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How To Play and Unlock Jinx in Swarm

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How To Play Jinx in Swarm Operation Anima Squad

League of Legends’ newest game mode, Swarm, is going to be released on the Live Servers very shortly. In this game mode, you can play alone or with 3 friends to battle it accross 4 maps against hordes of enemies. In this game mode, you can play one of 9 different champions. These champions are Jinx, Seraphine, Aurora, Illaoi, Leona, Xayah, Yasuo, Riven and Briar.

Each champion in this game mode has 2 unique abilities that you can use to help you against the enemies and bosses. In this Mobalytics guide, we will break down how to play as Jinx in the new Swarm Operation Anima Squad game mode.

We will create individual articles that break down each champion in the new game mode. You can check out the rest of the champions by heading over to the Mobalytics Blog.

How To Unlock Jinx in Swarm

If Jinx is your favorite champion in League of Legends, don’t worry when it comes to playing Swarm. In Swarm, Jinx is one of the 2 starting champions. Jinx and Seraphine are playable from the get-go, so you don’t need to worry about grinding her in order to unlock her.

Jinx is a great beginner champion as she has range and can teach the basics to the game. She is also quite forgiving thanks to her Passive, which gives her additional movement speed to help you escape sticky situations.

Prestige Battle Cat Jinx Splash Crop

Jinx Swarm Abilities

In Swarm, there are 3 “spells” for each champion. Each champion starts with their Passive, and at level 3, they unlock their first ability. Once you hit level 6, you will unlock your third ability.

Jinx’s Swarm Spells

Jinx’s Passive skill is Get Excited. Whenever she kills 75 enemies or an elite monster, she gains bonus movement speed and ability haste.

Jinx Swarm Passive

Her active spell is called Fishbones. Jinx fires rockets that deal damage to the first enemy hit.

Jinx Swarm E

Jinx’s Ultimate is Super Mega Death Rocket. Jinx fires a rocket that explodes, dealing damage to enemies hit.

Jinx Swarm R

Augments and Upgrades

Weapons and weapon upgrades should be your go-to for any champion in Swarm. Here are our recommendations for the best weapons for Jinx.

Jinx’s Weapon. It is always a good option to upgrade your champion’s weapon for extra damage.

Bunny Crossbow. A potent weapon that helps to deal damage from enemies who are far away. It needs to be unlocked though.

Bunny Guns. Another good option to help with enemies who are in melee range.

Bunny Mega Blast. It helps kill enemies from far away.

UwU Blaster. It’s a good weapon for additional damage when entering melee range.

To get these weapon upgrades, you need to get Ability Haste, Area Size, Critical Chance, Damage, Duration, and Projectiles.

Jinx Swarm Tips and Tricks

As I said, Jinx is one of the easier characters to start with. She can easily kill objectives and take them quite quickly. Here are some general tips and tricks to help you get started.

Just spam your E. Your E has a short-ish cooldown, so just spam it whenever it is up. Make sure you aim it in the direction you want to run, especially if you’re in sticky situations.

Try to kill the objectives that drop cards ASAP. This will help you get additional bonuses and also make it easier for you to last longer in the long run.

A trick I have been using on Jinx is to hog one side of the map for a good portion of time. Then once my Passive kicks in (after killing so many enemies), I will then use the movement speed boost to help me pick up all the XP. This is very helpful, especially if you have AOE weapons to keep you alive.

When it comes to using your Ultimate, I would advise only using it to clear huge hoards of enemies. Don’t use it on just a few. You can, however, use your E on just a few enemies. Getting a good Ultimate off can clear a path to help you rotate or escape.

In Conclusion

And that about sums up this basic breakdown of Jinx in Swarm. She is really simple and a great starter champion for anyone who wants to learn the role. In my opinion, she is a better starting champion than Seraphine, and once you play her abit and get used to her E and Ultimate spells, you’ll soon find yourself being able to abuse her Passive to help you escape those sticky situations.

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