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Zenless Zone Zero Beginner Guide

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Introduction to Zenless Zone Zero

Welcome to our Beginner Guide for Zenless Zone Zero! In this guide, we’ll cover everything about the game, whether you’re completely new to gacha games or a returning veteran.

Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ) is an upcoming action RPG gacha game, developed and published by Hoyoverse. Hoyoverse is the same company behind games like Genshin Impact, Honkai Impact 3rd, and Honkai Star Rail.

Zenless Zone Zero will release on July 4th, 2024 on Windows, iOS, Android, and PS5.

Setting and Story

Zenless Zone Zero Town Feature

Welcome to New Eridu — Where Humanity Rises Anew!

ZZZ takes place in an apocalyptic future, where a mysterious disaster known as Hollows wiped out most of humanity. The game takes place in New Eridu, a city that has advanced technology to co-exist with the Hollows.

You take on the role of a “Proxy,” or someone that can help guide others through the Hollows, fighting monsters known as the Ethereal.

Assemble a team of three to take on the hollows, fighting the Ethereal with action-packed combat. Use a combination of Basic and Special Attacks, Dodges and Parrys, and Chain Attacks to neutralize the threat.

Getting Started

Before getting into the game, let’s briefly cover the system requirements for Zenless Zone Zero. Here is also a link to the main website, where you can pre-register/download the game.

System Requirements – Windows

Specs Minimum Recommended
Operating System Windows 10 Windows 10
Processor 7th Gen Intel Core i5 10th Gen Intel Core i7
Memory 8 GB RAM 8 GB RAM
Graphics Card Nvidia GeForce GTX970 Nvidia GeForce GTX1660
Storage 40 GB 40 GB

System Requirements – Android




CPU Snapdragon 888 / Dimensity 1200 / Kirin 990 Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 / Dimensity 8200 / Kirin 9000
OS Android 11.0 Android 11.0
Storage 15 GB 15 GB

System Requirements – iOS




Device iPhone XS / iPad A12 iPhone 11Pro / iPad with A13 chip
OS iOS 14.0 iOS 14.0
Storage 17 GB 17 GB

Game Mechanics

If you’ve played Genshin Impact or Honkai Star Rail, many mechanics will carry over to ZZZ. The different game modes, character abilities, and progression systems are near identical.

For those new to the genre, here’s a full breakdown of the game mechanics.

Zenless Zone Zero Combat

Zenless Zone Zero Combat

Zenless Zone Zero Full Combat Guide

The combat system is what sets ZZZ apart from Hoyo’s other games. Honkai Star Rail is turn based, but Genshin Impact does have a robust combat system.

Compared to Genshin Impact, ZZZ is much more fast-paced, with a larger focus on dodging/parrying attacks. Genshin Impact is also an open-world game, while ZZZ is not.

Here’s a quick rundown of the combat in ZZZ.

  • Players assemble a team of 3 characters and one Bangboo (more on this later).
  • You will control one character, swapping between team members to use different attacks.
  • Every character has their own Health bar and Energy bar.
    • Energy recharges from doing attacks and being on the field. (active)
  • Daze mechanic
    • As you attack enemies, they will accumulate Daze. Once full, enemies will be stunned, allowing you to unleash Chain Attacks.

Combat Moveset

Every character will have a set of attacks. While the categorizations are the same, each character will have their own unique attacks. They might be from range, close combat, large AoE, etc.

  • Basic Attack
    • A simple chain of attacks always available to use. Some characters will have extra mechanics with their basic attacks.
  • Special Attack
    • Similar to a skill from Genshin, except special attacks have no cooldown. If you have enough energy, you can launch an empowered version (EX Special).
  • Chain Attack
    • Use a Heavy Attack after Dazing an enemy to launch a Chain Attack. This will result in a QTE (Quick Time Event). Click on a team member to “chain” between the characters, dealing massive damage.
  • Ultimate
    • Unlike Genshin, each character does not charge their individual Ultimate. As you perform Chain Attacks, Dodge Counters, and Assist Follow-Ups, you’ll build up your decibel gauge. This will increase from “Uproar,” to “Blasting,” to “Maximum.” Launch any character’s Ultimate once you’re at Maximum.
  • Dodge
    • A fairly straightforward dodge/dash mechanic. When dodging at the right time, you’ll have a perfect dodge, which you can then attack afterward to trigger a Dodge Counter.
  • Switch
    • A button used to switch between characters in your team.
  • Reactive Assist
    • After your character is hit, you can assist attack, swapping to another character and perform a heavy attack.
  • Perfect Assist (Defensive/Evasive Assist)
    • If you switch to another character right before an enemy attack (flashes gold), you’ll trigger a perfect assist and consume an Assist Point. Some Agents will Defensive Assist and inflict Daze, while others will perform Evasive Assist and slow down time.
    • Attacking afterward will result in an Assist Follow-Up.
    • Chain Attacks regenerate Assist Points.

Gacha System

Zenless Zone Zero Banner

Zenless Zone Zero Gacha System Guide]

Moving on, we have the Gacha System where you actually obtain characters and weapons. Some characters and weapons will be given for free through quests, events, rewards, etc. A large majority of the characters/weapons you acquire will be through the gacha.

