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Is Swarm Going To Be a Permanent Gamemode?

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Is Swarm Operation Anima Squad Going To Be Permanent?

Swarm is a part of League of Legends Summer Event. It is League of Legends and Riot Games’ take on the Vampire Survivors and Bullet Heaven games. They’ve made something like this in the past, but nothing as fine-tuned as this game mode.

In Swarm, you can play alone or with 3 other friends against hoards of enemies. After 15 minutes, you will face off against bosses you may have seen before. There are 4 maps and a total of 9 different champions you can play. The 9 champions are Jinx, Seraphine, Aurora (she will also be debuting at the same time as this event), Illaoi, Leona, Xayah, Yasuo, Riven, and Briar.

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Is Swarm Mode Permanent?

Swarm will hit the live servers on July 17th, and it has unfortunately been announced that Swarm will not be a permanent game mode due to its limited content. However, Riot has suggested that they may bring it back in the future.

With Riot creating a framework for this new type of game mode, they may reuse some of its assets to create different versions or styles in the future; however, this is all speculation.

In Conclusion

We can’t change Riot’s mind regarding this event, but lets be happy that Riot have come up with something unique that is fun and enjoyable. Unlike some other game modes Riot has created in the past, I feel like this game mode is repeatable and is actually really fun. Let’s hope they create new versions in the future.

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