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How to Evolve Weapons in Swarm

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How to Easily Evolve and Upgrade Weapons in Swarm

Swarm will be released in mid-July and is part of Riot Games’ summer event. This summer, they will be releasing a new champion and a new game mode, as well as a bunch of other cool features. In Swarm, you can play as one of nine champions. The champions are as follows: Jinx, Seraphine, Aurora, Illaoi, Leona, Xayah, Yasuo, Riven and Briar. Each champion can get different types of upgrades, but not everyone can get the same upgrades, as champions-specific upgrades are locked behind each champion.

In bullet heaven or vampire survivor-type games, you can upgrade your weapon to become even stronger. This is the same for Swarm. In Swarm, you can upgrade your weapons to become even stronger to help you face off against the waves of enemies headed your way.

In this game mode, you need to hit a few criteria before you can upgrade. Here at Mobalytics, we have been working on many articles and guides to help you play Swarm. Get the best possible start to Swarm by heading over to the Mobalytics Blog for more!

Battle Bunny Aurora Splash Crop

How To Evolve

To evolve a weapon, you need to either get an evolve card, which is dropped by an elite enemy, or a mini-boss, which will then help you evolve your weapon. Alternatively, you can get it through the XP system but you need to reach level six to get your weapon upgraded and evolved.

You can make hitting this level easier by using your rerolls: rerolling your Augments in an attempt to get a better one, as well as prioritizing one thing over everything else. For instance, you could just focus on evolving one weapon rather than putting points in multiple weapons at once. I would personally prefer to take a decent stat in a weapon rather than re-roll and actually get nothing of value.

You will need to reach level 6 and have the stat attribution as well. For Leona to upgrade her spell, she needs to have multiple upgrades on her ability, as well as some armor stats as well.

Leona Armor E Swarm Upgrade

What Upgrades Are There

There are 2 types of upgrades available, but you can upgrade and evolve anything, assuming you follow the criteria needed to upgrade it. If you do not meet the criteria (reaching the level and having the stat attribute), you will not be able to evolve your weapon.

The first is upgrading your weapon. Weapon upgrades you can get but are not limited to are:

  • Searing Shortbow, Tibbers, Yuumi, Cyclonic Slicers.

You can also upgrade your champion’s abilities too. Naturally, you can only upgrade your champion’s ability and not anyone elses.

Swarm Item Upgrades

By pressing Tab, you can see what stats are linked to each weapon and ability. On the top left, you can see what is needed. However, you can also see what is needed by hovering over your abilities on the bottom bar, which tells you how to evolve it. In the case of Bunny Mega-Blast, you will need Crit Chance to evolve it.

Bunny Mega Blast

Champion Specific Upgrades

Each champion can upgrade any weapons they have, but they can also upgrade their ability. In my opinion, you don’t have to upgrade every champion’s ability. However, some champions like Aurora I feel need to be upgraded (but you may disagree).

I will now break down what is required to upgrade each ability.


  • Leona needs to have some stats in armor in order to upgrade her champion-specific ability.


  • Aurora needs to have some points in EXP to evolve her ability.


  • If you want to upgrade Jinx’s mini-guns, she needs points in Ability Haste.


  • If you want to throw out even more projectiles, you must put points in Projectile Count.


  • I guess if you really wanted to upgrade Briar’s ability, you need to have stats in Health.


  • To upgrade Xayah’s feathers and evolve them, you’ll need points in Pickup Radius.


  • To evolve Riven’s spell, you must put points in Movement Speed.


  • You’ll need to put a point or more in Critical Chance to get even more tornados.


  • And finally, if you want to upgrade Illaoi’s tentacles, you need to put points in Duration.

In this case, I will be unable to fully upgrade Illaoi’s spell, because I have no Duration stats (as the bar is already full of other bonuses), so it will be impossible for me to upgrade it.

Illaoi Ability No upgrade

If you haven’t been able to unlock each champion yet, you can find out how to unlock champion in Swarm with this guide.

How To Increase Your Odds

There is a strategy to get better upgrades and chances of getting evolved weapons or abilities. This includes getting as many levels as possible and not picking up many cards. During the mid stage of the game, you can get quite a few card drops, especially if you’re doing Bel’Veth tasks, killing mini-bosses etc. Doing her tasks also drops a ton of gold and XP, so it helps to level even more.

Multi-Card Drops

Instead of picking these cards up, leave them on the ground as they do not de-spawn. You should then focus on getting XP and leveling up (so you are near max level for a weapon and ability while also ensuring you have the related stat). Once it is level 5, go ahead and pick up the card.

This is a typical start in the early game and has its benefits and drawbacks, but the point remains: that it can be a good start to increase your chances of getting evolved weapons.

Aurora Full Upgrades

In Conclusion

In my opinion, there are some weapons and abilities that are not worth upgrading. For instance, I feel like the train weapon isn’t exactly worth it, and champions like Briar don’t necessarily need to be upgraded. However, it all depends on you and what you are given. At the end of the day, getting evolved weapons is really important and will definitely help with winning rounds.

What do you think of this article? Do you have a favorite weapon as well? Let us know in the comments below. As we said earlier, we have been working on many articles for Swarm. Head over to the Mobalytics Blog for more tips, tricks, and articles to help you play Swarm when it gets released in a few weeks’ time.