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Zenless Zone Zero Lucy Guide – Skills, Builds, Teams, & More

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Zenless Zone Zero Lucy Overview

Welcome to our Zenless Zone Zero character guide, where we cover everything you need to know about Lucy.

Lucy (Luciana de Montefio) is an A Rank Agent from the Sons of Calydon Faction with the Fire Attribute and Support Fighting Style. Since she’s A Rank, you will be able to obtain her on any character banner. You can find more details about the ZZZ Gacha System here.

Hoyoverse recently revealed two additional characters: Lucy and Piper, who will be joining the ZZZ meta. These characters were not present in the CBT, but they will be part of Version 1.0 as obtainable characters. This was announced in the Pre-Release Special Program.

Let’s jump into the guide.

Zenless Zone Zero Lucy Portrait S


Zenless Zone Zero Sons of Calydon Logo

Sons of Calydon

Zenless Zone Zero aRank

A Rank

zzz fire


Zenless Zone Zero Support Fighting Style


Lucy Skills/Abilities

Basic Attack Zenless Zone Zero Basic Attack Button

Basic Attack: Lady’s Bat

Press Basic Attack to activate. Strike forward up to 4 times, dealing Physical DMG and Fire DMG. When Lucy uses her fourth Basic Attack, the currently on-field guard boars will launch Guard Boars: Spinning Swing! together.

Guard Boars: To Arms!

In combat, the guard boards will randomly use a basically bat, boxing gloves, or a slingshot to automatically attack enemies, dealing Physical DMG.

Guard Boars: Spinning Swing!

When Lucy uses the fourth Basic Attack, or when she gains the Cheer On! status, the guard boards will whirl their basically bats in a continuous motion, dealing Physical DMG to nearby enemies. If the attack cannot be executed immediately, the guard boards will remember the required number of times to execute it.

Dodge Zenless Zone Zero Dodge Button

Dodge: Foul Ball!

Press Dodge to dodge. A rapid dodge. Character is invulnerable while using this skill.

Dash Attack: Fearless Boar!

Press Basic Attack during a dodge to activate. Rapidly strikes enemies in front, dealing Physical DMG.

Dodge Counter: Returning Tusk!

Press Basic Attack during a Perfect Dodge to activate. Strike enemies in front, dealing Fire DMG. Character is invulnerable while using this skill.

Special Attack Zenless Zone Zero Special Attack Button

Special Attack: Solid Hit!

Press Special Attack to activate.
Recall the guard boars and throw them as a Line Drive. The Guard boars will cause an explosion upon hitting enemies, or wall, dealing Fire DMG.

Hold Special Attack to activate.
Recall the guard boars and throw them as a Fly Ball. The guard boars will cause an explosion upon landing, dealing Fire DMG.

EX Special Attack: Home Run!

When Lucy has enough energy, press Special Attack to activate.
Recall the guard boards and throw them as a Line Drive. The Guard boars will cause an explosion upon hitting enemies, or wall, dealing massive Fire DMG.

When Lucy has enough energy, hold Special Attack to activate.
Recall the guard boars and throw them as a Fly Ball. The guard boars will cause an explosion upon landing, dealing massive Fire DMG.
Character is invulnerable while using this skill.

Cheer On!

After using EX Special Attack, when the guard boars trigger an explosion, it will apply the Cheer On! status to all allies, Bangboo, and the guard boars themselves. While under the Cheer On! status, allies’ ATK increases, up to a maximum of 600. The Cheer On! status lasts for 10s when a Line Drive is hit, and 15s when a Fly Ball is hit. Repeated triggers reset duration.

Chain Attack Zenless Zone Zero Ultimate Button

Chain Attack: Grand Slam!

When a Chain Attack is triggered, select the character to activate. Lucy jumps up and sends an guard boar at enemies in front in a large area, dealing massive Fire DMG. Character is invulnerable while using this skill.

Ultimate: Walk-Off Home Run!

