Teamfight Tactics: Best TFT Team Comps (Patch 11.5)

Teamfight Tactics: Best TFT Team Comps (Patch 11.5)

Best TFT Comps for Patch 11.5

My name is Alan and I’ve peaked Challenger in multiple TFT sets and I constantly work with top Challenger players like Ace of Spades and Salvvy to analyze the meta. 

The meta has settled quite a bit after the major changes nerfing the reroll comps. Only a few reroll comps stand out above the rest and they all run 3-cost carries. As such, the meta has moved to a much slower pace where players build their comps around 3 and 4-cost carries.

NOTE: These team comps will be accurate when we publish at the beginning of the patch but are constantly updated by our experts. If you visit in between patch releases, there may be a slight lag time for when the blog is updated to match it so be sure to check our official website’s TFT team comp page for the most up-to-date info.

Jeff Bezos Comp: S-tier

Jeff Bezos Comp (TFT 11.5)

This Jeff Bezos comp simply describes a Samira carry comp. Many of the units in the team are high in cost and require a lot of gold and luck to complete. The comp absolutely destroys late game if you are able to complete the comp.

Team comp description:

This comp is an expensive late game team that revolves around Samira. It’s not a difficult comp to force, but it requires a very strong economy to find all of your end game units.

[How to play Jeff Bezos Comp]

When to make:

Go for this comp if you have a strong start but no clear direction for a team comp. You can use any Chosen you find early to try to win streak. You will later sell at level 8 to find any Chosen that fits into the team.

Enlightened Flex: S-tier

Enlightened Flex (TFT comp Patch 11.2)

Talon and Morgana have risen in popularity likely due to the nerfs to other comps. It took a bit for this comp to gain traction, but it can be quite consistent and strong.

Team comp description:

This comp uses the core of Enlightened units and adds a lot of flexibility with Chosen. There are many options you can explore with different Chosens like Adept, Assassin, Syphoner, or Enlightened.

[How to Play Enlightened Flex]

When to make:

Since this comp doesn’t need a particular Chosen unit, go for this comp if you can find your core carries Morgana and Talon.

Fabled Vanguards: S-tier

Fabled Vanguards TFT Patch 11.3 comp

Vanguards have crept up in popularity and become somewhat of a sleeper pick in the meta. They were nerfed in this patch, but we still expect them to perform quite well.

Team comp description:

This comp runs 6 Vanguards along with Neeko as the main DPS carry. Fabled units are added in to buff Yuumi as well as add more utility to the team.

[How to Play Fabled Vanguards]

When to make:

Go for this comp if you find a Chosen Vanguard. You can also run the 4 Vanguard 4 Mystic version if you find a Chosen Fabled or Mystic.

Spirit Sivir: S-tier

Spirit Sivir (TFT comp 11.5)

Spirit Sivir is another variation of a Slayer Sharpshooter team comp. This comp instead looks to 3 star Sivir as the carry instead of relying on hitting Samira 2.

Team comp description:

This comp uses Sivir as the main carry along with the Spirit units to increase attack speed. The rest of the team is there for frontline and utility.

[How to play Spirit Sivir]

When to make:

Go for this comp if you find a Chosen Spirit and good Sivir items. You can also run this comp with a Chosen Sharpshooter, but you will need to replace a unit like Shen for Diana to have 4 Spirit.

Slayers: S-tier

Slayers (TFT comp patch 11.2)

Olaf is still a strong carry, and with the popularity of Slayers in the last patch, we don’t see this going away anytime soon. You can mix and match many of the units in all of the Slayer comps to match the items and units you find.

Team comp description:

This comp revolves around Olaf as the main carry and surrounds him with good supporting units.

[How to Play 6 Slayers]

When to make:

This comp doesn’t require a specific Chosen, so try to hit a high value Chosen like Olaf or Morgana. Also, make sure you have good items for Olaf.

Kayle and Friends: S-tier

Kayle and Friends (TFTcomp Patch 11.4)

Kayle isn’t as popular as she was before, but she can still be a strong main carry in a team. In a slower meta, she can still thrive as you have time to find her and get your Bow items.

Team comp description:

This comp revolves around Kayle as the main carry of the team and surrounds her with Divine and supporting synergies like Executioner and Spirit.

There is no Chosen requirement, but getting a Chosen Kayle is one of the best options as she is the main carry.

[How to Play Kayle and Friends]

When to make:

Go for this comp if you have good Kayle items. You can use just about any Chosen you want early game, but try to hit one of your highest cost units when you hit level 7 and 8.

Tryndamere and Friends: S-tier

Tryndamere and Friends (TFT comp 11.5)

This comp is simply another variation of the Jeff Bezos comp. The comp focuses first on itemizing Tryndamere before completing Samira 2. You can choose to replace Tryndamere with Samira and use something else, so it is very similar to the Jeff Bezos Comp.

