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10 Best Beginner Junglers in Season 14

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Best Junglers for Beginners in Season 14

I would argue that the jungle role is the hardest to master in the game. Four players rely on you to help them win their lane while simultaneously winning your role. Unfortunately, you cannot be everywhere simultaneously, so playing this role is quite challenging.

One way to make learning and playing this role easier is by playing champions that are simpler and more forgiving than others. You do not need to play the most mechanically challenging champions to climb. In this article, we will discuss 10 different champions that are great for beginners and easy to play. If you intend to pick up this role, I recommend playing one of these champions.

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1. Maokai

The first champion on our list is Maokai. Although he has seen more action in the Support role lately, he has always been a good Jungler. What makes him so good is that he has multiple forms of crowd control, one of which is point-and-click. He can always lock down a champion in a team fight or when ganking.

Champions with few skillshots are preferred as they can be hard to land, but Maokai has no major skill shots compared to other champions. Some of the champions on our list are tanks, and tanks like Maokai are easy to play.

Here are some tips to help you get started.

2. Amumu

Amumu Base Splash

Another great tank champion we recommend is Amumu. He is another champion who has seen a lot of action in the Support role lately, but he has always been a great Jungler. While he may not be the strongest early-game champion, he is very good once he hits level six. But with the changes to his Q, he can gank before he hits level six.

If you want to master this champion, you need to play around his Ultimate’s cooldown. A good Amumu will look to gank whenever his Ultimate is available. The CC duration is quite long, so you can keep the enemy locked down for a long period. You can lock down multiple champions in team fights due to the large AOE crowd control.

Here are some tips to help you get started.

3. Gragas

If someone who can deal a bit more damage is your choice, pick Gragas. He is a versatile champion who can either go for damage or tank. This is a great option as many teams in Low ELO pick full AD teams, and by taking an AP Jungler, your team will deal mixed damage.

Another benefit to picking him is that he is pretty easy to play. The only difficult thing about him is aiming his Ultimate, which will only improve with practice. I think that if you play Gragas, you have a very good chance of learning the role quickly and effectively, as he seems to always be good no matter the meta.

Here are some tips to help you get started.

4. Nocturne

Haunting Nocturne Skin 2

If you are interested in playing hypercarriers, Nocturne might be for you. Unlike all the other champions so far, Nocturne is an AD fighter/skirmisher/assassin. By getting a small lead early on, you can snowball extremely quickly and take over the map. Post 6, you will be scary with your Ultimate.

To truly master him, you need to find a balance between ganking and farming. A good rule to follow is that you should look to gank an ally whenever you’re Ultimate is up. This will help you pick up kills whenever your Ultimate is available. This is an extremely strong technique to help you carry.

Here are some tips to help you get started.

5. Sejuani

Sejuani used to be my go-to jungler before they changed her a few seasons ago. She is another tanky champion whose ultimate you need to play around. Find a balance between ganking and farming, and then look to make plays whenever you’re ultimate is up. She is a fantastic beginner champion because she is so simple and easy to understand.

She can also do a lot in team fights. For instance, she can start the fight by picking somebody off with her Ultimate, or use her Ultimate to protect her carries. She is also going to be extremely tanky as the game goes along, which means she can soak up damage for her team. The good thing about her is that she deals a surprising amount of damage as well, so you can carry even though you’re a tank.

Here are some tips to help you get started.

6. Trundle

Traditional Trundle Splash 2

Trundle is a strong duelling and skirmishing Jungler that is a direct counter to many of the tanky Junglers in the game. We’ve listed a lot of tank champions and this champion is a direct to most of them. By getting a small lead early, you can constantly fight the enemy. His ganks are also very simple as he has bonus movement speed, a slow, and a CC tool.

In team fights, his Ultimate can steal away the enemies’ defensive stats, making him extremely tanky and making it easier to kill the enemy. A good Trundle will look to take objectives frequently, invade the enemy’s jungle and steal away the camps, and try to be as annoying as possible. If you like the sound of this, give him a go.

Here are some tips to help you get started.

7. Vi

The next champion on our list is Vi. She used to be a very popular champion, and while she isn’t as popular as she once was, she’s still a good Jungler to learn as she teaches many different skills that the Jungler needs. First, her Ultimate is point-and-click, so you’ll never miss it. Like some other champions we’ve listed, you will want to play around this cooldown and constantly gank whenever it is available.

However, she is the most challenging on our list as her Q is a skill shot, and you can easily fail ganks if you miss it. So some general tips to help land this ability would be to avoid taking roots that are usually warded, get as close to the enemy as possible to make it harder for them to dodge it, and finally, wait for the enemy to use their mobility tool before going in.

Here are some tips to help you get started.

8. Warwick

Warwick is the go-to Jungler for beginners and one of the cheapest Junglers around. He has a very healthy clear, so you will never need to worry about running out of health. He also has great objective control and can easily take objectives without any assistance. This is crucial as not everyone will help you clear those objectives.

When it comes to ganking, post 6, he can easily gank his allies with his Ultimate. However, it can be easy to miss. Pre-6, he can press his E, channel his Q and then CC the enemy. This makes ganking so simple and easy to perform. Do this a few times and get ahead, and you will snowball to an early victory.

Here are some tips to help you get started.

9. Master Yi

Master Yi Splash Crop

Master Yi is one of the strongest basic Junglers in the game right now. Mastering him will help you so much. This is because he is so simple and if you are able to get an early lead on him, you can carry and one shot the enemy. You do not need to rely on your allies to carry you when you’re playing Master Yi. Just steal some kills and then snowball.

The great thing about this champion is that he’s always strong no matter the meta, and at the time of writing this guide, he is one of the better champions regardless of rank. We touched on it briefly, but if you can get an early kill and get your first item quick you’ll be able to snowball and get even more kills.

Here are some tips to help you get started.

10. Rammus

Rammus Splash

And the final jungler we recommend is Rammus. Rammus is more than just OK. He is very simple to play, has a point-and-click CC, and will also be a very valuable tool in any team, especially against team compositions that consist of multiple marksmen, or who are full AD.

He is very easy to play, and if you can get an early lead on him, you will be extremely tanky as the game develops. The goal is to gank as often as you can, so you can get you and your allies ahead. In team fights, lock onto somebody who is easy to take down, like the carry or any champion who isn’t tanky and lacks a defensive tool to escape your CC (QSS).

Here are some tips to help you get started.

In Conclusion

To conclude, you can increase your chances of learning the role and carrying games by playing a champion that is more simple and strong in the current meta. There is no need to play fancy or difficult champions when you’re just starting out. This about sums up our article on the 10 easiest Junglers you can learn in LoL.

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