When Decibel Rating is at Maximum, press Ultimate to activate. Launch all guard boards sequentially, dealing massive Fire DMG in a large area to enemies ahead. While using this skill, other squad members recover 10 energy, and the next character to switch in gains an additional 20 energy. Character is invulnerable while using this skill.

Core Skill Zenless Zone Zero Core Passive

Core Passive

When Lucy uses her Special Attack or EX Special Attack, a guard boar will join the battle and call in two other guard boards. The guard boars inherit Lucy’s ATK and Impact. The Cheer On! buff for the guard boars is increased to 140% of the original effect, and their attack frequency is increased.

Additional Ability: Batter Up!

When another character in your squad shares the same Attribute or Faction:
Lucy’s Guard Boars inherit her CRIT Rate and CRIT DMG.

Reactive Assist: Hit By Pitch!

When the on-field character is launched, press Assist to activate. Strikes enemies in front, dealing Fire DMG. Character is invulnerable while using this skill.

Defensive Assist: Safe on Base!

When the character on field is about to be attacked, press Assist to activate. Parries the enemy’s attack, dealing massive Daze. Character is invulnerable while using this skill.

Assist Follow-Up: Scored a Run!

Press Special Attack after a Defensive Assist to activate. Strikes enemies in front, dealing Fire DMG. Character is invulnerable while using this skill.

Lucy Talents

A Drill Formations: When the guard boars launch Gruad Boars: Spinning Swing!, Lucy recovers 2 Energy. This effect can trigger once every 15s, with each guard boar having its own separate cooldown.
B Little Boar Captain: When Lucy uses a Chain Attack or Ultimate, it grants all squad members, Bangboo, and the guard boars the Cheer On! status for 10s.
C Ironfist Overseer: Basic Attack, Dodge, Special Attack, and Chain Attack Lv. +2
D Chaos Ball Game: While in the Cheer On! state, allies’ CRIT DMG is increased by an additional 10%.
E Wildland Princess: Basic Attack, Dodge, Special Attack, and Chain Attack Lv. +2
F Fierce Fangs of Fire: When an ally in the Cheer On! state hits an enemy with an EX Special Attack, a guard boar will drop from the sky and cause an explosion, dealing Fire DMG equal to 300% of the guard boar’s ATK. This will extend the duration of the Cheer On! buff for all squad members by 5s. The duration can increase up to 3 times, with a maximum duration of 30s. Refreshing the Cheer On! state resets the stack count. After the guard boar’s explosion, it will launch Guard Boars: Spinning Swing!.

Zenless Zone Zero Lucy Build Guide Overview

Zenless Zone Zero Lucy Build Banner
W-Engine Drive Disc
  • Kaboom the Cannon
  • Slice of Time
  • Unfettered Game Ball
  • Swing Jazz (4)
    Woodpecker Electro (2)
  • Swing Jazz (2)
    Woodpecker Electro (2)
    Inferno Metal (2)
  • Inferno Metal (4)
    Swing Jazz (2)
Main Stat Substats
  • (4) Crit Rate%/Crit DMG%
  • (5) PEN Ratio%/Fire DMG%
  • (6) Energy Regen%
  • Crit Rate%/Crit DMG%
  • PEN
  • ATK%
  • ATK

Lucy is quite the unique Support, because she has access to off-field damage. While we don’t know whether this off-field damage buildsup Attribute Anomaly, she’s still a powerful support in a variety of teams.

Her Core Passive also buffs the ATK of all allies, Bangboo and Boars included. This makes her a very potent Agent, as you can build her to deal more damage than you can with only one Agent on field.

Because of this, we actually can look to build Lucy with more damage stats. This will increase her Boar damage, upping the DPS of the entire team.