Team comp description:

This comp revolves around Tryndamere as the main carry of the comp. If your Tryndamere is not Chosen, you can sell him to place your items on Samira if you are able to 2 star her. You can also keep Tryndamere and opt to run other items on Samira as well.

[How to play Tryndamere and Friends]

When to make:

This comp doesn’t exactly require a Chosen, but you will definitely want to have Tryndamere as your Chosen if possible. The items won’t be the hardest to build, so you can definitely try to force this comp as long as you can find Tryndamere.

6 Keepers: S-tier

6 Keepers (TFT comp 11.5)

Keeper comps quickly rose in popularity in this patch and they boast a very strong team. The Keepers keep the team from dying to burst damage from things like ASol or Samira while also dishing out solid magic and attack damage through units like Kennen and Xayah. Keepers have gotten a small nerf this patch, we’re bumping them down just a tad bit. We still expect them to be quite strong and consistent.

Team comp description:

This comp uses 6 Keepers to have a strong early and mid game with carries like Kennen. The comp then itemizes Xayah as your consistent late game carry.

[How to play 6 Keepers]

When to make:

Go for this comp if you have a Chosen Keeper. Hitting Kennen early also helps, but you can still be strong with things like Sunfire Cape or Statikk Shiv early game.

Dragonsoul Mages: A-tier

Dragonsoul Mages (TFT comp Patch 10.4)

Aurelion Sol is still a solid carry, but with the rise of Keeper and Vanguards, this comp can struggle a little bit more than before.

Team comp description:

This comp uses a Chosen Dragonsoul in order to hit 6 Dragonsoul. Mages are the main source of damage with Aurelion Sol and a possible Mage Shyvana.

[How to Play Dragonsoul Mages]

When to make:

Go for this comp if you have a Chosen Dragonsoul and decent Aurelion Sol items.

7 Mages: A-tier

7 Mages (TFT comp 11.5)

This comp takes the Mage synergy to create a very high damage output team. Annie acts as the main tank of the team while Aurelion Sol will deal most of the damage.

Team comp description:

This comp revolves around hitting the 7 Mage synergy to boost up your Aurelion Sol and Annie. Annie becomes the main tank while Aurelion Sol is the main carry.

[How to play 7 Mages]

When to make:

Items shouldn’t be too hard to build, but prioritize ASol, then Annie, then Lulu items. You will want to have a Mage Chosen and lots of early copies of Annie if possible.

6 Elderwood: A-tier

6 Elderwood (TFT comp patch 11.2)

Elderwood comps still can do well, but other comps seem to simply perform better with similar units. Xayah performs well in Keeper comps while Aurelion Sol performs better in other Dragonsoul or even Slayer comps with Olaf.

Team comp description:

This comp revolves around Xayah and Rakan as the core and builds around it with 6 Elderwood. Aurelion Sol is a solid carry alongside Veigar and Lulu, and Aatrox and Ornn make a solid frontline for the team.

[How to Play 6 Elderwood]

When to make:

The team doesn’t require a specific Chosen to work, but you will have an easier time reaching 6 Elderwood with an Elderwood Chosen. Even so, you can still look for a strong Chosen at levels 7 or 8 to fit into the team rather than tunneling on an Elderwood Chosen. The main requirement for the team is finding Xayah on a timely basis.

Elderwood Mages: A-tier

Elderwood Mages TFT Patch 11.3 wcomp

This comp follows a similar pattern as 6 Elderwood. It can still do well, but other options use similar carries and will usually perform better.

Team comp description:

This comp uses Aurelion Sol as the main carry in an Elderwood team. With a Chosen Mage or Chosen Elderwood, you can run 6 Elderwood and 5 Mages. However, if you have Elderwood Spat and Chosen Elderwood, you can go for 9 Elderwood 3 Mages as well.

[How to Play Elderwood Mages]

When to make:

Go for this comp if you can get either a Chosen Mage or Chosen Elderwood. Good Aurelion Sol items are also important as he is the main carry.

Ninja Assassins: A-tier

Ninja Assassins (TFT comp Patch 11.4)

Akali has risen in popularity as a 3-cost carry. She can very easily assassinate an enemy carry if she is 3 stars. However, this comp can be hard countered if the enemy builds Bramble Vest and positions well.

Team comp description:

This comp revolves around Akali as the main carry in a 6 Assassin and 4 Ninja comp. Akali is ideally 3 starred, as she is the main carry of the team comp.

[How to Play Ninja Assassins]

When to make:

Go for this comp if you find a Chosen Akali. You can make this comp work with any Chosen Assassin, but having a Chosen Akali gives you 3 copies toward a 3 star Akali.

8 Brawlers: B-tier

8 Brawlers (TFT comp patch 11.2)

Shyvana can still perform well, but with all of the attack damage in the game, Brawlers may not be strong enough to withstand all of the damage. Olaf scales with Rageblade while Samira will just demolish teams with her damage.

Team comp description:

This comp uses the 8 Brawler synergy to create a beefy lineup with Shyvana and Nunu as the main carries.

