Mobalytics Patch 9.1 Tier List Q&A

Mobalytics Patch 9.1 Tier List Q&A

Q&A: Patch 9.1’s Tier List

Every patch, Mobalytics creates a tier list along with a Q&A video which addresses the most common questions regarding the list. We’ve decided to create a text version of our Q&A’ss for people that want to read along, and also to help direct people who have asked questions that were answered in previous Q&A videos.

If you’d like us to answer your question in a future Q&A, leave us a comment on our tier list blog or Youtube video, or reach out to us with a DM on Discord. We can’t guarantee that yours will be answered but if it’s a popular question that we haven’t addressed yet, there’s a good chance it will! Note that some answers may be slightly altered for the text format.

Here’s the Patch 9.1 tier list if you missed out or want to review it.


1. How come Syndra hasn’t made the list recently? What’s wrong with her?

2. How can Lux Mid be more Optimal than Zoe Mid?

3. Why isn’t Lulu on the low-ELO Support tier list? She seems good with a duo partner.

4. Where is the line between low and high-ELO?

5. Why doesn’t Rek’Sai get noticed on the list?

6. Why is Renekton B-tier in high-ELO but didn’t make it on the list for low ELO?

Questions and Answers

1. “How come Syndra is never on these tier lists? Is something wrong with her?” – Jase135YT

  • To keep it short,  she does indeed have problems. The biggest issue is that she doesn’t have the ability to 1v5 solo carry the same way that other Mid laners at the moment do. The reason for this is that most of her damage and kill pressure relies on hitting a single target with her ultimate.
  • She takes a little while to scale (although she did get some nice buffs a while back to her early game Q) and she’s stuck in an awkward middle ground between being a shorter ranged control mage (in comparison to Vel’koz or Xerath) while having no mobility or roaming potential the same way a Talon, Ahri, or Fizz have.
  • That being said, she’s not a bad champion, especially if you’re really good with her. She just have a high skill floor compared to other champs at the moment.

2. “Ah yes yes, Lux Mid is more optimal than Zoe Mid.” – Triple Gamer

  • If you’re talking about the best of the best Zoe players, especially in high-ELO, we would all agree that Zoe is better than Lux. However, for normal ELO and climbing from Iron through perhaps low Diamond, Lux is extremely effective at the moment.
  • She’s received buff after buff over the years and right now she’s a solid Mid lane pick with really good range, insane utility, great CC, and her reset mechanic for her ultimate is very powerful.
  • She also has an advantage over Zoe because Lux can be played Support as well. This gives her more value since you can queue for Mid and Support and play Lux comforably and effectively in both.

3. “Why isn’t Lulu on the low-ELO Support tier list? I actually think she’s really good at the moment with an ADC like Twitch or Vayne.” – crazy face

  • There’s no doubt that Lulu is good in a duo queue situation. If you’re able to find yourself a duo partner, like an ADC Twitch or Vayne like you said, or even a Twitch or Kog’Maw Jungler, Lulu can be quite strong.
  • The difference is that our tier list doesn’t really take into account duo queue strategies for a reason. This is a solo queue tier list for climbing and is supposed to give you champions that more or less will help you climb when playing by yourself.
  • There are many champs that are much better in a duo queue – you don’t see Braum on our tier list because he just isn’t consistent enough to climb in comparison to Brand or Zyra. However, there’s nothing wrong if a Braum player queued up with someone like a Lucian partner.

4. “Hey, I like your tier lists but I think only doing low and high elo is distorting them a bit. Example: on your low-ELO tier list, I see no Rengar and in high-ELO he’s S tier. I don’t know where high ELO starts for you but Rengar is very good in low-mid Diamond.” – Timote Noe

  • This is a question we get a lot and you’re totally reasonable for asking it. You can think about it like this – low-ELO sort of helps you get to Diamond. Let’s say you’re a Silver player who uses the low-ELO list from Silver to Plat. Once you get to Plat, you kind of have to make a decision for youself.
  • If you feel like some of the high-ELO champions could be in your champion pool, you could give them a try. Or, you can stay with the low-ELO list and continually climb to Diamond and through Diamond.
  • Once you get to mid-Diamond, you may just feel like those low-ELO S-tier picks like Amumu or Rammus may fall off a bit when you run into really good Rengar or Nidalee players.
  • The reason why we don’t definitely say that either list is for a specific range of ranks is because we want to leave room for the discretion of your champion pool and your decisions. The higher you get the more likely the high-ELO one will be useful for you, the lower you are, the more likely the normal tier list will be useful to you.

5. “I don’t know why Rek’Sai is not getting noticed. I always run Hail of Blades on her and its really good. Since HoB early is buffed and late is nerfed, I think it’s a very big buff to Hob Rek along with an increase in attack speed. Her burst is very fast if you manage to do a full combo smoothly. If you add Tiamat to the combo, she is very deadly and can one-shot you.” – Draco Snipes

  • Actually Draco, we’d say that we agree with you and it’s something that we may have missed. I do think Hail of Blades Rek’Sai will get more popular in time but the thing here is that not that many people are playing her so it’s hard to gauge her true power.
  • Ultimately if you’re having success, by all means, go for it! Dark Harvest may work as well and we think your build looks pretty good. We’ll definitely try it out and we’ll see how it goes next patch.

6. “Why is Renekton B-tier in high-ELO but didn’t even make it on the list for low-ELO? In my opinion, Renekton is great in lower ELOs as he doesn’t have a steep learnign curve and he dominates in lane.” – michaelfok

  • Renekton is a classic example of “win lane lose game” in low-ELO. Since the games tend to go longer (because lower-ELOs are less consistent in snowballing  to victory), typically you can be out-scaled.
  • Strong laners can get big leads but still not be able to close out a game unless they know how to take advantage. Whereas in high-ELOs, one-tricks really know the ins and outs of advanced mechanics like animation-canceling to get the most out of Renekton’s early advantages.
  • Currently, his better-scaling peers are better for the normal list, however, as we always say, if you’re finding success with Ren at lower-ELOs, keep playing him!

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for all our tier lists and tier list Q&As for every patch. As always, you can talk to our team at any time in our Discord server.