Lucy W-Engines


Kaboom the Cannon

ATK: 48/624 | Energy Regen: 20%/50%
When any friendly unit in the squad attacks and hits an enemy, all squad members’ ATK increases by 2.5/2.8/3.2/3.6/4% for 8s, stacking up to 4 times. The duration of each stack is calculated separately, and each friendly unit can provide 1 stack of the buff. Passive effects of the same name do not stack.

Slice of Time

ATK: 46/594 | PEN Ratio: 8%/20%
Any squad members’ Dodge Counter, EX Special Attack, Assist Attack, or Chain Attack respectively generates 20/23/26/29/32 (Dodge) | 25/28.5/32/35.5/40 (Special) | 30/34.5/39/43.5/48 (Assist) | 35/40/45/50/55 (Chain) more Decibels and generates 0.7/0.8/0.9/1/1.1 Energy for the equipper. This effect can trigger once every 12s. The cooldown for each type of attack is independent of others. Passive effects of the same name do not stack.


Unfettered Game Ball

ATK: 46/594 | Energy Regen: 20%/50%
Whenever the equipper’s attack triggers an Attribute Counter effect, increases all squad members’ CRIT Rate by 12/13.5/15.5/17.5/20% for 12s. The bonuses triggered by the same type of passive effects do not stack.

When it comes to W-Engines in ZZZ, every Agent has a signature weapon. You can definitely tell as one W-Engine will match the aesthetic and kit of every character.

For Lucy, her signature is Kaboom the Cannon. This Engine is great as it essentially provides a permanent 10% ATK buff to your squad. You can’t really ask for too much more from a W-Engine.

Outside of that, we have Slice of Time and Unfettered Game Ball. Both are solid Support W-Engines that work on a variety of Support Agents. Other Engines will have passives that synergize specifically with other Agents, so we’re not including those.

Lucy Drive Discs

Disk Drive Swing Jazz S

Swing Jazz

(2): Energy Regen increases by 20%.
(4): Launching a Chain Attack or Ultimate increases all squad members’ DMG by 15% for 12s. Passive effects of the same name do not stack.
Disk Drive Woodpecker Electro S

Woodpecker Electro

(2): Increases CRIT Rate by 8%.
(4): Triggering a critical hit with a Basic Attack, Dodge Counter or EX Special Attack increases the equippers ATK by 9% for 6s. The buff duration for different skills are calculated separately.
Disk Drive Inferno Metal S

Inferno Metal

(2): Increases Fire DMG by 10%.
(4): Upon hitting a Burning enemy, increase CRIT Rate by 28% for 8s.

For the most part, Support Agents tend to want either Swing Jazz (universal Support set), or the Attribute Metal set (for personal damage).

Lucy is unique in that she provides good personal damage with her Boars and can buff up the team. Because of this, you have a lot of flexibility in building Lucy.

If you want a “low investment” build, Swing Jazz (4) provides a lot of value for the team without needing to focus on Lucy’s personal damage.

Woodpecker Electro (2) is also interesting as it provides Crit Rate. Supports generally don’t want Crit Rate, but Lucy is the exception. Her Additional Ability shares her Crit stats with her Boars, providing even more damage to the team as a whole.

Inferno Metal (4) begs an interesting question. The bonus provides a ton of CRIT Rate, but only applies after you hit a Burning enemy. Firstly, this set wants you to use a team with mostly Fire Agents. Secondly, we don’t know exactly how this buff interacts with her Boars.

If the Boars snapshot her Crit stats upon being summoned, you will need to hit a Burning enemy before summoning the Guard Boars. If they share Crit stats actively, you won’t need to worry about this as much. It’s even possible that this interaction doesn’t even work. We will need to test when Lucy releases to see if this combination works.

Lastly, you can always mix 2-piece set bonuses to make life a bit easier.

Lucy Drive Disc Stats

Main Stats

  • (4) Crit Rate%/Crit DMG%
  • (5) PEN Ratio%/Fire DMG%
  • (6) Energy Regen%

As previously mentioned, Crit stats are quite good on Lucy when using her Additional Ability and Boars. Because of this, you can build Lucy more like a traditional Attack Agent.