[How to Play 8 Brawlers]

When to make:

Go for this comp if you find a Chosen Brawler and have decent Shyvana items.

9 Cultists: B-tier

9 Cultists (TFT comp patch 11.2)

Cultists are a decent comp to play still, but once again, enemy teams with attack damage carries can easily wipe the board with their carries now. Galio also doesn’t perform super well against Dragonsoul comps, which have a decent amount of popularity.

Team comp description:

This comp runs the 9 Cultist synergy along with Kalista as the main carry. As such, you will want to reroll at level 8 to hit Zilean for 9 Cultist and to also look for Kalista 3.

[How to play 9 Cultists]

When to make:

Go for this comp if you have a Chosen Cultist and good items for Kalista.

Warlord Kat and Slayers: B-tier

Warlord Kat and Slayers TFT Patch 11.3 comp

Unfortunately, Warlords just simply don’t have the same power as they used to. Many carries now run Guardian Angel, so Katarina isn’t quite enough to burst down enemy teams.

Team comp description:

This comp revolves around the two Warlord carries Katarina and Tryndamere. The comp uses 6 Warlords in the mid game before transitioning into 3 Warlords to fit in more powerful late game units.

[How to Play Warlord Kat and Slayers]

When to make:

You don’t need a Chosen Warlord for this comp, but it helps a lot with transitioning through the early and mid game.

Assassin Reroll: B-tier

Assassin Reroll TFT Patch 11.3 comp

Diana is getting a small buff this patch, so we may see a small resurgence in this comp, but reroll comps in general aren’t performing very well with how strong 4-cost carries are.

Team comp description:

This comp slow rolls to build a 6 Assassin comp centered around a Chosen Assassin Diana.

It plays very similarly to the other Diana comp, except it uses the Assassin units to pair with the Chosen Assassin.

[How to Play Assassin Reroll]

When to make:

Go for this comp if you find a Chosen Assassin Diana.

Soul Syphoner: B-tier

Soul Syphoner (TFT comp patch 11.2)

Similar to Diana, Nasus is also getting a small buff, but once again, the meta may be too slow for it to be meaningful.

Team comp description:

This comp plays very similarly to 6 Enlightened, except you choose to slow roll to make Nasus the main carry of the comp.

[How to Play Soul Syphoner]

When to make:

Go for this comp if you find a Chosen Syphoner. A Chosen Nasus will be ideal, but if you can find Nasus 3 without Chosen, you will be okay.

Tristana Slow Roll: B-tier

Tristana Slow Roll TFT Patch 11.3 comp

Of all the comps that slow roll, this comp may have the most potential simply because you might be able to fit in Samira in the late game. Other comps don’t have that hyper late game carry to round out their comps except for this one.

Team comp description:

This comp slow rolls for Tristana 3 as the main carry of the team. Dragonsoul and Statikk Shiv add lots of damage onto Tristana who auto attacks very quickly.

[How to Play Tristana Slow Roll]

When to make:

Go for this comp if you find a Chosen Dragonsoul Tristana.

Divine Duelist Reroll: B-tier

Divine Duelist Reroll TFT Patch 11.3 comp

While Duelists have Yone as their late game carry, his carry potential compared to someone like Samira just isn’t quite strong enough. Yasuo can get on an early lead, but he quickly loses damage even with the buffs this patch.

Team comp description:

This comp is a flexible version of the classic 6 Duelist Slow Roll. By slow rolling for Nasus, you give yourself more options with Divine Chosen as a possibility as well.

Furthermore, this comp can utilize Spatulas for either Duelist or Divine depending on what you need.

[How to Play Divine Duelist Reroll]

When to make:

You ideally want to have many copies of Yasuo, Fiora, and Nasus. You can go for either a Chosen Yasuo for Duelist or a unit like Jax or Nasus for Chosen Divine.

Spirit Slayers: B-tier

Spirit Splayers Patch 11.3 comp

Zed has almost completely disappeared from the meta except to buff up Akali in 4 Ninja comps. As such, Recurve Bow isn’t as much of a contested item as it was before.

Team comp description:

This comp uses Zed as the main carry with attack speed buffers like Spirit and Zeke’s Herald.

[How to Play Spirit Slayers]

When to make:

Go for this comp if you find a Chosen Zed. Without a Chosen Zed, you will need to use a unit spot for another Slayer, which can hold you back if you aren’t high rolling.


We evaluate compositions based on 3 key factors:

  • Consistency: How well does this comp perform from game to game and how reliably can you build towards it given a reasonable start?
  • Overall strength: If you do successfully complete the comp, how does it match up against other comps, especially those most prevalent in the meta?
  • Flexibility: Can you make tweaks and adjustments to the comp while events unfold differently in game? These events include item luck, roll luck, and enemy units.

The combination of these three factors allows us to define team compositions as S, A, or B. The ones that have all three will lean toward S, those that are pretty good but may be lacking in some areas will lean towards B.

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