Teamfight Tactics: Best TFT Team Comps (Patch 10.13)

Teamfight Tactics: Best TFT Team Comps (Patch 10.13)

Best TFT Comps for Patch 10.13

UPDATED (Patch 10.13): 

Patch 10.13 comes with many changes, but they are slight changes. The meta is in quite a decent spot as many different comps all have potential to hit first place.

Because of that, the meta likely won’t shift too much, but who knows what new comps may arise in the first few days of the patch.

While there aren’t any new comps arising, we’ve shifted our tiers around slightly depending on their performance in 10.12 combined with the nerfs they received.

NOTE: These team comps will be accurate when we publish at the beginning of the patch but are constantly updated by our experts. If you visit in between patch releases, there may be a slight lag time for when the blog is updated to match it so be sure to check our official website’s TFT team comp page for the most up-to-date info.

6 Sorcerers: S-tier

6 sorcerers 7-2

Team comp description:

This comp looks to use 6 Sorcerers to have high burst quick into the round. Riven provides great frontline with her shield, while Fizz nukes the backline with his ability.

[How to play 6 Sorcerers]

When to make:

Go for this comp if you find yourself with lots of magic damage items like Rods and Tears. The comp can utilize Mech to transition, so if you find an early Fizz, that will also be a good indicator to try this comp.

6 Rebels: S-tier

6 rebels 10.12

Team comp description:

6 Rebels combines and offensive and defensive synergy to beat down the enemy team with high-cost units like Aurelion Sol and Gangplank.

[How to play 6 Rebels]

When to make:

Go for this comp if you find early Rebels and have decent items for Jinx. Things like Red Buff or Giant Slayer are good examples of this.

6 Cybernetic: S-tier

6 cybernetic updated 10.13

Team comp description:

6 Cybernetic plays very similarly to set 3, except with the addition of Vayne, it will be much easier to powerspike before finding Ekko. Vayne and Irelia are both solid carries for the team, adding more flexibility to the comp.

[How to play 6 Cybernetic]

When to make:

If you find early cybernetic units or find an early Irelia. Items are quite flexible, but lots of Sparring Gloves will help itemize Vayne to ensure a win streak.

Bed & Breakfast: A-tier

bed & breakfast 10.13 update

Team comp description:

Bed and Breakfast revolves around the blaster synergy that does immense damage even at only 2 blasters. 4 Blasters will be strong midgame, but late game you can also use a combination of Lulu/Sona or Gangplank/Ziggs for Rebels and Demolitionist/Mystic.

[How to play Bed & Breakfast]

When to make:

If you find lots of bows and swords, you can look to build items for your blaster carries. If you start the game with a lot of brawler units, you can seamlessly transition into a blaster carry comp.

Bang Pilots: A-tier

bang pilots 10.13

Team comp description:

This team creates a new take on the classic Mech Infiltrators combining many different synergies to create a strong team.

[How to play Bang Pilots]

When to make:

This comp does its best when you have items for both the Super Mech and Shaco. Try to get at least Last Whisper and Bramble early to commit to this item intensive comp.

Golden Blademasters: A-tier

golden blademasters 10.12

Team comp description:

This team slow rolls at level 5 to build a Rebel core. Making Zed a Blademaster allows for extremely high damage output.

[How to play Golden Blademasters]

When to make:

This comp requires 3 star units, so try to have a good start with copies of your core units. The comps also requires a lot of Bows and a Spatula, so try to play this comp in Treasure Trove, or if you find an early Spatula.

The Wall: B-tier

the wall 10.13

Team comp description:

This comp looks to create an unkillable team that utilizes Cassiopeia and Thresh to bring in Urgot from the bench to slowly kill the enemy team.

[How to play The Wall]

When to make:

This comp requires level 9 to do well, so go for this comp if you have a strong early game or if you find an early Bard.

Astro Snipers: B-tier

astro snipers 10.13

Team comp description:

This comp looks to combine Jhin and Teemo as Snipers that deal attack and magic damage respectively.

[How to play Astro Snipers]

When to make:

The item requirements are quite flexible for this comp, so try to go for this comp if you have a good Sniper start with Caitlyn/Ashe, or if you find an early Teemo or Jhin.

