Sylas·Mid Guide

Petricite BurstP
Chain LashQ
Abscond / AbductE
Win rate51.2%
Pick rate7.4%
Ban rate9.8%
Matches122 302-
Sylas Mid has a 51.2% win rate and 7.4% pick rate in Emerald + and is currently ranked S tier. Below, you will find a very detailed guide for Sylas Mid, where we explain strengths and weaknesses of the champion, powerspikes, and game plans for each stage of the game. Step up your game with our Sylas Mid guide!
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Sylas Strengths & Weaknesses

Really good poke and wave clear with his Chain LashQ. The slow also allows him set ganks for his Jungler and allows him to whittle his laner down.

His KingslayerW can allow him to heal a lot of health in dire situations. Being a point and click, it is quite easy to land and can easily change the tide of a fight.

The initial cast of his Abscond / AbductE allows him to dash to a certain location. This can allow him to dodge skillshots and also get on an immobile or vulnerable carry.


His Ultimate HijackR is completely dependent on the enemy team comp. If the enemy has lacklustre ultimates, Sylas won’t be able to do much.

If used improperly, his KingslayerW can get him killed due to him getting displaced to another location. If the enemy purchases Grievous Wounds, they can easily counter this heal by a good amount.

Proper vision placement can ruin his chances of being able to flank the enemy team with his Abscond / AbductE. He won’t be able to effectively impact a fight when he can’t flank the enemy team.

Game plan
Early game
0 - 15 min
Sylas is Average

This champion is an early game bully. Play aggressive throughout the laning phase to get kills. If you can get a kill or two, you can snowball your lead pretty quickly.

Whenever your Ultimate HijackR is up, you can look for aggressive plays to try and kill the enemy. Your Ultimate HijackR is a great trading tool which makes you much stronger.

Keep the minion wave even or slightly closer to your side of the map early on. This will allow you to run the enemy down while protecting yourself from ganks. If you keep pushing when you’re not ahead, you will be unable to run the enemy down and you’ll be an easy target for the enemy Jungler.

Mid game
15 - 25 min
Sylas is Strong

Split push during the mid-game and try to secure side objectives. Avoid grouping when your Ultimate HijackR is down.

Group with your team when your Ultimate HijackR is up. Rotate from the side lane to wherever your team is and look for a pick with your Ultimate HijackR.

Peel for your allies in team fights. As you’re tanky, you’re rather weak unless your carries are alive (depending on your build path). Thus, keeping them alive is key in team fights. Be prepared to peel for them when necessary.

Late game
25+ min
Sylas is Strong

Peel for your carries in late game team fights to increase the chances of your team winning the fight. If they die at the beginning, you will not be able to win the fight alone.

Stick with your team in the late game. Do not split up or walk away from them otherwise the enemy may try to pick you off or initiate a 4v5 fight when you’re away from your team.

Focus the nearest enemy champion to your carries and work as a team to take down the enemy one by one. If you focus the backline alone, you may be an easy target for the enemy and may die quickly. By focusing on the nearest champion, you will survive for longer and keep your carries alive.

How to Play Sylas
How to Play Sylas
Power Spikes
Early game0 - 15 min

Level six is a variable power spike depending heavily on the enemy team's composition. He will have to ensure that he takes the proper ultimates to be effective in the game.

Level 3 is a decent power spike as it allows him access to all his basic abilities. He will also dish out a lot of damage during duels and heal himself with his KingslayerW when needed.

The first item component will bolster his overall damage and will let him take over fights with ease. It will also help him with his Jungle camps and his overall survivability in the game.

Mid game15 - 25 min

Sylas is quite strong during the mid-game, especially if he gets a solid ultimate from the enemy team. His life steal will prevent him from dying quickly during significant fights.

Two points in his Ultimate HijackR will allow him to take enemy ultimates quickly and will increase their effectiveness as a whole. It can be highly beneficial in team fights.

His first ability will be maxed out at level 9. This will give him a massive damage boost and allow him to blow up single targets with ease.

Late game25+ min

Level 16 will see Sylas procuring a fully maxed out Ultimate HijackR. The power of his Ultimate HijackR will still depend on the enemy team comp, but he will be able to use more ultimates in a given time.

His damage will be really significant during this phase of the game. The burst damage he can deal will completely catch enemies off-guard and ruin their chances of winning the game.

Sylas is quite decent during the late-game fights as he can deal tons of damage and heal himself for massive amounts at the proper time. It will let him separate the enemy front line from the backline and help his team a lot.

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