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Zenless Zone Zero Drive Disc List & Guide

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Zenless Zone Zero Drive Disc Guide

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Drive Discs in Zenless Zone Zero and show the full list. We’ll cover how they work, how to obtain them, the different kinds, and more.

Zenless Zone Zero is Hoyoverse’s new gacha game, with fast-paced action-combat, taking place in an urban fantasy world. As ZZZ is a Hoyo game, many game mechanics are quite similar, but we’ll be sure to cover everything for completely new players as well.

What are Drive Discs?

Zenless Zone Zero Equipment Screen

For those that have played Genshin Impact/Honkai Star Rail, Drive Discs are your Artifacts/Relics. They are essentially the equipment pieces that you can put on your character.

Equipping Drive Discs will increase the stats of your Agent and also provide Set Bonuses, similar to many other RPG games.

How Drive Discs Work

In ZZZ, each Agent will be able to equip 6 Drive Discs. These slot into your equipment screen, with your W-Engine (weapon) in the middle. Each slot is called a “partition,” and you have to slot the correct Drive Discs Partition into it.

These partitions are numbers I-VI (1-6), and are a simple differentiator. It’s almost like equipping a helmet/shield/chest, but instead it’s just I, II, II, and so on.

Every Drive Disc has two Set Effects with bonuses at (2) and (4). Equipping 2/4 Drive Discs from the same set will activate the Set Effect, providing additional buffs.

Lastly, each Drive Disc has a Main Stat and up to 4 Substats. We’ll cover the stats in more depth down below.

Drive Disc Rarity

Drive Discs also have three different rarities: B, A, and S. In the early game, you will mainly obtain B-Rank Drive Discs, and as you progress, you’ll be able to unlock S-Rank Drives.

Higher rarity Drives will provide larger stat bonuses, and also have a higher maximum level.

  • B: Level 9
  • A: Level 12
  • S: Level 15

The different rarities also have different stat upgrades, but we’ll cover that section in more detail below.

How to Obtain Drive Discs

In ZZZ, there are two main ways to obtain Drive Discs. There is the usual “dungeon” mechanic that lets you farm random drops, similar to Genshin/HSR.

However, ZZZ also introduces a new system, the Music Store. This Music Store allows you to “roll” for Drive Discs, similar to the gacha mechanic for acquiring characters/weapons.

Driver Validation

Zenless Zone Zero Driver Validation

This is the first and simple way to farm more Drive Discs. You can spend Battery Charge (stamina) to challenge these dungeons and receive rewards.

These will provide you with random Drive Disc drops as well as Drive Disc EXP material (Plating Agents). There are different dungeons that drop different Sets, so pick the correct one based on the Sets you want to farm.

Elfy’s Music Store – Bardic Needle

Zenless Zone Zero Music Store

Elfy’s Music Store is an additional mechanic unique to Zenless Zone Zero. In the Music Store, you’ll be able to perform “Drive Tuning.” This allows you to exchange Plating Agents for Drive Discs.

This is a new mechanic to Hoyo games, as your EXP materials can now be used to farm additional equipment pieces.

  • Music Store Level 1: Unlocks Tuning Feature
  • Music Store Level 2: Select Partition
  • Music Store Level 3: Select Main Stat

As you level up your account level (Inter-Knot Level), you’ll gain access to more specific tuning. For example, you can start picking which Set to craft, which partition you’ll get, and even select the main stat.

Tuning for a more specific Drive Disc will require more Plating Agents, but this is a worthwhile cost to get a specific piece you need.

Drive Disc Stats

Here’s a breakdown of the different stats you can get on your Drive Discs. Each Disc will have a Main Stat and up to 4 Substats. The Main Stat will increase as you level up the Disc.

Substats will increase in 3 level increments. Every 3 levels, you’ll either gain a Substat (to the max of 4) or a random Substat will increase.

Main Stats


Main Stat
I Flat HP
IV HP%, ATK%, DEF%, CRIT Rate%, CRIT DMG%, Anomaly Proficiency
V HP%, ATK%, DEF%,  PEN Ratio%, Attribute DMG%*
VI HP%, ATK%, DEF%, Energy Regen%, Impact%, Anomaly Mastery

When it comes to Main Stats, the first three Partitions are set to be Flat HP, ATK, and DEF respectively. Partition IV, V, and VI will be the ones you try to farm to get the right Main Stat.

*Attribute DMG% refers to each Attribute, i.e. Fire DMG%, Electric DMG%, etc.

Sub Stats

  • Flat ATK/ATK%
  • Flat HP/HP%
  • Flat DEF/DEF%
  • Crit Rate%
  • Crit DMG%
  • Flat PEN
  • Anomaly Proficiency

The amount of Substats revealed at level 1 also depends on the Rarity.