Protector Combo: A-tier

protector combo 10.13 update

Team comp description:

Xin Zhao will carry till level 8 with a Warmog’s Armor and Bramble Vest. Your options for level 8 carries will be either a Protector Asol or to use Jarvan and Karma to boost Janna speed to create a chain reaction due to Spear of Shojin and the high attack speed.

[How to play Protector Combo]

When to make:

When you start with Warmog’s Armor and are able to find a spatula for Protector ASol.

Shredder: B-tier

shredder 10.12

Team comp description:

This comp looks to hyper roll to find 3 star units early game. Using Xayah 3 will carry the early game to hit level 8 and fit in things like celestial and sniper.

[How to Play Shredder]

When to make:

Go for this comp if you find early copies of the core units and have a strong economy to hyper roll after Krugs. Make sure you can also make Infinity Edge and Last Whisper as they will be important for scaling late game.

Spicy Tuna Roll: A-tier

spicy tuna roll 10.13

Team comp description:

The Battlecast fantasy is real. This Hyper/Slow Roll comp looks to take advantage of a strong early start to transition into 6 Battlecast.

[How to play Spicy Tuna Roll]

When to make:

When you start the game with a lot of Nocturnes and good items for Kog’Maw Alternatively, if you notice no other players are picking your units, you can also try to slow roll this comp at level 5.

Rebel Mech: B-tier

rebel mech 10.12

Team comp description:

This team utilizes the Mech-Pilots for a strong front line, while using strong carry units like Jinx and Zed to provide high damage.

[How to play Rebel Mech]

When to make:

Mech-Pilot comps almost always need Quicksilver in order to not be Zephyr’d, so make sure you have solid Mech items before committing.


We evaluate compositions based on 3 key factors:

  • Consistency: How well does this comp perform from game to game and how reliably can you build towards it given a reasonable start?
  • Overall strength: If you do successfully complete the comp, how does it match up against other comps, especially those most prevalent in the meta?
  • Flexibility: Can you make tweaks and adjustments to the comp while events unfold differently in game? These events include item luck, roll luck, and enemy units.

The combination of these three factors allows us to define team compositions as S, A, or B. The ones that have all three will lean toward S, those that are pretty good but may be lacking in some areas will lean towards B.

More TFT Resources

If you’re new to Set 3, be sure to check out our guides on the new champions and the new synergies.

Be sure to bookmark our site where we have the most updated information for our TFT champion tier list and all TFT items recommended for all champions. We also have a TFT Items tier list here, similar to this article.

That’s it for now! We’ll be making more team comp recommendations every week and for future patches. Let us know in the comments if we missed anything and good luck in your TFT matches!

  • Sam

    Thanks! this helped me get a good idea on what to pick

    • Uthgar

      Your welcome. Count on us continuing to update this as the game changes!

  • Lucia

    Thanks a lot! I just got my first win with the Noble + Glacial comb. The game is thousand thimes more enjoyable if you know what combs to build :D.

    • Uthgar

      Absolutely. You can count on us continuing to update this as the meta shifts!

  • Lucali

    Ive found it hard to complete these unless you get the right roles.
    Kinda annoying but they are good overall. Are there any other comps you
    see that are good now?

    • Uthgar

      There are a few like Sorcs but they are even less reliable to complete. Did the gameplan not help you with transitions?

  • Beep Boop

    Oof I tried two of these comps and I got some of my worst placings in a while lol, they’re great in theory but when the RNG is not in your favor and your item cheat guide mislabels what goes into red buff, as well as literally everyone is hogging the Vaynes and Lulus, well… unfortunate.

    My wins have been with noble comps. Personally I think that is overall the most consistent to win on, if you can get it.

    • Beep Boop

      OH and I randomly had someone hogging trist on my gunslinger try too, like good golly. I have negative luck I swear 😛 I seem to have done best when I don’t try to follow a guide and just go with my gut, but at the same time I’ve also totally failed that way too xd

  • tankiu

  • Aaro Eagling


  • pavle

    6 yordels plus shapeshifters is gg

  • Dat Le

    What do you think about blademaster with strong CC?