Partition IV will be Crit, Partition V can be PEN Ratio/Fire DMG, and Partition VI should be Energy Regen. We’re actually uncertain if PEN Ratio will affect the Guard Boars, but if they don’t simply go for Fire DMG% instead.

Lastly, Energy Regen is great since you mainly want to be using Lucy’s EX Special and not spend too much time on her. This lets you swap to her, EX Special, and swap out more frequently.


  • Crit Rate%/Crit DMG%
  • PEN
  • ATK%
  • ATK

When it comes to Substats, things are mostly the same. Crit, PEN, and ATK are all great Substats to increase Lucy’s personal damage.

You can sometimes consider Anomaly as a way to scale damage, but since Lucy synergizes with Crit, she builds more like an Attack Agent.

Lucy Skill Priority

Once Lucy releases, we’ll update this section. Without more information, we can’t give accurate recommendations for skill priority. In general, leveling up an Agent’s Core Passive is the most effective, as this levels up their Core Passive, Additional Ability, and Assist Moves.

Lucy Teams

As with all characters, Lucy pairs best with other Agents that are either the same Attribute or Faction. This activates her Additional Ability, which provides strong passive buffs.

Lucy helps the Fire Attribute roster out a lot, being a strong Support for any Fire team. She also helps out our Physical Agents, since her Faction buddy is Piper, a Physical Anomaly Agent.

Mono Fire Team

Zenless Zone Zero Mono Fire Lucy Team

Solider 11, Koleda, Lucy

The first and most obvious team for Lucy is a Mono Fire team. For this team, we have Solider 11 (Attack), Koleda (Stun), and Lucy (Support). This is a very traditional team setup and will likely perform very well.

The one caveat is that Koleda shines when the team also includes Ben. This helps raise her damage as she can launch Coordinated Attacks with Ben.

Zenless Zone Zero Koleda Lucy Team

Koleda, Ben, Lucy

This team is very similar, except we swap out Soldier 11 for Ben (Defense). While we miss out on the damage potential of Soldier 11, we try to make up for it with comfy gameplay through Ben. Ben’s defensive kit makes it easier to face tough bosses and not worry as much about taking damage.

With Ben, Koleda will also launch Coordinated Attacks that deal more damage. This can help make up for the loss in damage from replacing Soldier 11.

One last thing to note is that Solider 11 was considered by many to be difficult to play in CBT. While this can provide rewarding gameplay, having Ben to make life easier can also be considered “stronger.”

Sons of “Cat”lydon

Zenless Zone Zero Nekomata Piper Lucy Team

Nekomata, Piper, Lucy

Lastly, we have a team that consists of Nekomata (Physical Attack), Piper (Physical Anomaly), and Lucy (Fire Support). Nekomata and Piper are both Physical, while Piper and Lucy are both from Sons of Calydon.

This activates all Additional Abilities while also having a proper team setup. Instead of a Stun Agent, we have Piper who is Anomaly. This pairs nicely with Nekomata as you can trigger Assault on enemies to raise the team’s damage.

Lastly, Lucy will provide her nice off-field damage while also buffing up the ATK of the entire party. One thing to note is that Anomaly Agents like Piper generally don’t scale amazingly with ATK. Even still, it’s not a completely useless stat for Anomaly Agents, just something to note.

Note that you can also run Corin/Billy instead of Nekomata.

Closing Words


This wraps up our guide for Lucy in Zenless Zone Zero.

Lucy has only just released into the game, so we don’t know for sure how she measures up in the meta. Even still, when reading her kit, it sounds like she’ll be quite the impressive Agent.

Lucy provides some additional love to the Fire roster and expands the possibilities of team building quite a bit. Since Lucy will be out on release, we’ll be sure to get more information on her once the time comes.

If her off-field damage is as strong as we expect, Lucy might be a top tier pick up for many players. (In terms of meta)