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Jack In The BoxW
Two-Shiv PoisonE
Win rate50.9%
Pick rate5.3%
Ban rate22.3%
Matches85 817-
Shaco Jungle has a 50.9% win rate and 5.3% pick rate in Emerald + and is currently ranked S tier. Based on our analysis of 85 817 matches, the best counters for Shaco Jungle are Karthus, Udyr, Xin Zhao, Lillia and Nunu & Willump. On the other hand, Shaco Jungle counters Sylas, Zed, Rammus, Elise and Rumble.
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Jungle Jungle  Patch 14.12

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General advice on how to play against Shaco
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Laning Against Shaco

Laning Against Shaco

Shaco has good Dragon control in the early game. Make sure you keep it warded at all times so you can spot him before he takes it.

His duelling power is rather good in the early game. Think twice before fighting him especially if you’re spotted as he may place a Box Jack In The BoxW behind him and use try to chase him down.

As a laner, warding bushes directly outside of lane won’t prevent a gank, so you want to ward in places where he can Deceive DeceiveQ over terrain of some kind.

Strategy VS Shaco

Strategy VS Shaco

If your team is grouped and you have no vision on Shaco, make sure you have a Sweeping Lens and vision surrounding you, so you will be alerted if Shaco tries to jump in and assassinate a carry.

Do not chase Shaco as he may be baiting you into running into his Boxes Jack In The BoxW or towards his team.

Shaco will try to assassinate squishy targets that are moving around the map alone. You can prevent this by playing as a team and by avoiding walking in unwarded areas if you don’t know where he has been.

Shaco Power Spikes

Shaco Power Spikes

Shaco can assassinate targets during the mid-game. Make sure you stay as a team so he is unable to take anyone down.

Once Shaco is level 6, his ability to solo the Dragon or Rift Herald increases thanks to his Ultimate HallucinateR. Make sure you keep those objectives warded so you can spot him before he takes them.

Shaco’s damage output increases a lot when he completes his first item. At this stage, duelling him is not going to favour you unless you have an advantage.