Just like Genshin, the gacha system is largely the same. You’ll have two different rarities of characters: A Rank and S Rank. There will be 6 “Standard” S Rank characters, which you can obtain at any time (albeit randomly).

Limited S Rank characters will be obtained through a limited-time banner, and the same goes for limited weapons.

Agents (Characters)

Zenless Zone Zero Billy Nicole Amby

In Zenless Zone Zero, characters are referred to as Agents. These Agents come from different factions, each with unique attacks and abilities.

As previously mentioned, there are two rarities: A Rank and S Rank. Generally, S Rank characters are stronger than A Rank, but this isn’t always the case. Certain Agents pair well together or have certain synergies, so there is reason to use just about any character.

Check out the full Zenless Zone Zero Character List.

Agents also have an Attribute and Fighting Style. Here’s a quick rundown of each:


  • Fire
  • Electric
  • Ice
  • Physical
  • Ether

Fighting Styles

  • Attack
  • Stun
  • Anomaly
  • Support
  • Defense

W-Engines (Weapons)


In Zenless Zone Zero, your weapons will be “W-Engines.” This is essentially the same as your weapon from Genshin Impact, increasing the character’s stats and providing an additional effect.

W-Engines will be classified by Fighting Style, so you can equip an “Attack” W-Engine on an Attack Agent.

You’ll get W-Engines through the gacha system. A Ranks will be available on any banner, while S Ranks will be acquired through W-Engine specific banners.

Disk Drives

Zenless Zone Zero Disk Drive Doom Grindcore

Disk Drives are like equipment that you put on your characters for additional stats and set effects. This will be similar to Artifacts from Genshin Impact or Relics from Honkai Star Rail.

There isn’t too much different when it comes to Disk Drives compared to the other Hoyo games. You’ll equip them for stats and having multiple of the same set will provide a bonus effect.


Bangboo Manual Amillion

Bangboos are little bunny-like robots, created in New Eridu to assist humanity. The Bangboos have had a variety of effects in the Closed Beta, so there isn’t a confirmation on their effect on release, and they’re unique to ZZZ as there is no parallel in Genshin or Honkai.

The latest beta allowed Bangboos to Chain Attack, letting your team extend how long they could Chain Attack for. In the past, they had passive effects for your team, similar to that of a weapon, but for the team instead of one Agent.

Bangboos will also have their own specific banner. BUT, you won’t be spending the usual premium currency to roll on it. Instead, you’ll earn currency to roll as you play through the game.

Game Modes

Zenless Zone Zero TV

As you progress through the story, you’ll encounter the “TV” system. You’ll explore the Hollows through a little TV, doing puzzles, fighting combat encounters, and more.

This will be a majority of your gameplay early on as you progress. There are other game modes where you can get resources to upgrade characters and weapons as well.

As for the endgame, there are a couple game modes to go over.

Rally Commissions

Rally Commissions are large combat instances where you just fight enemies. There will be rewards you can find in the map as well, but the focus on the game mode is combat.

Shiyu Defense

Shiyu Defense will be the “Abyss” game mode of Zenless Zone Zero. In here, you’ll find the most challenging content, fighting off monsters in set waves.

Every so often, the hardest levels in Shiyu Defense will refresh, adding new enemies, and also refreshing clear rewards.

Hollow Zero

Hollow Zero is a roguelike mode, similar to Simulated Universe in Honkai Star Rail. You’ll get buffs for your characters, encounter tough monsters, and have a unique experience every run.

Multiplayer and Co-op

There is a Co-op feature in Zenless Zone Zero, but we haven’t seen much content other than some enemies to fight with friends. The co-op experience may be extended in the future, but as of right now, there isn’t too much to explore.

In-Game Resources

As with any gacha game, your progression will be time-gated by stamina. Stamina is a resource that slowly regenerates over time. You can use stamina to get materials to upgrade your characters, level up your weapons, upgrade skills, etc.

There will also be other currencies like gacha currency, a basic money currency, and more.

Tips and Tricks

Zenless Zone Zero Gentle House

When it comes to starting gacha games, less is more. If you want to level up every character and weapon you obtain, you’ll be strapped for resources very quickly. Try to narrow down your favorite characters or focus on one team to upgrade.

This will ensure you can continue to tackle harder content without running out of resources.

Furthermore, Zenless Zone Zero does not have “healers.” Because of this, you may think that you only need to focus on damage. While this is somewhat true, different characters have different gameplay styles and aesthetic.

You can try to follow the “meta” and upgrade only the strongest characters, but that will be a never-ending cycle. Hoyoverse is generally quite good about designing characters that synergize with one another, making use of combat mechanics over raw strength.

When deciding on what characters to use, there is no wrong answer. You can go for Agents you enjoy, the ones you think look best, or the ones that do the most damage. Or maybe you let fate decide and see what you get. Whatever the case may be, remember that ZZZ is a game to enjoy, not to win.

Thanks for Reading! This wraps up our brief Beginner Guide on Zenless Zone Zero. We’ll continue to create more guides and in-depth resources for the game as launch approaches.

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