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How To Play and Unlock Illaoi in Swarm

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How To Play Illaoi in Swarm Operation Anima Squad

Swarm is a part of Riot’s major Summer Event. In Swarm, you play one of 9 champions from League of Legends. Swarm will be out on mid-July, and on this patch Riot will be releasing a new champion called Aurora, who is also playable in this game mode.

In this game mode, there are a total of 9 playable champions. These champions are Jinx, Seraphine, Aurora, Illaoi, Leona, Xayah, Yasuo, Riven and Briar, and in this article, we will be breaking down Illaoi.

Illaoi is not a starter champion in Swarm Operation Anima Squad. You have to unlock her manually by completing a mission. Illaoi has 2 abilities, and her play style is slightly different to how you’d usually play her on Summoners Rift. Here at Mobalytics, we are working on articles to help you unlock every champion in Swarm. You can check the rest of the champions out by heading over to the Mobalytics Blog.

How to Unlock Illaoi in Swarm

Unlike some other champions in the game mode, such as Yasuo or Briar, you do have to go out of your way to unlock Illaoi. To some extent, she is missable, but you can easily unlock her if you prioritize a specific weapon as you play.

To unlock Illaoi, you need to upgrade Radiant FIeld to level 4. As soon as you do this in one run, you will unlock her.

Battle Bear Illaoi Splash Crop

Illaoi Swarm Abilities

In Swarm, there are 3 “spells” for each champion. Each champion starts with their Passive, and at level 3, they unlock their first ability. Once you hit level 6, you will unlock your third ability.

Illoai’s Swarm Spells

Illaoi’s Passive is Primordian Resilence. She gets bonus health regen.

Illaoi Swarm Passive

Her E is called Tentacle Smash. She swings her idol, causing a tentacle to slam forward.

Illaoi E Swarm

Her Ultimate is called Leap of Faith. She smashes the ground, dealing tons of damage and gaining ability haste.

Illaoi Ultimate Swarm

Augments and Upgrades

Weapons and weapon upgrades should be your go-to for any champion in Swarm. Here are our recommendations for the best weapons for Illaoi.

Illaoi’s Weapon. Upgrading your champion’s weapon for extra damage is always a good option.

Iceblast Armor. A strong AOE weapon that will help keep you and your allies alive. As Illaoi is a tank, the bonus tanky stats are quite useful.

Radiant Field. It provides nearby damage to help you when you get into the melee range of the enemies.

Statikk Sword. Stattik Sword is one of the best weapons in the game. It deals damage to multiple enemies at once, which helps clear the enemies.

Vortex Glove. It deals AOE damage to enemies. It helps to deal damage to enemies from afar.

To get these weapon upgrades, you need to get Ability Haste, Area Size, Crit Chance, Damage, Duration, and Experience (EXP).

Illaoi Swarm Tips and Tricks

Illaoi is a straightforward champion in this game mode, but here are some general tips and tricks to help you get started if you’ve just unlocked her.

Your Ultimate is a great tool, but it has a long cooldown. Only use it on large hoards of enemies.

Try to kill the objectives that drop cards ASAP. This will help you get additional bonuses and also make it easier for you to last longer in the long run.

As your Ultimate deals so much damage, you should force the mini-bosses to group together. Once they’re together, press your Ultimate and kill them both really quickly.

Illaoi’s E has a low cooldown, so just spam it whenever it is up.

Stick to one part of the map for as long as possible. This will allow you to abuse your Passive and E. But make sure you have followed a strategy for the map and are picking up those health drops.

In Conclusion

And that concludes our article on Illaoi for Swarm. I really like Illaoi and think that she is a great champion. Her Ultimate is so helpful when dealing with the early bosses and if you can get multiple bosses on you at one time, you can execute them easily. This is definitely a benefit compared to some champions, as it feels like it takes forever to kill them.

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