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How to Play and Unlock Riven in Swarm

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How To Play and Unlock Riven in Swarm

Riven is a fan-favourite champion in League of Legends, and she is one of the 9 playable champion in Swarm. Swarm is a PvE event and one of the major parts of Riot Games’ Summer Event. In this game mode, you can play as Riven or any of the following champions: Jinx, Seraphine, Aurora, Illaoi, Leona, Xayah, Yasuo, Riven and Briar.

You can play alone or with 3 others and face off waves of enemies before facing the final boss. You may find some champions, like Rek’Sai and Yuumi, who make an appearance in this game mode, too!

In Swarm, Riven is not a starter champion, and you must complete a lot of things before you can unlock her. She has 2 abilities, which are similar but also quite different to her Summoners Rift abilities. But we will break those down shortly!

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How to Unlock Riven in Swarm

To unlock Riven, you need to have previously completed the main storyline and unlocked the hardest difficulty. Unfortunately, you cannot unlock Riven any earlier than this. Once you have done this, you need to defeat Rek’Sai on the Warehouse District map. It might take some attempt, but eventually, you will do it, especially if you are playing with friends.

Battle Bunny Riven Splash Crop

Riven Swarm Abilities

As we said, Riven’s abilities are similar to those on Summoners Rift. However, she is far easier in this game mode. In Swarm, Riven has 2 abilities and a Passive. Her E and Ultimate are unlocked at levels 3 and 6.

Riven’s Swarm Spells

Her Passive is called Runic Blade. Runic Blade deals damage to enemies, depending on how close they are. She gains a small shield as well.

Riven Swarm Passive

Riven’s E is called Valor. She dashes forward and deals damage to enemies.

Riven Swarm E

Her Ultimate gives her extra movement speed and deals damage to nearby enemies over a long period of time. Whenever she dashes while her Ultimate is up, she will deal additional damage.

Riven Swarm R

Augments and Upgrades

Weapons and weapon upgrades should be your go-to for any champion in Swarm. Here are our recommendations for the best weapons for Riven.

Riven’s Weapon. Upgrading your champion’s weapon for extra damage is always a good option.

Blade-o-rang. Projectile throwing weapon that once upgraded can deal considerable AOE damage to a plethora of enemies at once.

Cyclonic Slicers. Deals AOE damage that can also provide you with protection by knocking back enemies.

Iceblast Armor. A strong AOE weapon that will help keep you and your allies alive. Good on champions that are tanky.

Radiant Field. It provides nearby damage to help you when you get into the melee range of the enemies.

To get these weapon upgrades, you need to get Ability Haste, Armor, Damage, Health Regeneration, Maximum Health, and Movement Speed.

Riven Swarm Tips and Tricks

If you’re up for a challenge and want to learn how to play Riven, then here are some tips and tricks. I may have forgotten to mention that she is quite challenging to play, just like in normal LoL, so you have to keep your wits about you so you don’t take a lot of damage.

Riven’s E is on a lowish cooldown, so you can spam it freely. Press it often when you’re in groups of enemies. However, your Ultimate is on a long cooldown, so you have to think twice about using it randomly.

Your Ultimate is really important in those boss battles and in the later stages of the game. Something you can do if you’re playing solo is to draw the mini-bosses close to one another and then activate your Ultimate so you can pick up both cards quickly.

In Conclusion

Thanks to her strengths and play style, Riven has garnered a lot of love from the community, with many players declaring her as their favorite champion in this game mode. The decision is yours to make, but she’s undeniably a strong champion. The only downside is the time it takes to unlock her, but it’s a small price to pay for the joy she brings to the game mode.

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