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How to Play and Unlock Leona in Swarm

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How To Play Leona in Swarm Operation Anima Squad

Leona is one of the 9 champions you can pick in Swarm. Swarm is a PvE game where you can play alone or with some friends. Swarm will be out in mid-July and is a part of Riot Games Summer Event.

In this game mode, there are 9 champions, these include Jinx, Seraphine, Aurora, Illaoi, Leona, Xayah, Yasuo, Riven and Briar. However, you will find other champions, like Yuumi and Aatrox.

Leona is one of the tankiest champions in the game, but tanking too much damage will cause you to die early! To unlock Leona, you have to complete a specific mission, which we will go into detail later.

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How to Unlock Leona in Swarm

In Swarm, there are 1 of 2 ways to unlock a champion. The first is by progressing through the game, and the second is by completing certain “side” quests. Leona is a champion that requires a certain side quest to complete, and you need to be on the lookout for an item if you want to unlock her.

To unlock Leona, you need to upgrade Searing Shortbow to level 2 in a single run. As soon as you do this, you will unlock Leona and she will be playable for the rest of time.

Battle Lion Leona Splash Crop

Leona Swarm Abilities

In Swarm, there are 3 “spells” for each champion. Each champion starts with their Passive, and at level 3, they unlock their first ability. Once you hit level 6, you will unlock your third ability.

Leona’s Swarm Spells

In Swarm, Leona’s Passive is called Sunlight. Getting defensive stats improve her area size.

Leona Passive Swarm

Her E ability is called Eclipse. She gains bonus armor and a shield. After 3 seconds, the shield detonates and deals damage before reapplying itself.

Leona Swarm E

Leona’s Ultimate is Solar Flare. She calls down a solar energy beam that suns enemies and deals damage.

Leona Swarm Ultimate

Augments and Upgrades

Weapons and weapon upgrades should be your go-to for any champion in Swarm. Here are our recommendations for the best weapons for Leona.

Leona’s Weapon. Upgrading your champion’s weapon for extra damage is always a good option.

Radiant Field. It provides nearby damage to help you when you get into the melee range of the enemies.

Iceblast Armor. A strong AOE weapon that will help keep you and your allies alive.

Vortex Glove. Vortex Glove deals AOE damage to enemies. It helps to deal damage to enemies from afar.

Cyclone Slicers. Deals AOE damage that can also provide you with protection by knocking back enemies.

To get these weapon upgrades, you need to get Ability Haste, Area Size, Armor, Experience (EXP), Health Regeneration, and Maximum Health.

Leona Swarm Tips and Tricks

Leona is a very easy champion on Swarm. However, unlike some champions, like Jinx, she lacks damage. This is why watching your positioning and avoiding taking too much unnecessary damage is key. But, thanks to your E, you can gain a shield to protect you from taking too much damage.

Her E provides quite a good shield, and is on a low-ish cooldown. Make sure you spam it often so you keep yourself alive for longer.

Leona cannot easily kill the mini-bosses, but that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t be taking them fast! You can use your Ultimate to make taking them a lot easier, as your Ultimate deals a lot of damage. Something else you can do is to drag both the mini bosses together and then press your Ultimate to make killing both of them easier.

In Conclusion

That about sums up our basic article on how to unlock and play Leona in Swarm. What do you think of her? Personally, I feel like her kit is pretty good as quite unique compared to some other champions available to play in Swarm.

I really like her Ultimate and think she is quite a good champion in Swarm. If you want to learn how other champions are unlocked in this game mode, head over to the Mobalytics Blog.