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How To Play and Unlock Yasuo in Swarm

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How To Play Yasuo in Swarm Operation Anima Squad

Yasuo is one of the most popular and is a fan-favorite champion in League of Legends. You see players picking Yasuo quite a lot due to his fun playstyle and sharp champion learning curve. If you love playing Yasuo on Summoners Rift, you might love playing him on Riot’s newest game- Swarm.

There are a total of 9 different champions in Swarm, and Yasuo is one of the later-unlocked champions. The champions you can play in Swarm are Jinx, Seraphine, Aurora, Illaoi, Leona, Xayah, Yasuo, Riven and Briar.

Unlike Summoner’s Rift, in Swarm, Yasuo only has 2 abilities instead of the usual 4. However, this makes him a bit easier to play! But if you want to unlock him, you need to complete a certain mission first, and here at Mobalytics, we have been creating articles to help everyone play as their favorite champion in Swarm. You can check out our articles on how to play the other champions on the Mobalytics Blog.

How to Unlock Yasuo in Swarm

There isn’t anything in particular you need to do to earn Yasuo. You will naturally unlock him by playing the game. However, to unlock him, you need to beat the level Subterranean Lab. You need to survive the first 15 minutes and beat Bel’Veth, who is the final boss on this level.

Yasuo is probably one of the stronger champions in this game mode, so once you unlock him, give him a try. He will make defeating the remaining levels a lot easier.

Battle Wolf Yasuo Splash Crop

Yasuo Swarm Abilities

In Swarm, there are 3 “spells” for each champion. Each champion starts with their Passive, and at level 3, they unlock their first ability. Once you hit level 6, you will unlock your third ability.

Yasuo’s Swarm Spells

Yasuo’s Passive is Way of the Wanderer. He gains bonus critical strike.

Yasuo Passive Swarm

His core ability (E) is Sweeping Blade, which lets him dash while giving him a shield. He can hold up to 3 charges.

Yasuos E Swarm

For his Ultimate, he drifts, knocking away and blocking enemy units and projectiles.

Yasuo Ultimate Swarm

Augments and Upgrades

Weapons and weapon upgrades should be your go-to for any champion in Swarm. Here are our recommendations for the best weapons for Yasuo.

Yasuo’s Weapon. Upgrading your champion’s weapon for extra damage is always a good option.

Ani-Mines. Drops mines as you move around the map. Yasuo needs to move around to become empowered, so these two go hand in hand.

Bunny Crossbow. A potent weapon that helps to deal damage from enemies who are far away. It needs to be unlocked though.

Cyclonic Slicers. Deals AOE damage that can also provide you with protection by knocking back enemies.

Echoing Batblades. This weapon bounces of the walls and hits enemies. It’s good on Yasuo and it can help to kill enemies.

To get these weapon upgrades, you need to get Ability Haste, Area Size, Critical Chance, Damage, Health Regeneration, and Projectiles.

Yasuo Swarm Tips and Tricks

In my opinion, Yasuo is one of the more challenging champions to play, as he does feel quite squishy if you take a lot of damage. Even though his E gives him an additional shield, I felt pretty vulnerable on him. But with that in mind, given time he is really strong.

Always be on the move! To get those tornados flowing, you need to always be on the move. Plan a route and walk around the map. Avoid standing still for too long. Unlike other champions like Illaoi or Jinx, you cannot really “go AFK” on Yasuo.

Kill the objectives and mini-bosses as quickly as you can. They will give you additional stats that make it easier for you to kill enemies. I prefer to upgrade weapons or his E early.

Yasuo’s Ultimate is on a really long cooldown, so I would avoid using it unless you really have to. When you start getting pelted by ranged enemies, you might want to use it, or when you’re being attacked from all angles.

He is really weak early, but if you get some upgrades under your belt, you will start popping off in the later parts of the game.

In Conclusion

As you can see, Yasuo does take some time to grind out, but you will naturally unlock him without doing anything too out of your way: it just takes time. For those who have played Yasuo, what do you think of him? I think he is one of the better champions in this game mode.

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