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Zenless Zone Zero Bangboo Guide

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Zenless Zone Zero Bangboos Explained

Zenless Zone Zero is another entry in Hoyoverse’s catalogue of games, and they’re introducing a new mechanic: Bangboos. If you’re played the other Hoyoverse games (Genshin Impact/Honkai Star Rail), you’ll have a good idea of how the game works.

You have your characters (Agents), weapons (W-Engines), artifacts (Disk Drives), but Bangboos are a new concept.

In this guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know about Bangboos. We’ll cover a little bit of the lore, how they work, how to obtain them, and list the ones we know of.

Keep in mind that this guide is based on information from the Closed Beta tests. Things may change slightly upon release, but things will likely be mostly similar.

What Are Bangboos?

Zenless Zone Zero Bangboo Artwork

Bangboos are a new character unique to Zenless Zone Zero. They’re basically bunny-like robots, with a variety of use cases. Bangboos are intelligent devices that are prevalent in the story and setting of ZZZ.

As you play through the game, you’ll obtain different Bangboos, interact with them in the story, and even play as one as you explore Hollows.

For more information on the world and setting, you can check out our Zenless Zone Zero Beginner Guide.


Eous is the Bangboo that the main character controls when exploring the Hollows. Eous is only part of the story and isn’t a Bangboo you add to your team.

Instead, you’ll pull for Combat Bangboos to add to your teams.

Combat Bangboos

Bangboo Manual Amillion

When playing Zenless Zone Zero, you assemble a team of three characters (Agents) to fight monsters, the Ethereal, inside Hollows. Your main character, Wise/Belle, won’t be able to explore the Hollows directly, and you explore them with Eous as your vehicle.

However, there are also Combat Bangboos that you obtain as well. These Bangboos will act like a 4th team member or pet.

You won’t control Combat Bangboos directly, as they are there to passively cast skills or buff your team up. Combat Bangboos will provide unique bonuses for your team. Pairing a synergistic Bangboo will be important for maximizing the performance of your team.

Bangboo Chain Attack

Zenless Zone Zero Bangboo Chain Attack

In Zenless Zone Zero, you’ll be able to perform Chain Attacks which deal massive damage. Chain Attacks can’t be used all the time, and there’s a limit to how many you can perform on an enemy.

Some Combat Bangboos will be able to Chain Attack, allowing you to increase this window of burst damage. For more information, check out our Zenless Zone Zero Combat Guide.

Upgrading Bangboos

Like characters and weapons, Bangboos will have specific materials to level them up. You’ll obtain these in game to level up your Combat Bangboos. This will increase their stats/make their skills more powerful.

How to Obtain Bangboos

Zenless Zone Zero Bangboo Banner Official

Like Agents and W-Engines, Bangboos will be obtained through a gacha system. However, unlike Agents and W-Engines, you won’t be able to pull for Bangboos with your premium currency.

Instead, you accrue tickets called Boopons. You’ll use these to pull on the Bangboo Banner. You can get Boopons in a variety of ways, like Comissions, game modes like Hollow Zero, or the Battle Pass.

Zenless Zone Zero Bangboo Selector Pity

Selector: Lastly, when pulling on the Bangboo Banner, you can select which S-Rank Bangboo to pull for. This way, you can mitigate some of the luck by targeting the exact Bangboo you want.

All Bangboos List

Lastly, here’s a quick list of all the Bangboos from the Closed Beta Test. Keep in mind that these may change upon release, but a majority of them will likely be the same or similar.

S Rank Bangboos

  • Amillion
  • Bangvolver
  • Butler
  • Plugboo
  • Resonaboo
  • Rocketboo
  • Safety
  • Sharkboo

A Rank Bangboos

  • Avocaboo
  • Bagboo
  • Boollseye
  • Booressure
  • Cryboo
  • Devilboo
  • Electroboo
  • Exploreboo
  • Magnetiboo
  • Paperboo
  • Penguinboo
  • Sumoboo

For a full list of Skills, you can check out our ZZZ Bangboo Tier List. If you’re still planning your pulls, you can also check our ZZZ Best Characters guide.

This wraps up our quick introduction to Bangboos. For more resources, be sure to check out our other Zenless Zone Zero Guides.