  • B-Rank: 1-2 Substats – Max Level 9
  • A-Rank: 2-3 Substats – Max Level 12
  • S-Rank: 3-4 Substats – Max Level 15

As previously mentioned, the level cap for each Rarity is 9, 12, and 15 respectively. This means B Rank Drives can have 3 upgrades, A Rank will have 4, and S Rank will have 5.

Each upgrade happens at Level 3, 6, 9, 12, and 15. If the Drive has less than 4 Substats, an upgrade will reveal a random Substat. Once a Drive has 4 Substats, each upgrade will increase a random Substat.

Ideally, you upgrade an S-Rank Drive Disc that starts with 4 Substats. This means each upgrade will increase a random Substat.

Zenless Zone Zero Drive Disc List: Set Effects

When you equip 2 or 4 Drive Discs from the same set, you’ll activate a powerful bonus for your Agent. Since Agents can equip up to 6 Drive Discs, you’ll be able to activate one 4-piece and one 2-piece bonus.

Note: You can do a 2-piece/2-piece/2-piece setup as well. This is useful when you have pieces with very good Substats. You can omit the powerful 4-piece bonus to equip your pieces with strong Substats.

Disk Drive Woodpecker Electro S

Woodpecker Electro

2-Pc: Increases CRIT Rate by 8%.
4-Pc: Triggering a critical hit with a Basic Attack, Dodge Counter, or EX Special Attack increases the equipper’s ATK by 9% for 6s. The buff duration for different skills are calculated separately.
Disk Drive Puffer Electro S

Puffer Electro

2-Pc: Increases PEN Ratio by 8%.
4-Pc: Ultimate DMG increases by 20%. Launching an Ultimate increases the equipper’s ATK by 15% for 12s.
Disk Drive Shockstar Disco S

Shockstar Disco

2-Pc: Increases Impact by 6%.
4-Pc: Basic Attacks, Dash Attacks, and Dodge Counters, inflict 20% more Daze upon the main target.
Disk Drive Freedom Blues S

Freedom Blues

2-Pc: Increases Anomaly Proficiency by 30.
4-Pc: When an EX Special Attack hits an enemy, reduce the target’s Anomaly Buildup RES to the equipper’s Attribute by 20% for 8s. This effect does not stack with others of the same attribute.
Disk Drive Hormone Punk S

Hormone Punk

2-Pc: Increases ATK by 10%.
4-Pc: Upon entering or switching in combat, the equipper has their ATK increased by 25% for 10s. This effect can be triggered once every 20s.
Drive Disk Soul Rock S

Soul Rock

2-Pc: Increases DEF by 16%.
4-Pc: Upon receiving an enemy attack and losing HP, the equipper takes 40% less DMG for 2.5s. This effect can trigger once every 15s.
Disk Drive Swing Jazz S

Swing Jazz

2-Pc: Energy Regen increases by 20%.
4-Pc: Launching a Chain Attack or Ultimate increases all squad members’ DMG by 15% for 12s. Passive effects of the same name do not stack.
Disk Drive Inferno Metal S

Inferno Metal

2-Pc: Increases Fire DMG by 10%.
4-Pc: Upon hitting a Burning enemy, the equipper’s CRIT Rate is increased by 28% for 8s.
Disk Drive Chaotic Metal S

Chaotic Metal

2-Pc: Increases Ether DMG by 10%.
4-Pc: The equipper’s CRIT DMG increases by 20%. When any character in the squad triggers Corruption’s additional DMG, this effect further increases by 5.5% for 8s, stacking up to 6 times. Repeated triggers reset the duration.
Disk Drive Thunder Metal S

Thunder Metal

2-Pc: Increases Electric DMG by 10%.
4-Pc: As long as an enemy in combat is Shocked, the equipper’s ATK is increased by 28%.
Disk Drive Polar Metal S

Polar Metal

2-Pc: Increases Ice DMG by 10%.
4-Pc: Increases the DMG of Basic Attack and Dash Attack by 20%. When any squad member inflicts Freeze or Shatter, this effect increases by an additional 20% for 12s.
Disk Drive Fanged Metal S

Fanged Metal

2-Pc: Increases Physical DMG by 10%.
4-Pc: Whenever a squad member inflicts Assault on an enemy, the equipper deals 35% increased damage to the target for 12s.

This wraps up everything you need to know about Drive Discs. If you’re coming from other Hoyo games, the system will be very familiar. For those new to Hoyoverse and Gacha games, this should outline all the basics.

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