks. If she’s an A-Rank Agent, she will be added to the Standard Banner after her featured banner ends.

Here’s a look at the official release media from Hoyoverse.

Zenless Zone Zero Qingyi Reveal

Zenless Zone Zero Qingyi Skills

Check back later for more information on Qingyi’s skills. We’ll be sure to update as soon as we learn the official details.

ZZZ Qingyi Mindscape Cinema

Check back later for more information on Qingyi’s Mindscape Cinema. We’ll be sure to update as soon as we learn the official details.

ZZZ Qingyi Build Guide Overview

Based on assumption of Electric/Stun

Since we don’t have the full details of Qingyi’s kit, we can’t precisely recommend a build for her. However, we can still make predictions based on the assumption that Qingyi is Electric/Stun.

Zenless Zone Zero Qingyi Build Banner
W-Engine Drive Disc
  • Demara Battery Mark II
  • Shockstar Disco (4)
    Swing Jazz (2)
  • Shockstar Disco (4)
    Thunder Metal (2)
Main Stat Substats
  • (4) ATK%
  • (5) Electric DMG%
  • (6) Impact%
  • ATK%
  • Crit Rate/Crit DMG
  • PEN/Flat ATK

Qingyi Best W-Engines


Demara Battery Mark II

ATK: 42/624 | Impact: 6%/15%
Increases Electric DMG by 15/17.5/20/22/22%. When the equipper hits an enemy with Dodge Counter or Assist Attack, their Energy Generation Rate increases by 18/20.5/23/25/27.5% for 8s.

Qingyi will likely have her signature weapon featured on the W-Engine banner in Version 1.1. However, since if she turns out to be Electric Stun, there is already a great F2P option available to everyone.

Demara Battery Mark II should be an easy and accessible option to every player. It has solid Base ATK for an A-Rank Engine, Impact Main Stat, and an applicable Passive ability. Keep in mind that this is all under the assumption that Qingyi is Electric/Stun.

Qingyi Drive Disc

Disk Drive Shockstar Disco S

Shockstar Disco

(2): Increases Impact by 6%.
(4): Basic Attacks, Dash Attacks, Dodge Counter, Special Attacks, and EX Special Attacks inflict 15% more Daze upon the main target.
Disk Drive Swing Jazz S

Swing Jazz

(2): Energy Regen increases by 20%.
(4): Launching a Chain Attack or Ultimate increases all squad members’ DMG by 15% for 12s. Passive effects of the same name do not stack.
Disk Drive Thunder Metal S

Thunder Metal

(2): Increases Electric DMG by 10%.
(4): As long as an enemy in combat is Shocked, the equippers ATK is increased by 27%.

As with most Stun Agents, having Shockstar Disco (4) is crucial for increasing your Impact stat. You want to Daze/Stun as efficiently as possible and then swap into your main DPS.

The secondary 2-piece bonus can be different. If Qingyi scales off any special stats like PEN or ATK%, then the secondary set will be different.

In the general case, Swing Jazz (2) is very effective, as charging up her EX Special faster makes her more efficient. If you want to increase her personal damage, Thunder Metal (2) is also a good alternative.

Qingyi Drive Disc Stats

When it comes to stats, Stun Agents don’t need too much. You want Partition VI to be Impact Main Stat. Outside of that, all the other Main Stats/Substats are simply extra personal damage.

If you want to be efficient with your resources, leveling up Partition VI with Impact Main Stat is your only priority. After you have extra resources, you can further optimize the other stats for more personal damage.

Main Stats

  • (4) ATK%
  • (5) Electric DMG%
  • (6) Impact%


  • ATK%
  • Crit Rate/Crit DMG
  • PEN/Flat ATK

Qingyi Skill Priority

Almost every Agent looks to level up their Core Skill first. This increases their base stats and upgrades their Core Passive. We don’t know Qingyi’s full kit yet, so stay tuned for an updated skill priority recommendation.

Zenless Zone Zero Qingyi Teams

Once again, this portion of the guide will be predictive/speculation. Assuming Qingyi is Electric/Stun, there is quite the variety of teams that she can fit into. She can empower Zhu Yuan to be part of a stronger team, and Mono Electric teams can also use her to some degree.

Zhu Yuan Qingyi Team

Zenless Zone Zero Zhu Yuan Qingyi Team

Zhu Yuan, Qingyi, Rina

This first team looks to be one of the strongest teams if Qingyi is indeed a Stun Agent. In the trial version of Zhu Yuan, her AA activated if any Support Agent was on the team. This could mean that even if Qingyi is not Electric, this team will still work well.

However, we don’t know if this AA was just a trial for the story, or if it reflects Zhu Yuan’s actual AA upon release. Either way, this team will likely perform very well if our assumptions are correct.

You can also use Nicole instead of Rina, who will synergize very well with Zhu Yuan. This is just an example of how Qingyi can make the team more flexible, opening up the option for an Electric Support.

Mono Electric Anton Team

Zenless Zone Zero Anton Qingyi Team

Anton, Qingyi, Rina

This team is largely the same except Qingyi acts as the team’s Stunner instead of Anby. If Qingyi is S-Rank, the performance over Anby will be noticeable. If Qingyi is A-Rank, then it might not be as big of a difference.

Shock Team

Zenless Zone Zero Qingyi Shock Team

Grace, Qingyi, Rina

Lastly, we have a Mono Electric team that omits an Attack Agent for Grace. In general, a Stun Agent isn’t necessary for Grace, since she deals most of her damage though Anomaly rather than traditional means.

As such, this team likely won’t shine unless Qingyi has a mechanic that lets her synergize with the Shock Anomaly. The opposite can be possible as well. If Qingyi synergizes better with Attack Agents, then this team likely won’t be ideal for her.

In Conclusion

Qingyi Agent Record

This wraps up our initial Zenless Zone Zero Qingyi Guide. Once again, we don’t know the full details of her kit, so many things in this guide are based on assumptions.

Even still, predictions/speculation can still be good for planning your pulls. The story cutscenes heavily indicate that Qingyi will be Electric, but there’s no confirmation she will be a Stun Agent.

This is simply an assumption based on the current roster of Agents. As we learn more, we’ll be sure to update the guide with relevant information and analysis.

Thanks for Reading! For more resources, check out our other Zenless Zone Zero Guides.